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Find Out The Best Place to Stay in Menorca

Here you are, planning your holiday on the beautiful island of Menorca. It’s a small island that is part of the Balearic Islands. When you compare this destination with Mallorca and Ibiza, you can see the appeal. It’s not as influenced by tourism as the other two. When you come here, you must know the best place to stay in Menorca. It will make your life easier.

Of course, to get the best flight deals you can use our search tool. Menorca has its own airport, but it’s not served from everywhere. Keep this in mind as you might need to take a connecting flight. Alternatively, you can grab a ferry in Barcelona. Although note this: the ferry costs a fortune!

Menorca, or Minorca, as the locals call it, is an unspoiled paradise. You will find it is untouched by mass tourism. This island single-handedly has more beaches than the other two Balearic islands combined!

It’s also part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This essentially means, that even though, more and more tourists discover the island, most of the land is unavailable for building. A ton of great places to hike and walk in Menorca.

What is the best area to stay in Menorca?

The island of Menorca is rather small. Especially, if you consider that most of the island is not available to be built-in. This means fewer roads, fewer cities, more nature.

Still, there are some of the best places to stay in Menorca that you should know about. Let’s see what are these areas.

1. Mahón

Where else could we start? Mahón is the capital city of Minorca. It wasn’t always the capital city. Before 1721, it was Ciutadella, however, after that date, Mahon holds the title.

One of the main attractions in the city is the port. Did you know, that Mahon has the second largest port in Europe? Yes, that’s right! This relatively small town holds such a record.

Let’s taste the name for a second. Mahon. Mahonnaise. Mayonnaise! Wait, what? According to history, the world-famous Mayonnaise comes from the city of Mahon. Yes, you read that right.

Maó, as it’s spelled in the Catalan language, also has a great Old Town. If you decide to stay in this area of Menorca, make sure that you try to book near the old town or the port.

Port of Mahon
Mahon harbour Menorca by jf 1234, on Flickr

2. Ciutadella de Menorca

On the other side of the island from Mahón, you have the former capital Ciutadella. Just like Mahon, it’s a great historic place. Actually, it’s the biggest city in Minorca.

This amazing holiday destination also boasts a wonderful port and long port. When looking for hotels, definitely consider booking one with a view of the water.

Each night you will be able to walk around the old town and the port of the city. These areas have great restaurants and bars. When you get hungry, just grab a seat and order some top-quality sea-food.

Now, we have looked at the two biggest areas to stay in Menorca. It’s time to dive into the smaller destinations and find the best small towns and beach towns in Menorca.

Ciutadella de Menorca
Ciutadella de Menorca by Nicolas Vigier, on Flickr

3. Es Mercadal

Are you looking for local architecture? Maybe a rural holiday area in Menorca? Check out the small village of Es Mercadal.

It’s almost at the geographical center of Minorca Island. It’s a beautiful little village where you can spend many hours walking and discovering the old town. Cobblestone streets, whitewashed buildings are dominant.

Also, the highest point, El Toro Mountain is close by. This means the location is perfect for anyone who likes hiking. Although Es Mercadal is an inland town, you can rent a car. This way, you can get to the beach with just a short drive.

Es Mercadal
Es Mercadal by Nicolas Vigier, on Flickr

4. Cala Morell

The town of Cala Morell is north of Ciutadella. It’s among the best place to stay in Menorca.

As the main attraction, you will have an amazing beach. In reality, it’s a bay that the town is built around. You can enjoy this sandy beach while all around you will be cliffsides. These cliffs give a picturesque view of the area.

Apart from the sandy beach, you can choose to get into the water from small walkways and platforms. This is a great option since the main beach is rather small. However, these platforms extend the available area very much.

Cala Morell
20110808-P8088258 by Martin Robson, on Flickr

5. Fornells

If your idea of the best place to stay in Menorca is a fishing village, then Fornells is where you want to be. You will find this tiny town on the northern side of the island.

You will know that you have arrived because it has the most wonderful small port you can see on Menorca. Sure it’s not as grandiose as the Mahon harbor, however, you will marvel at the colorful fishing boats that fill it.

This seaside town has a lot of beaches nearby that you can go to. The water is very clear all around, which is just perfect for snorkeling.

Torre de Fornells is also worth exploring. It’s an old fortress that you can get to with a very easy walk. From there you will have a great view of the surroundings and will take many pictures.

Port de Fornells by Miquel Colomer Planagumà, on Flickr

6. Arenal d’en Castell

Planning a vacation, where you will spend most of your time on the beach? Check out this beach resort on Menorca, called Arenal d’en Castell. Its main feature is a huge sandy beach.

If you fancy, you can come here in the morning and spend all day sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, and enjoying the great summer weather.

When you visit this beach resort, make sure you check out Na Xeringa. It’s a wonderful piece of nature preserve located on the western end of Arenal d’en Castell.

Arenal d'en Castell
The beach at Arenal d’en Castell by Gavin Llewellyn, on Flickr

7. Port d’Addaia

Want a holiday with some days on the beach and some days when you are active? Take a look at Port d’Addaia. Another beautiful fishing town, where you will find good beaches. Torre de Cala Molí the historical fortification is another place within that you should check out.

Want to go hiking? You are in luck. Next to Port d’Addia to the east, is the border of Parc Natural de s’Albufera des Grau . It’s a nature preserve, where you can spend many hours of hiking and tour around.

A good place to be immersed in the beauty of nature. If you look closely you will be able to see wildlife in action when you visit the park.

8. Binibeca

If you are looking for some unique architecture and a beach town, travel to Binibeca. Seriously, the interesting white buildings and narrow walkways present a unique townscape. There are ‘streets’ so narrow, you can only pass one person at a time among the picturesque white villas.

As you will see this town is full of villas. Chances are, when you come here you will book your vacation into one of these villas as well.

The beach Cala Binibeca is very easy to access from the town on foot. It has a beach bar in the style of whitewashed buildings. Very unique!

Keep the town of Binibeca on your mind. Even if you end up going to another place for lodging, you will have to visit this beach town in Menorca.

Binibeca, Menorca by Joe Frisino, on Flickr

9. Sa Mesquida

Come to Sa Mesquida for an unspoiled natural beach. You will have to walk a little to reach it, but the reward is incredible. The Platja Sa Mesquida boasts a beautiful shoreline with a sandy beach.

At the very north point of the beach, you have Morro de Tramuntana. When the sun starts to go down, and the weather has chilled a bit, we recommend hiking up to Morro. After you reach the top, you will be presented with one of the best views you can get in Menorca.

You should consider Sa Mesquida as one of the best places to stay in Menorca. Apart from the beautiful beach, check out Torre de sa Mesquida a historical fortress.

Sa Mesquida
Sa Mesquida by Nicolas Vigier, on Flickr

10. Cala Galdana

We have said, that Menorca is still mostly untouched by tourism. Not Cala Galdana. This destination is one of the best beach resorts in Menorca.

There are a ton of hotels available if you want to come here, and many boating companies to go on excursions. If you want to be with tourists come here. Rent a car, and you can still get away and explore the more untouched parts of the island.

Cala Galdana
Cala Galdana. by Steve., on Flickr

11. Cala en Bosc

Located on the southwestern side of the island, you will find Cala en Bosc. It’s a seaside resort town with a prominent lighthouse. This location is especially great for families as it has an aquapark.

There are also countless beaches that you can go to on the seashore. If you would like to swim at a different beach each day, come here!

Cala en Bosc
Cala en Bosc by Ben Salter, on Flickr

Menorca best place to stay

Now we know the best areas to stay when you visit the island. Time to find out the best place to stay in Menorca. We will give you the best hotels in Menorca for all occasions.

Best place to stay in menorca for families

When you are traveling with family, it’s important to find the best holiday resorts for families. Children have different needs than adults, and at times it might feel like they are harder to entertain. Let’s see what are the best holiday resorts in Menorca for families.

1. Carema Club Resort

Probably the best place to stay as a family in Menorca. You will have a room that is only a minute walk away from the beach. Easy access is important. You can find Carema Club Resort in Fornells.

Also, there is a very big range of entertainment and facilities available. They are all centered especially around families. These include swimming pools, waterslides, and playgrounds for kids. For the adults, there are other options available such as diving.

2. Hospedium Agroturismo Son Triay

The Hospedium Agroturismo Son Triay is a very special hotel. It’s an old mansion in the middle of a farm. Not an old farm, mind you, but a real working farm.

This will provide opportunities for the children to observe and admire farm animals. The whole place looks absolutely stunning and has a very friendly atmosphere.

Although the hotel is located in the countryside, if you rent a car, you can easily reach any spot on the island. Anyhow, there is also a swimming pool on-site. For more sporting activities you can play tennis or go hiking in the surrounding area.

3. White Sands Beach Club by Diamond Resorts

You can find the White Sands Beach Club by Diamond Resorts in Arenal d’en Castell. It’s a beachfront hotel, so once the kids are up, you can head straight to swimming.

There are large rooms available, up to 3 bedrooms. Suitable for big families.

Menorca Hotels on the beach

Now let’s take a look at beachfront resorts in Menorca. When you travel to Mediterranean destinations, it’s important to have easy access to the beach. For most of the summer, the weather is hot and dry. You need to go into the water to cool down.

1. Royal Son Bou Family Club

When you are looking for a luxurious holiday resort in Menorca, you have to consider the Royal Son Bou Family Club. When you step out of the resort, it only takes a few steps to arrive at the local beach.

More to that, the hotel itself has an amazing pool. You will feel like in a luxury hotel somewhere in the Bahamas. Go on and order some great cocktails while you enjoy the swimming pool of the hotel.

2. Meliá Cala Galdana

Located on the shores at Cala Galanda, is the Meliá hotel. Come here and have the best beach view hotel. If you fancy going straight to the beach, you can get there within one minute.

However, the real attraction is the view from the hotel. The Meliá has a beautiful infinity pool that overlooks the local beach.

3. Alua Soul Menorca

Consider the adult-only Alua Soul Menorca. It’s one of the best places to stay in Menorca, and among the top beach resorts.

Complete with all the wellness facilities you could wish for, this hotel is the perfect beach hotel. If you don’t fancy seawater, as with many of these hotels, you can go to the hotel’s own swimming pool.

A Great Destination

As you can see, Menorca is an amazing holiday destination. Go ahead and grab yourself a cheap flight to Mahon. You can come here if you want to go off-the-beaten-path. When you arrive, make sure to rent a car.

We hope you will find a hotel to your liking, from our list of best hotels. If you need more inspiration, you can use our home page search to find the best deal on accommodation.

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