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Our favorite places to visit near Ostuni

The quaint little town of Ostuni is a wonderful place for a vacation. It’s especially awesome as a romantic getaway. However, it’s a small town and a weekend in Ostuni is enough to cover all the major attractions. Join us to discover the best places to visit near Ostuni to enhance your vacation.

Exploring the surrounding area of Ostuni is an awesome way to get more out of your Puglia stay. Do note that although trains in Italy are pretty well connected, many of these smaller places we will look at today require that you rent a car. So, even if you travel between the major cities it might be worth renting a car for a day or two.

Best Places to Visit Near Ostuni

After you’ve checked out all the attractions inside Ostuni it’s time to get out of town. You can start exploring the surrounding hilly area that’s dotted with awesome villages and even more great places to visit.

1. Parco Archeologico e Naturale di Santa Maria di Agnano

You can start your exploration of places to visit near Ostuni at the local Archeological park. It’s a collection of awesome ruins and caves.

Humans originally gathered in this area to worship the mother goddess thousands of years ago. Afternoon excursions and nighttime concerts by skilled actors or musicians are offered every day. Staff that is both kind and helpful.

When you climb up to the entrance of the cave, you will not only arrive at a historically important monument but turning around will give you an awesome view of the scenery. You will be able to see as far as the sea.

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2. Ciuchino Birichino – Ostuni Adventure Park

After you have satisfied your curiosity at the Archeological Park you can head over to the Adventure Park. It’s practically next door so you won’t have to worry about driving long distances between these two attractions.

It’s an adventure park that has tons of different activities for all ages. One of the main attractions is of course the climbing course. Get onto the treetop level and complete the obstacle course for an ultimate burst of adrenaline.

You can try your hand at archery, horse riding, or explore the light trekking trails of the adventure park. It’s an extensive place that will keep you and your family busy. We recommend that you visit their website for more info. Also, it’s important to note that you must make a reservation before you visit the park.

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3. Cisternino – Magical Small Town


We always wonder how some of the small towns in Puglia can have so much charm and character. One such town you can visit is called Cisternino. Although, you might be tempted to visit by train do not do this. When you check the schedule it will show as 7 minutes from Ostuni which is correct. However, Cisternino station is actually 10 KM from the city. The real station is called Cisternino Citta and no trains connect Cisternino Citta and Ostuni directly.

Cisternino is especially great for couples. You will find a surprise at every corner of the old town. The narrow winding streets have murals, swings, photo ops, and awesome local shops to discover. In the middle, you will find Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II which is just a magical place. The clock tower is among our favorite clock towers in Italy even if it’s small.

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4. The Beach

Sandy Beach

Traveling through Italy during summer means hot weather. Although Ostuni is not directly located on the sea, you can easily reach the beach from the city. There are multiple awesome places where you can bathe and enjoy warm rays of sunshine.

From beach bars through sun loungers to secluded havens you will find everything on the Ostuni coast. There is even a free bus during summer however, you can reach more beaches via car. Don’t forget to read our guide on the best beaches near Ostuni for more info.

5. La Luna nel Pozzo

La Luna nel Pozzo is a cultural hub just north of Ostuni. It’s an amazing place nestled within small hills and olive fields. Come here if you want to experience the ultimate local lifestyle and get a sample from local agriculture. You can try many foods and enjoy cultural events during the evening at La Luna nel Pozzo.

It’s worth checking out their website for the current schedule of cultural events. You can catch open-air theater performances, small music gigs, and other local artists performing here. Great fun if you want to mingle with the locals. Everyone is always friendly here at La Luna nel Pozzo.

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6. Parco Naturale Regionale Dune Costiere da Torre Canne a Torre San Leonardo

A national park with a very long name. It roughly translates to the Natural Park of the Dunes and you can find it near the coastline of Ostuni. Even when you are not looking to swim it’s worth a visit. A sandy patch of a nature park with great dunes and otherworldly landscapes.

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7. Santuario di Maria Santissima di Belvedere

The Santuario di Maria Santissima di Belvedere is an unbelievable religious historical site. It’s an old church and sanctuary built onto an ancient place of worship. Inside the small chapel, you can descent the stairs inside the cave where you’ll find the old sanctuary.

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8. Zoosafari


Puglia is proud the have the second largest wildlife park in Europe. It’s called the Zoosafari and it’s a star amongst the places to visit near Ostuni. You can see many types of animals from lions to lemurs. If you love animals then you must visit this place. Highly recommended for families.

Apart from the actual safari where you can see the animals and get close to them, there are some other great things to do in the Zoosafari. First of all, as it’s a ‘safari theme’ you’ll get the opportunity to feed and pet the more friendly animals.

Then if you would like to take family fun to the next level there are even some rollercoasters and other rides available at the park. It’s truly a full-day program to check everything and enjoy yourself as a family.

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9. Brindisi

One of the best places you can visit near Ostuni is of course Brindisi. It’s last on our list because chances are you already know this. Maybe your plane landed in Brindisi as it’s the closest airport to Ostuni. However, in case you don’t know about Brindisi, then this is the time to put it on your itinerary. If you can, we recommend spending at least one day in Brindisi. Those who have the time available might even choose a weekend in Brindisi.

The historical center of Brindisi is awesome and full of buildings to admire. You can easily spend a day just wandering around the city streets. Nights are romantic and the food is great. This is why we recommend that you spend at least two days in Brindisi.

Don’t forget that you won’t even need a car to access Brindisi. Train tickets are around $4 only which can save you quite a bit of money. You can check the schedule on the ItaliaRail website and also purchase your tickets.

Visit the best places near Ostuni

This is the end of our list of all the awesome places that you can visit near Ostuni. We have carefully selected these places so you can experience both other towns and the Italian countryside. Agriculture is big in Puglia and you should at least try to get a taste of the atmosphere.

Don’t forget to check out our guide on the best things to do in Ostuni.

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