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Best Restaurants in Fornells

Fornells the small and charming fishing village in Menorca. It’s a perfect destination for your holiday in Menorca. When you decide to come here, you will have many opportunities to enjoy local cuisine and get great meals. For this, you must learn about the best restaurants in Fornells.

We’ve selected some of the best restaurants you will find in Fornells. Among them you can have great seafood, filling meats, and amazing vegetarian options.

The Top Restaurants in Fornells

1. Bar Okapi

Located at Platges de Fornells this restaurant in Menorca is a great choice. Right off the bat, this is a restaurant that caters to both meat lovers and vegans. The menu offers a good variety in selection.

The seating area is on a nice terrace with good views. A perfect setting for grabbing some perfectly grilled burgers and enjoying a slow night. The staff will be your partner in this, as they always provide the best service at Bar Okapi.

Even though the name says Bar, this one is a restaurant. Don’t be afraid to plan it as your evening venue. You will leave with a full belly and happy smiles.

Bar Okapi
Image courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/barokapi/

2. Can Tanu

Probably the best seafood restaurants in Fornells. You can find Can Tanu near the port. It’s a family-run business where the specialty is fish, Lobster, and of course, the classic paella.

If you want a recommendation, get the lobster stew. It’s the main meal of Can Tanu after all. The lobster soup would alone make this one of the best restaurants in Fornells, but the paella and fish are just as excellent.

Can Tanu Paella
Image courtesy of https://cantanu.com/

3. Restaurante La Guapa

The La Guapa is a charming little restaurant in Fornells. The theme is Mediterranean and they prepare it really well. The paella is especially tasted here.

Due to the tiny size, the atmosphere is always friendly and intimate. The staff is nice and smiling. Come here for the paella and spend some quality time during the evening.

4. Cafe del Nord

Cafe Del Nord is a restaurant that you will find at Platges de Fornells. It’s actually right next to Bar Okapi.

The restaurants in Fornells are some of the best if you are looking to try the local cuisine. Cafe del Nord is one more great seafood and local restaurant.

If you are looking for more than just seafood, they also have a good selection of meats. They even have steak on the menu if you are really craving a meat dinner.

Cafe Del Nord
Image courtesy of http://www.cafedelnord.com/

5. Ca Na Marga

The true meat lover’s dream. In Ca Na Marga they use a burning wooden barbecue to prepare delicious meats. Although they do have local and fish on the menu, the main attraction is the meats.

Two of our favorite options are the beef burger and rib-eye steak. When you order a rib-eye, you have the option to choose local produce meats. This is probably the best way to get a taste of the island.

6. Jordis Food N’Drinks

Sometimes you just crave a really good pizza. Lucky for you, there is a place in Fornells. You can visit Jordis to fulfill your desire. They make amazing handcrafted pizza. Highly recommended.

Apart from the pizza, they also have some of the best tapas in town. Especially great to order a lot of tapas and share some drinks with friends. Good and friendly atmosphere.

Fornells Hand Crafter Pizza
Image courtesy of https://jordisfornells.com/

7. Sa Rumbada S C

Sa Rumbada S C delivers on the small friendly neighborhood restaurant feeling. It’s a tiny place with a good terrace.

This place is good for its tapas and the fish. Other seafood options are available as well. The staff is nice and this Menorca restaurant is very family-friendly.

8. Sa Llagosta

It all comes down to preference, but some people swear by the quality of Sa Llagosta. This is another restaurant that serves excellent seafood.

As with the other places on our list of best restaurants in Fornells, the fish and seafood are always fresh. It is located at the port of Fornells and has a lovely terrace. When you visit Sa Llagosta you will enjoy a great meal and have the perfect view of the water.

9. Restaurant Sa Proa

Restaurant Sa Proa serves local food at local prices. Some of the restaurants can run a little bit expensive especially during the height of the tourism season. However, at Sa Proa, they don’t change the price during the year. You can enjoy great food with reasonable pricing.

They serve mostly fresh seafood and fish options. The restaurant is centered around family meals, with a food selection for kids. They keep an extensive wine menu, where anyone can find something they would love to drink.

Sa Proa
Image courtesy of https://restaurant-sa-proa.negocio.site/

Pick the restaurant for your tastes

As you can see there are many options to go dining in Fornells. The main attraction is fish and lovely seafood. When you are looking for that vegan choice, go to Bar Okapi. If you are more interested in a family-run place then Can Tanu is your restaurant. When you yearn for steak then Ca Na Marga will sort you out with some of the best on the island.

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