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The 9 best restaurants in Kassiopi

Eating in Greece is always fun. The awesome hospitality and nice people are a welcoming combination. We’ve already covered all the top things to do in Kassiopi for a wonderful time. Now it’s time to explore all the best restaurants in Kassiopi. You may only visit this charming place for a day, but even then you should consider grabbing a bite here.

Of course, the main attractions are all the classics. You’ll be able to sample real Greek cuisine with awesome meats or seafood. If you don’t feel like eating Greek there are also some great options that will make you go yum-yum. Most of the restaurants can either be found around the marina or the main walking street of Kassiopi.

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1. Katoi Bistrot Wine Bar

Katoit Bistro
Source: Instagram

Let’s start our list of the best restaurants in Kassiopi with the one that has all the great views. It’s located right where the walking street meets the marina. It’s a very central restaurant with amazing views of the marina.

A modern and sleek look will ensure that you are about to have a great time. It’s a true bistro meaning the drink selection is just as great as the food selection. Grab some local wines or beers and enjoy a night out. They make a very good burger as the main item on the menu, but you can also order smaller plates of local food.

The location, the food, and the very favorable reviews from guests make Katoi Bistrot Wine Bar all the easier to recommend. A burger with fries will set you back around 8€.

2. Vasilikos Tavern – Pizzeria

Vasilikos Pizza
Source: Instagram

Vasilikos fuses a Greek taverna with an Italian pizzeria. They have items on the menu from both cuisines and they prepare both with excellent skill. The pizza is amongst the best on the whole island of Corfu. Yes, tucked away in a small fishing town is a restaurant that serves amazing pizza.

You would fancy more of the local cuisine? Worry not! Vasilikos have all the classic Greek and seafood dishes you would expect from a restaurant in Corfu. From great moussaka to superb salads everything tastes awesome at this restaurant.

We can happily recommend Vasilikos as one of the best restaurants in Kassiopi. When you visit, do yourself a favor and don’t skip the epic cheesecake.

3. Lekkas Family Taverna and Bar

Lekkas Family Taverna
Source: Facebook

One of our favorite places in Kassiopi. To be honest, the Lekkas Family Taverna and Bar is so much more than a place to eat. Everything about this restaurant screams local. From the little bit run-down look on the outside, the highly decorated inside, the owners, and the atmosphere. You’ll feel right at home in Lekkas and when the owner is around he’ll make sure to entertain.

Breakfast is especially great. The main dishes are ok. What we recommend is that you pick from the grill plates, the mixed grill one is especially nice.

4. Sousouro Restaurant

Source: Instagram

Another amazing place to eat in Kassiopi. Tucked away in a sidestreet, Sousouro advertises itself as a true homemade Greek restaurant. You know what? We’ll give them that. They are right. This is one of the best places if you want to taste authenticity.

A family-owned place with amazing dishes. We especially love the ‘hidden’ location. It means that the street is not as noisy and you can have a nice meal here. They have their own house wine which is usually very cheap and high quality at the same time. Definitely worth it if you are not planning to drive.

5. The Square

The Square Burger
Source: Facebook

Looking for some superb hamburger in Kassiopi? The Square is the place to have it. Craft burgers that will leave you totally full. It’s a new place with a great modern design. Whenever you feel like grabbing a burger you will not be disappointed in this place. Although there are many traditional restaurants in Kassiopi, The Square is a great addition to the local scene.

The prices might seem a little bit high at first glance, however, keep in mind that you will get big burgers. This is not your usual small fast-food-style hamburger.

6. Kima Restaurant

Kima Restaurant
Source: Facebook

You will find this restaurant as by its local name ‘Το Κύμα’. This is the place we can recommend if you are looking for fresh fish. Just a few steps off the marina they usually have the catch of the day. When you want the freshest fish available this is the one you should opt for. Good seafood paired with a great terrace makes Kima a nice place to visit.

7. Hot Spot Cafe/Creperie

Crepes Kassiopi
Source: Facebook

Those who are looking for some sweetness will be very welcome in Hot Spot Cafe. It’s a very nice cafe with crepes taking the main stage. They’ve got all kinds of crepes. A great place to stop if you are low on energy and need to fill up with some sugar.

Our favorite is definitely the choco-banana crepes. It’s an amazing combination. Get some frappe to go with it and you are set for the rest of the afternoon.

8. Janis Restaurant

Located on the opposite end of town from the marina, Janis is a relaxing restaurant. It’s one of the family-owned local places to eat. They are next to the sea so the views will always be amazing. Try this place at sunset for a romantic experience.

Here we recommend seafood. They make amazing seafood platters that will be perfect for two persons. Combine it with a nice big salad and you are ready for a great date night.

9. Strofilia Taverna

Strofilia Tavern
Source: Facebook

The Strofilia Taverna is another great authentic local restaurant. You can find it on the main street of Kassiopi meaning it can get a little bit busy. We recommend that you pick this restaurant when you want to sample a local menu. They have some options for multiple course menus for around 15 Eur. It’s a great choice as you can try the local food from soups to meats this way.

Authentic, Local, Charming…

Kassiopi is such an amazing place to visit. You can be sure that you are going to be treated well here. The place is full of local and authentic restaurants. We hope that you will enjoy our picks for the best restaurants in Kassiopi. We know we enjoyed making this list for you.

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