Best Small Towns in Croatia

The Best Small Towns in Croatia

We all know and love Croatia. Its beautiful coastline is full of life an amazing city. Whether you are looking to party or just want a romantic holiday, Croatia is a great destination. However, as tourism got more and more popular, tourists started looking for smaller cities. Our best small towns in Croatia guide will help you pick out a tranquil place for your next vacation.

The Adriatic Coast is full of lovely little villages. You don’t really have to be in the biggest towns for your vacation. Especially, when you are renting a car, you can visit any of the popular tourist spots as a day trip. It’s also the perfect opportunity to go off-the-beaten-path. These small towns and villages are not crowded with tourists and offer a more relaxing holiday experience.


The first little fishing town on our list is Cavtat. This location is the perfect alternative to Dubrovnik destination. You can find it right at the actual airport of Dubrovnik. Due to this, it’s super easy to get here.

It’s a tiny little town with a charming shoreline. You can enjoy being away from the tourist parts of Croatia here. You will still have good access to all the must-see sights when you are renting a car. Whenever you are looking for a quiet holiday in the Dubrovnik area, consider Cavtat as one of the best small towns in Croatia.

Cavtat Croatia

We also have a separate guide on this small town, you can check it here.


This small village on the Istrian Peninsula has also made it into our list of romantic places in Croatia. It’s a hilltop town with a picturesque historic centre. If you see a picture you wouldn’t believe it wasn’t taken in Tuscany!

Motovun is also famous for its gastronomical importance. The forests in the surrounding area are full of truffles. It’s one of the few places on earth where you can find this rare, but amazing ingredient. Whenever here, make sure you try it out. You can also go on wine tasting adventures to check out the local produce.

You will also have the possibility to go on an exciting truffle hunting tour.

Motovun Croatia


You can find the town of Nin in the Zadar region of Croatia. This tiny place bears historical significance to the history of the country. During medieval times it has served as the religious and political centre of the region.

Today it’s one of the smallest towns with such a significant status. It’s also home to the tiniest cathedral in the world, the Church of Holy Cross. Apart from the interesting architecture and history, you can go swimming around Nin, at one of the longest sandy beaches in Croatia.

Nin Croatia


Sali is a small lovely town on the island of Dugi Otok. Generally, the only way to travel here is by boat. As a tourist, you can come here from Zadar via ferry.

Sali is an amazing tourist destination for you if you want to chill on the beach but also do some walking and hiking. There are plenty of natural wonders to see in the area, such as Jezero Mir lake.

As it’s hard to reach, you will not meet many tourists here. This makes it a perfect choice from our list of best small towns in Croatia.


Korcula Town is the main settlement on Korcula Island. The island itself is a great destination for a holiday if you are looking to get away from the crowds. The town of Korcula offers and amazing historical old town area, surrounded by ancient city walls. In some way, it’s like a smaller version of the Dubrovnik Old Town.

You can get nice accommodation in one of the hotels in the city. The island is full of amazing beaches, and history. There is a museum here for Marco Polo because he is supposedly born in Korcula.

Korcula Old Town Door


Another holiday destination on one of the Croatian Islands. This one can be found on Brac. Most people who travel to this beautiful island will stay in Bol or Supetar. The two main cities offer great accommodation and access to many activities, however, they also become quite crowded during the height tourism season.

Pucisca on the other hand remains relatively tranquil throughout the year. The cobblestone streets and small fishing village architecture will soothe your senses. It’s a picturesque European holiday spot, which we can highly recommend.


If you don’t necessarily want to be near the Adriatic shoreline, consider Rastoke as a holiday destination. Having a vacation in this charming town can be filled with activities such as hiking.

Rastoke does look like a village from a fairy tale. You can only find a handful of buildings here, but they sit atop picturesque waterfalls. The whole town gives you the fairy tale vibe. Apart from hiking in the area, the Plitvice Lakes National Park is nearby, and we most definitely recommend a visit there.

Rastoke Village

Veli Losinj

Located on Losinj Island, Veli Losinj is the perfect fishing town. If you are looking for a quiet place next to the sea you will find it here. There are small restaurants and bars along the shore where you can spend romantic nights with your partner.

The colourful houses of the town will give you the picturesque getaway you are looking for. The main city of Losinj is also within arm’s reach, so you will have plenty of things to do here.

Veli Losinj Church


Located on the Istrian Peninsula, this tiny village has only around 30 inhabitants. If you are looking for the ultimate getaway from everyone, this should be the place to travel to. The cobblestone streets and small buildings form a charming village.

Although it’s small, it could serve as the perfect base for you to start exploring Northern Croatia.


Located on Hvar Island, the main town is also called Hvar. It has an amazing old town area, with cobblestone streets and medieval buildings. It’s full of history and opportunities to explore. It’s also one of the places on our list of best small towns in Croatia that is a little more lively. It sees more tourists than the other towns and villages. As such, if you prefer to have some life in your holiday, Hvar Island might just be for you.



The town of Primosten is located to the west of Split. This little place is like a smaller version of Rovinj. The small inlet houses the old town, which has all the charm and amazing atmosphere you would find in Rovinj. It’s a great alternative, especially if you are looking for a quiet holiday destination.

As it’s located close to Split you will also have great access to the port and all the day trip possibilities. We highly recommend this place from our list of best small towns in Croatia, as a starting point for exploration.


Located close to Motovun on the Istrian Peninsula, this charming town is full of history and architecture. Although you will only find a handful of buildings, they are all unique and blooming with the atmosphere. A great place to get away from the crowds, and even for a day trip opportunity.


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