Best Street Food in Vienna
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Best Street Food in Vienna

The capital city of Austria is a truly amazing and multicultural place. As such it’s blooming with life and amazing street food vendors. Join us in this adventure to find the best types of street food in Vienna.

You’ll need to do a great deal of sightseeing as a tourist in Vienna, however, that will clearly deplete your batteries. Due to all the different cultures and people living in Vienna, among the traditional meals, international food has become an important part of Austrian Cuisine. As such you will be able to taste many types of different street foods in Vienna.

Doner Kebab Vienna Sreet Food

We’ll start our adventure with probably one of the most filling street foods you can get in Vienna. What we love about the Doner Kebab is the value.

For a rather cheap price, you will get a pitta bread filled with meat and vegetables. It’s especially great for meat lovers. Considering it’s served in pitta bread, you will be able to quickly take the kebab with you and eat it on the go. Although definitely not the most sophisticated street food, it’s a quick and easy way to fill your belly. For this reason, we think it’s one of the best street food in Vienna, especially when you are short on time.

Doner Kebab one of the best street fod in Vienna

Pizza Slices

Another simple yet effective meal on our list of best street food in Vienna. Pizza, the Italian food that everyone knows around the world.

On the streets of Vienna, you will see vendors selling it by the slices. Whether you are looking to try more toppings, or just want to get a quick refill it’s a great choice. It’s quite cheap as well, and honestly, you can’t really go wrong with Pizza. Sure some of the places sell better slices than the others, but at the end of the day, it’s Pizza. And we love Pizza.

Pizza by the Slice


This one is our favourite street food in Vienna. The Schnitzelsemmel is a truly Austrian piece of food. It’s essentially a big piece of the famous Wienerschnitzel put into a piece of the rounded bread roll.

Although simple it’s surprisingly filling, and a great way to incorporate some more Wienerschnitzel into your holiday. After all, this meal got its name from Vienna. The Austrian spelling of the city is Wien, so, as you can see the Wienerschnitzel is the true authentic food you should try at least once while here.


Falafel Wraps, Great Vegetarian Street Food Option in Vienna

Apart from the Doner Kebabs that are absolutely full of meat, you can actually grab some great vegetarian options from a lot of the Turkish restaurants in Vienna. Among these, our favourite is the Falafel Wraps. It’s falafel, fresh salad, onions and tomato wrapped tightly for a convenient on the go bite.

Falafel Wrap

Roasted Chestnuts

One of the most popular street foods that appear during the winter season in Vienna. Roasted chestnuts are sold around the most popular tourist sights in the city.

They are a great choice for winter. Usually, when you get them they are still hot to the touch and can be warming on the colder days. Once you remove the outer shell (which you should not eat!) you will find the inside soft and tasty. This snack is also a favourite of children.

Roasted Chestnuts

Apfelstrudel, the Sweet Street Food in Vienna

Apfelstrudel is for the ones who are looking for something sweet. It’s more of something you would get with your coffee in a café. This amazing pastry is full of apple filling that’s just the right amount of sweet without feeling invasive. Whenever in Vienna, if you are thinking about getting a chocolate bar, get an Apfelstrudel instead. You won’t be disappointed.

Vienna Apple Pie


Sausages have been an integral part of the cuisines of German-speaking regions. It’s no different here in Austria. You can get some great and tasty sausages as some of the best street food in Vienna.

Whether you order it inside a hot dog or have it with fries make sure you take enough mustard. In this part of the world eating mustard along with the sausage is a must, and honestly once you try it you will understand they go together quite well.

Vienna Sausage

We think these are the best kinds of street food to get in Vienna. These are great for a quick energy refill on your vacation, which will surely need after walking around all day. Although all of them are great our personal favourites are the Schnitzelsemmel and Würstel. Not only these are authentic Austrian street foods, but they are awesome.

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