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15 Best things to do in Malta when it rains

Malta is one of those places where it rarely rains. Being south of Europe the sunny island enjoys plenty of clear skies and nice beach weather. There are a total of around 80-100 rainy days each year in Malta. In case you are visiting when this happens, it’s always good to recount all the best things to do in Malta when it rains.

With December being the wettest month for Malta it’s not that hard to get caught up on a rainy day. The island is popular during the winter months due to the nice temperature, especially for Northern Europeans.

November to February are the general more rainy months. Get ready for visiting Malta in the off-season with us as we take a look at what to do in Malta on a rainy day.

Top things to do in Malta when it rains

Rainy Day in Malta Views
Although it doesn’t happen often, there is still rain in Malta

We will start our list with museums. Whenever there is a rainy day in Malta there are plenty of museums you can visit. If you want you can even start a little museum hopping tour! Let’s see what are the top picks to check out.

1. National Museum Of Archaeology

Malta National Archaeology Museum

If you are someone who loves history, then it’s only natural that you should start your Malta rainy day at the National Museum Of Archaeology.

You will be able to learn about the archaeological history of Malta in this museum and check out all the finds from the area. Relics, old statues, and unearthed building blocks are all on display with accompanying information blocks.

As an added bonus, the building that’s home to the museum is also a great historical monument by itself.

Location: Valletta

2. Saint-John’s Cathedral Museum

Cathedral Museum Malta

The Saint-John’s Cathedral Museum is an amazing pick if you want to check out religious art. The cathedral is filled to the brim with paintings, frescoes, golden decoration, and all-around amazing art.

Entry tickets cost around 12 Euros and for that, you will get to tour the whole cathedral museum and see the wonderful relics stored inside.

Location: Valletta

3. Casa Rocca Piccola

Take a peek into the life of a noble family in Malta. Guided tours inside the building will make sure that you are sheltered from the rain.

The Casa Rocca Piccola is a 16th-century palace that’s furnished with era-specific decor and furniture. If you’ve ever wondered how noblemen lived this is the place to be. Marvel at the lavish interior as you learn about the palace through the guided tour.

Location: Valletta

4. Malta Aviation Museum

Perfect for those who love aviation and especially vintage aviation. Although you do have to note that some parts of this museum are not covered. However, most of it is inside a huge hangar with planes on display.

All this makes the museum a semi-great pick for things to do in Malta when it rains. You will be able to enjoy old planes, some of which are WWII-era fighter planes.

There are vintage jets, all kinds of turboprop, and piston airplanes waiting for you to check them out. You will even have the ability to jump into the cockpit of some of the aircraft.

Location: Ta’ Qali

5. The Malta Classic Car Collection

Malta Classic Car

Are you a lover of vintage vehicles? If your answer is yes, then do we have some good news for you. The fun doesn’t stop at the aviation museum. In fact, it’s taken to a next level at The Malta Classic Car Collection.

An indoor museum filled with awesome cars. You will find all kinds of motor vehicles from small cars to sports cars. A great way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Not only the place is full of cars, but there are also other vintage items on display. Posters, ad banners, old drinks, and many other interesting things are available at the museum.

Location: Bugibba

6. Malta National Aquarium

Moving away from museums for a bit, the Malta National Aquarium is an awesome family attraction for a rainy day in Malta.

The aquarium is full of sea creatures that are all found in the waters around Malta. You can see all kinds of fish, sharks, and even some reptiles that are native to the island.

Location: Bugibba

7. Esplora Interactive Science Centre

When it comes to things to do in Malta when it rains, the Esplora Interactive Science Centre is probably the top family attraction. If you need to keep the kids occupied for hours then this is the place to be.

Even better, this interactive science center not only will tire the children but educate them at the same time. Practical science experiments will provide tons of fun and entertainment for the whole family. Definitely one for the rainy days.

Location: Kalkara

8. St Paul’s Catacombs

Saint Paul's Catacombs
G.Mannaerts, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

A very unique attraction for those rainy days in Malta. It’s a truly ancient attraction that has been the burial place for Maltese people for hundreds of years.

Of course, it’s long out of use, but you can visit it to check out the caves and catacombs. The whole place has a mysterious atmosphere to it.

You can do a self-guided audio tour of the catacombs. They should take around 45-60 minutes depending on how much you linger around.

Location: Hal-Bajjada, Ir-Rabat

9. Do some shopping at the Bay Street Shopping Complex

Bay Street Shopping Malta
The shopping center awaits!

What is a better way to spend a rainy day than shopping? The Bay Street Shopping Complex is a huge mall with everything you would expect from such a place.

There are all kinds of boutique and mainstream stores that you can check out. From clothing to electronics you will most definitely find what you are looking for.

Whenever you feel exhausted, you can sit down at any of the mall’s restaurants for a quick break and some nice food.

Location: Paceville

10. Relax in style

Visit the Spa

Whenever you encounter a rainy day in Malta it’s a good sign to take it slow. Kick back, relax, and enjoy some luxury treatment.

Enter one of the many SPAs available in Malta. Enjoy the warm water. Get a massage. Maybe try a special massage like a lava stone version. Make sure that you take time for yourself. You deserve this!

Location: Multiple places in Malta

11. Għar Dalam Cave

The Għar Dalam Cave is a prehistoric cave system. It’s one of the earliest signs of human life on the island of Malta. This very cave system is believed to be the lodging of our ancestors from a long time ago.

There are also ancient fossils that depict animals long gone. The fossils include animals like the dwarf elephant which is an extraordinary archeological find.

Location: Near Il-Qajjenza

12. Malta 5D

Malta 5D

Malta 5D is a unique experience on the island. It’s a great indoor entertainment source if you like the movies. You will get a chance to experience the history of Malta in 3D with enhanced effects.

The 5D is complete with moving chairs and air blowing through the audience at times. It’s a bit short at only around 20 minutes but provides a nice window into the past.

You will be able to watch the 5D experience in 18 different languages. Everyone can select the language for themselves and experience this unique sight through their headphones in their own language.

Location: Valletta

13. Enjoy Maltese Cuisine

Whenever you are looking at things to do in Malta when it rains, a nice diner is something to consider. You should look up one of the nicer restaurants in the area where you stay and reserve a table for the night.

Enjoy the local cuisine and try the wines of the region. There are some really good wines in Malta meaning it would be a mistake to skip on the wine!

We love the local cuisine of Malta. Due to the history of the island, it has been affected by so many cultures. In the end, it creates a beautiful fusion of tastes and meals.

Location: Anywhere in Malta

14. Escape Room 125 – Malta

Escape Room Choice
Escape rooms can be tons of fun

Are you ready to think on your feet and get out of sticky situations? The Escape Room 125 – Malta is a great place to spend a few hours, especially if you arrived with a bigger group.

You will have to grind your thinking gears in order to solve the best escape rooms on the island. Even if you are not with a big group, the rooms start at two players so it can be a great couple’s activity.

Head over to their official site to check all the rooms and book your time.

Location: Santa Venera

15. Bowling, Pool, and Arcade

Right next to the Bay Street Shopping Complex is Eden SuperBowl. It’s a big bowling arena with multiple lanes. If you like the sport there is an opportunity here to get away from the rain and spend quality time indoors.

Even better, it’s not just bowling. There are pool tables to enjoy and even some arcade machines to play video games.

Location: Paceville

Fun even when it rains

As you can see from our list, there’s plenty to do even when it rains in Malta. So, whenever you look out the window in the morning and see the clouds gather, cheer up. Indulge the indoor activities. There’s plenty to see.

Even better, if the weather is not that bad, then you can do sightseeing in the city. A little drizzle will make all the streets lined with reflections. Whenever the rain starts to pick up you can head inside any of the museums, churches, or restaurants nearby.

How to get ready for rain in Malta?

Definitely keep checking the weather before your plane takes to the skies if you plan to have an off-season vacation in Malta. Chances are you will get at least one rainy day, especially when traveling in December.

By knowing the forecast in advance, you can plan around rainy days. Schedule outdoor activities around them and especially hikes. You should try to schedule any hike before it rains as the ground can get muddy.

You must also be open to changes in your itinerary. Whenever it unexpectedly rains you should take out our list of things to do in Malta when it rains and pick some great indoor activities. Did the sun come out while you were sightseeing inside a museum? Time to shuffle your itinerary around and do some outdoorsy sightseeing.

Even if the forecast says nice weather, you can pack a raincoat. You know, just in case. We recommend a foldable raincoat that will save space in your backpack and is easy to put away whenever not in use. Not to mention many of them are quite stylish nowadays.

Don’t forget to check out our article on renting a boat without a license in Malta for the days when the sun comes out.

Things to do in Malta when it rains FAQ

What is the rainiest month of Malta?

It’s the month of December.

Does it get cold in Malta?

The temperature rarely falls below 15 Celcius even when it’s raining.

How many rainy days does Malta have?

There are around 80 to 100 rainy days each year in Malta.

Should I bring a raincoat to Malta?

If you visit in Nov, Dec, or Jan, then yes.

Does Malta have a rainy season?

Yes, it is from mid-November to late January.

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