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Best Things to do in Novo Mesto

Novo Mesto is a Southern Slovenian town, that sits on the banks of the Krka river. It’s a historically important settlement, that has been the center of trade and development inside this region of Slovenia. Before you plan a holiday join us to learn about the things to do in Novo Mesto.

Not only is this town an important center for Southern Slovenia, but it’s also a beautiful city. Lately, more and more tourists discover the charm that Novo Mesto. It’s a good choice for a holiday when you want to remain active and do a lot of sightseeing.

What is the best time to visit Novo Mesto?

When you plan a holiday itinerary into Novo Mesto, you have to consider the type of vacation that you are looking for. It’s not a beach resort after all. To get the most out of your time here, you will need to do a lot of sightseeing and exploring.

This means, that the best time to visit Novo Mesto is during spring. It’s a great destination to get a holiday before the main season. If you like to do quick sightseeing weekend trips, then coming here during spring is a good option.

Things to do in Novo Mesto

1. Kandijski most

When you are visiting, you should start your journey on Kandijski most. It’s the small bridge that’s leading into the old town of Novo Mesto. As you cross over the Krka river, you will get a really nice view of the city.

A great spot for picturesque views. The colorful, Central European-styled buildings are lining up along the river making it a sight to see.

2. Jakčev dom

As you start walking towards the town center, you will pass next to the Jakcev Museum. It’s a museum dedicated to the Slovenian painter Bozidar Jakac.

You can marvel at his paintings and masterworks. Apart from the permanent exhibition on the main floor of the museum, you will be able to attend a temporary exhibition on the upper floors of the museum.

Jakcev Museum

3. Dolenjski muzej Novo Mesto

Continue your journey into the city center and you will find the regional museum. As a things to do in Novo Mesto you will be able to visit and take a look at all the relics and archeological finds from the area.

It’s one of the most important archeological museums in Slovenia, and surely the most important in the Novo Mesto region.

4. Cathedral of St. Nicholas

A short walk from the Archaeological Museum to arrive at St. Nicholas Cathedral. The cathedral is a beautiful medieval building that has been an integral part of the local religious activities.

Next to the cathedral, you will find the Bishop’s Palace. It’s another impressive building, that you can check out for yourself.

Novo Mesto Cathedral
Source: Flickr

5. Main Square

From here head over to the main square, where you will be able to see a modest fountain and the beautiful city hall. The town hall stands proud overlooking the main square.

There are also nice restaurants where you can sit down and grab lunch or dinner. Just the opportunity you need to try Slovenian food.

Novo Mesto Main Square
Source: Flickr

6. Gradič Novi Dvor

You’ll find a proper palace next to the river Krka. It’s on the other side of the old town. The perfect place to take pictures is from the bridge, where you’ll get a great view of the castle.

Novo Mesto New Palace

7. Grad Grm

There is another castle on the outskirts of the town. You can reach Grad Grm by walking through some residential areas. It’s the perfect opportunity to get a feel of local residential architecture and what’s the atmosphere like.

Grad Grm
Source: Wikimedia

How to get to Novo Mesto?

When you are traveling to Slovenia, you must know that there is only one big international airport. It’s the Ljubljana airport, the best option to choose when you are booking a flight to Slovenia.

From Ljubljana, you can easily get to Novo Mesto. There is both a direct train and direct bus connection between the cities. The price is very similar, although the train will take 20 extra minutes to arrive. Ultimately, the 20 minutes is not a huge difference so it’s up to your preference on which one to take.

Featured image source: Flickr

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