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Best Time of the Year to Visit Croatia

Croatia is a resort powerhouse with a lot of impressive scenery. There are endless amazing places to explore, and a lot to see and enjoy. However, there are remarkable seasonal fluctuations in Croatia. While some places and festivals are held and enjoyed all year round, many others and some scenery are season dependent. Read on to find out what is the best time to visit Croatia.

Without a question, this country on the Adriatic Sea is most popular during the summer. But is it really time to visit? Are there any better months? Let’s find out!

Is summer the best time to visit Croatia?

The climate of Croatia varies slightly from place to place. The country extends all the way to the south. This means that the northern regions can have as much as 5-10 degrees of different weather.

The air is clean, and it is a very comfortable country. The Adriatic Sea coast has a pleasant Mediterranean climate with many sunny days and dry summers. This makes it a perfect season for many to travel from spring to autumn.

Inland, the weather is more continental, and the temperature difference is low and mild. Even in the summer, you will be able to go trekking and hiking.

From July to August, many festivals and events are held mainly in the towns along the Adriatic Sea. The most exciting of all is the Dubrovnik summer festival. During the summer festival, you can explore various events in the town such as movies, ballet, folklore, classical and contemporary music.

The summer festival in the old town of Dubrovnik, a World Heritage Site that starts on July 10th. Dubrovnik is one hour by plane from the capital Zagreb. It is located in the south of Croatia and has for long been called the “Pearl of the Adriatic Sea.” This medieval city over the deep blue sea is breathtakingly beautiful. The entire old town of Dubrovnik, surrounded by tall and large walls, is a World Heritage Site.

Brela Punta Rata

Prime Beach Season

As the summer can get really hot towards the southern part of Croatia, this is the beach season. From July to August, you will be able to go to the beach almost any day.

During the summer there is generally very little rain. When travelling these months, you should be thinking about picking an island or seaside resort. A summer holiday in Croatia is best enjoyed as a beach holiday.

Is spring to autumn the best time to visit Croatia?

In Croatia, many events are held from spring to autumn. A lot of the festivals and events are held, especially in the towns along the Adriatic Sea from July to August.

Mild Temperatures, Great Sea

During the autumn and spring season, the temperature already starts to pick up in Croatia. You can experience days as hot as 20-25 degrees in Celcius.

This weather is perfect for a getaway, especially after a long and cold winter. You can enjoy almost everything Croatia has to offer in these conditions. You can go hiking, sightseeing and even swimming in the sea.

Although the Adriatic is not as hot as in the summer months, you can still enjoy a beach day in the off-season. It is the perfect season if you want to avoid the crowds during summer.

Croatia Autumn Harvest

Truffle harvest starts in September.

The truffle harvest season begins in September, making it the perfect time to enjoy events and gourmet food. The truffle festival is recommended for gourmet lovers. Each year it is hosted in the town of Motovun on the Istrian Peninsula. You can book a truffle hunting tour here.

If you don’t fancy participating in the truffle hunt, please don’t miss the locally produced truffles. You can grab some in the supermarket during the season. It’s a great way to enjoy the produce, without participating in the activity.

The Autumn season is also perfect for fishing. The crowds will be gone and you can enjoy uninterrupted sea fishing. Great for those who want to try this activity out. If you choose a small island there will be even fewer tourists in the offseason.

What is Croatia like in the Winter?

As with many popular summer resorts, Croatia shows a totally different picture in the winter. The tourists are mostly gone and people are happy living their life uninterrupted by the crowds. For some, this might just be the best time to visit Croatia.

If you are planning a visit during winter, we recommend southern Croatia. The north can get a little bit cold. On the southern side of the country, however, it generally stays above 0 throughout the year.

Uninterrupted Exploration.

If you don’t mind the cold, you can explore places that are usually chock full of tourists. You will be able to marvel at the sights and lovely villages of Croatia, without other tourists. A unique experience.

Our best advice for winter is to rent a car, and cover as much ground as you can. You will enjoy driving around the amazing landscapes and pass through the local towns. For an authentic experience, you should stop at some of these towns and hop in a restaurant for lunch. During the winter you will be an unexpected, but very well welcome guest.

Croatia Winter Landscape

Visit Croatia all-year-round for food and wine.

When visiting Croatia you will enjoy the local cuisine all-year-round. There are great meal items on the menu for every season. You will be able to get the amazing sea-food, no matter the season.

Croatia is also proud of its wines. Most restaurants will offer you locally produced wine to go with your meal. We always recommend picking the local option for the full experience.

Top pick time to visit Croatia

July-August is a good season. However, as people come from all over Europe, and other countries to summer resorts, the prices of hotels and other facilities are soaring. The tourist destinations and roads are congested. The month from mid-July to mid-August is the peak season for Croatian tourism, so be prepared.

From mid-October to early November is the season when the autumn leaves are beautiful. April to May is also a beautiful season when spring flowers are in full bloom. The weather is a little bit unstable, and there are some cold days.

The Winter season is quite short and gets cold in the northern parts. You can still enjoy a great vacation in southern Croatia if you don’t mind the weather.

Zrmanja Canyon

Now that you know the best time of year to visit Croatia you can prepare for a vacation. Whether you are looking for sightseeing or going to the beach you can have a great time in Croatia. Make sure you pick the season that’s best for what you want to do!

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