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9 Best Unusual and Boutique Hotels in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the charming capital of Slovenia. It’s not a huge city but boasts a picturesque old town part and its own castle overlooking the hills.

You can easily spend a week in the city whilst exploring Slovenia, but it’s also a top location for weekend getaways in Europe. To make your stay awesome you need to consider an unusual or boutique hotel in Ljubljana.

The city has a certain atmosphere and when you pair it with the correct lodging, you are on for a good time. Let’s take a look at some of the best hotels in Ljubljana, where you can enjoy a fun vacation.

Ljubljana Old Town River

Best Boutique Hotels in Ljubljana

1. Vander Urbani Resort

The Vander Urbani Resort brands itself as the most stylish design hotel in Ljubljana. Although we don’t know if it’s really true, we do have to admit the Vander Urbani looks extremely good. It has a sleek and modern design that just suggests luxury.

Add to this, the fact, that the hotel is right in the center of the city. It’s in a perfect location to explore and have a ton of fun. On the main floor, you have a restaurant with great food and a bar.

The hotel even has a rooftop terrace, with a pool. If you are looking for a romantic getaway in Slovenia, this hotel is perfect for couples.

Address: Krojaška ulica 8, Krojaška ulica 6, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

2. Hotel Galleria

If you are into vintage furniture, then you must take a look at Hotel Galleria. This boutique hotel in Ljubljana can be found near the city center. The whole inside and style want to reflect a vintage and classical feel, with old furniture and huge paintings.

They have a charming inner courtyard that’s full of plants and green, providing a pleasant setting. You will have a chance to try out the local cuisine during breakfast in the stylish antique dining area.

Address: Gosposka ulica 10, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

3. Hotel Nox Ljubljana

Hotel Nox is located on the outskirts of Ljubljana. As such, it should provide the perfect base for a week-long holiday. You can explore the capital city and the whole country, using Hotel Nox as your lodging.

It’s an extremely stylish hotel with sleek, modern interiors. The rooms have all the comfort you are looking for and the hotel is also perfect to handle business guests.

Address: Celovška cesta 469, 1000 Ljubljana – Šentvid, Slovenia

4. Hotel Cubo

At Hotel Cubo, the atmosphere is everything. According to the owners, they wanted to create a hotel that has an intimate feeling. With spacious rooms and limited availability, this was successfully created.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to give up on some amenities and services. Hotel Cubo is fully equipped to provide the best entertainment and service to all its guests.

Address: Slovenska cesta 15, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

5. Gami Ex-Factory Lofts

Those who love the industrial style, need to check out Gami Ex-Factory Lofts. As the name suggests, it’s a boutique hotel in Ljubljana built inside an old tobacco factory. Today most of the building is a big office, however, some rooms have been refurbished as a hotel.

When booking, make sure that you take a look at all the available rooms. They each offer a different and unique layout, along with a different feel and atmosphere. Some are more suitable for couples, while others are better for families.

The city center is close and if you just want to grab a beer before bed, there is a PUB on the other side of the old factory building.

Address: Tržaška cesta 2 Old tobacco factory, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

6. Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa

Once upon a time, the building that houses Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa belonged to the local nobleman. In fact, it was indeed built as a residential city palace.

Today, when you visit this boutique hotel in Ljubljana you will have a pleasant and luxurious experience. The interior is well kept and has a ton of antique furniture to make the experience amazing.

As the name suggests, there are also multiple options for refreshment. The spa is well equipped and waiting for you to have a relaxing time.

Address: Gosposka ulica 10, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

7. Hotel Pok

Hotel Pok is one of the boutique hotels in Ljubljana. This place aims to provide the best intimate vacation experience possible. It’s located on the outskirts of the city, near the highway.

Due to the location, this hotel is in a nice green and quiet area. The rooms have good outdoor options. The hotel also has amazing food for any occasion you might need. It’s a good option for couples in Ljubljana.

Address: Podpeška cesta 3, 1351 Brezovica pri Ljubljani, Slovenia

8. G Design Hotel

If you are in need of a top-quality business hotel, don’t look further than G Design Hotel. Found next to the highway, just outside of town, it is equipped to handle all matters of business guests and events.

Combine professionalism like meeting rooms and presenting venues with modernism and comfort.

Address: Tržaška c. 330, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

9. Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Ljubljana

Lovers of luxury should be pleased to book a holiday in Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Ljubljana. Comfortable rooms with everything that you might need. Stylish and modern interior.

The hotel has in-hous gym and a bar, restaurant. There is also a rooftop area where you can marvel at the amazing city view and relax in a cool setting.

Address: Bratislavska cesta 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Boutique Hotels for something different

Whenever you are traveling, you must have a comfortable stay. These boutique hotels in Ljubljana that we have picked for you, will help with that. We think that any of them is a good choice, depending on your needs.

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