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Best Cafes for Breakfast in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. It’s a lovely little town, with a charming atmosphere. The city has a lively social life and many young people. Follow our guide to find the best spots for breakfast in Ljubljana.

When on holiday, it’s always a good idea to start your sightseeing with a great breakfast. There are many amazing places in the Slovenian capital you can go to. Let’s find some of the best, where you will enjoy a good breakfast and coffee to start your day.

Best Breakfast in Ljubljana

EK Bistro

EK Bistro is waiting for you with a cozy interior, on the banks of the river Ljubljanica. This is the bistro with one of the best selections for your breakfast. From brunch to sweet items you will most likely find something you fancy from the menu.

The prices are also quite reasonable. For a sunny side up or scrambled eggs, you will have to pay 3 EUR. Even a salmon, avocado, and eggs brunch will fit into 8 EUR. It’s a great place with good food.

EK Bistro Interior
Image Courtesy of https://ek-bistro.business.site/

Le Petit Cafe

Le Petit Cafe, as the name suggests, is a French-style cafe and restaurant. While during the day you can get proper meals here as well, they also keep a great breakfast selection.

You will be able to get some great French breakfast options along with classics like scrambled eggs and croissants.

Le Petit Cafe Interior
Image Courtesy of https://www.lepetit.si/

Gostilna Dela

The restaurant of Gostlina Dela is quite a unique place. It’s a small but charming restaurant. Even though the size may be small, the goals are quite big and honorable.

Gostlina Dela provides work opportunities for those who are generally declined by other employers. They help these groups of young people integrate into society through work. Quite amazing honestly.

They do all this and then provide amazing food. There is a daily menu if you come around lunchtime. During the opening hours, they serve breakfast. You can come here to check out a truly socially responsible business and enjoy great food.

Gostlina Dela
Image Courtesy of https://gostilnadela.si/

Slovenska Hiša

You can find Slovenska Hisa on the main walking path of Ljubljana Old Town. One of the best options if you are looking for local cuisine. During breakfast time, you can come here and get some traditional Slovenian options. They use many local ingredients.

Slovenska Hisa
Image Courtesy of http://www.slovenskahisa.si/

TINK superfood café

Lovers of avocado toast rejoice. You will have your own place for it in TINK Superfood Café. Come here in the morning if you are looking for some great toasts. There are multiple options apart from avocado.

For those, who like to start their days with a smoothie, TINK is also a great option. They have a wide selection of tasty smoothies full of fruit and magic.

TINK Interior
Image Courtesy of https://www.instagram.com/tinksuperfood/

Gostlina Vida

Visit Gostlina Vida when you are looking for a big portion for breakfast. They have quite an amazing selection. For 7,5 EUR you can get a breakfast burrito filled with awesomeness. They ask the same price for pancakes as well for the days when you want to eat something sweet.

Gostlina Vida
Image Courtesy of https://gostilnavida.com/english

These are our favorite places to grab a quick and great breakfast in Ljubljana. No matter where you stay in the city, these are all located towards the central area for easy access. Start your day here, and you will have enough energy for sightseeing during the day.

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