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Visitor’s Guide to Bugibba, Malta – Everything you need to know!

Are you eyeing a visit to Bugibba, Malta? This town offers plenty of great hotels and an overall nice atmosphere. Join us as we learn all about Bugibba and tell you about everything there is to know.

Bugibba is a tourist town. There is no denying it. It’s full of hotels, restaurants, and services that cater to visitors. For some people, this is a good thing and for some this is bad. However, the town does have a great location and a nice bus station which makes it easily accessible.

So let’s see what you can expect from Bugibba and whether this Maltese town is for you or if you should keep looking for another candidate.

What’s Bugibba like?

Bugibba Malta

As we’ve mentioned Bugibba is a true tourist resort. You will feel it in the atmosphere and you will see that the backbone of the town are the visitors who bring money and life to the streets.

This essentially means two things: you’ve got tons of hotels to choose from which drives down the overall price per room. And that it’s not quite the place for getting to know the local culture.

If you like tourist towns then you will probably like Bugibba. It’s got great amenities and some excellent restaurants. We recommend a hotel with a pool as the local beaches are not that beautiful by Malta standards.

Day Trip or Longer Stay?

We recommend a longer stay in Bugibba, Malta. It’s a good choice to use as a base for exploring some of the other towns yet having every service and amenity nearby. The local bus station provides all the access you need to the biggest towns of the island.

On the other hand, a day trip to Bugibba is quite unnecessary. There aren’t many things here that you won’t find elsewhere. Maybe the Vintage Car Museum or the Aquarium but for many people, these alone won’t make a visit worth it.

If you have time? Sure, take a walk, explore a bit around the shore, and enjoy a relaxed touristy atmosphere. However, those who are on a tight schedule and not already staying in Bugibba should be looking to skip the visit.

Things to do in Bugibba, Malta

Now that we got the basics down let’s see the top things to do in Bugibba. We said it’s a resort town but there are still some places to see during your stay.

1. The Beach

Bugibba Beach

Of course, if you visit Malta then you definitely need to dip your toes into the Mediterranean. What would be better than doing it at the local beaches?

Now, Bugibba may be a tourist paradise, but it does not necessarily mean it has the most amazing beaches in Malta. In fact, the town has mostly rocky beaches. It’s great for couples but less ideal for families.

There is a small pebbly beach at SPB Public Beach this one is better for families but it’s practically always crowded in the high season. Our favorite beach in Bugibba is the rocky Qawra Point Beach.

Luckily the town is integrated into the local public transport system so it’s also easy to hop on a bus and go to another town where the beaches are more beautiful. You can also always book a hotel with a nice pool and not worry about the rocky shore.

2. Malta National Aquarium

Do you want to get familiar with the creatures living around Malta and under the sea’s surface? Then you’ll love the Malta National Aquarium. It’s a great thing to do with a family as the kids can enjoy seeing the animals up close.

The aquarium does a great job at showcasing the types of fish you would find in the Mediterranean and even some more fun fish and reptile species are on display. It’s an especially great place when it rains on Malta. Of course, if you visit during the summer the chance of rain is practically zero.

It is not the biggest aquarium you’ll visit but it’s an excellent place to spend a few hours and if you are interested in fish then it’s a must-do for you.

3. The Malta Classic Car Collection

Malta Classic Car Collection

Another great exhibition in Bugibba is the Malta Classic Car Collection. Car lovers will absolutely be amazed by the pristine quality of vintage cars that are on display.

There are different cars from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Of course, it’s not just cars you will find other memorabilia from these eras that are connected to cars and machinery.

You can expect one to two hours for the car collection if you take it slow even longer.

4. Historic Sights

Although the Bugibba we know and love today is a tourist resort it was not always like that. It was an old fishing port during the medieval ages. However, as it is with coastal towns and Malta, there was always some defensive structure to protect from invaders.

Today you can still see some of the remains of these around town. Torri ta’ Wignacourt and Qawra Tower are two such towers at the other end of the town. They stand as a reminder of the island’s past.

You also have some remains from more recent times. Right in the middle of Qawra Point Nature Reserve, you will find some market points among the rocks. These points were used as Aerial Training during WWII for pilots.

5. Boat Excursions

Now that we’ve spent time on the beach and then explored the town thoroughly it’s time to get back onto the water. This time around we recommend doing so as part of a ship excursion.

There are countless local companies that organize such trips ranging from sightseeing to diving tours, and from simple trips to luxurious outings. It’s only up to you and your wallet which one of these service providers will be your choice.

We love boat excursions as they offer a unique point of view. You can see the ragged coastline of Malta from the water and you can access caves and attractions that would otherwise be very difficult to reach.

Of course, you may also opt to rent a boat on Malta, which you can do even without a license in some towns.

6. Day Trips

Finally, you have the opportunity for some amazing day trips. As we’ve said, Bugibba is deeply integrated into the public transport system of Malta. This means that every big city is reachable by a short bus ride.

This gives you some great opportunities. You can stay in a place that’s focused on tourists and have all the amenities for a great vacation, meanwhile, you still have easy access to the most important cultural and historical sights of Malta.

We think that this is the real charm of Bugibba. A relaxing atmosphere with the option to go exploring as much as you want. So, definitely plan for some amazing day trips while you are staying in town.

Early Morning Bugibba
Amanda Tonna, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Getting to Bugibba, Malta

Getting to Bugibba from the airport is pretty easy actually. You have three main options: public transport, a taxi, or renting a car.

When you choose public transport you can opt for the direct bus that will take you to the downtown of Bugibba right from the airport. Currently, route X3 seems to be the most convenient, check the timetable here. There is also route TD3 which is even quicker but the timetable is empty so we think it’s currently out of service. Anyways, we recommend checking the TD3 timetable and if it’s not empty then you are in luck!

A taxi is also great if you want to arrive worry-free. Driving in Malta can be hard sometimes so taxis are excellent if you want to keep yourself from stress. Just one thing to note taxi drivers in Malta get a lot of bad rep and while your mileage may wary make sure that you double-check everything or you might be ripped off.

Finally, you can always rent a car and drive yourself to Bugibba. It’s a great option if you want to explore the island as the car will come in handy during other days of your vacation.

Hotel Recommendations

Finally, we’ll give you some nice hotel recommendations. If you are looking at Bugibba these hotels will offer some of the best services around the city.

Seaview Hotel – Adults Only

Let’s start with an Adults Only (more specifically 16 and above) hotel. It is a great choice if you want to enjoy a couple’s getaway and want to avoid families during your time in Malta.

As the name suggests the hotel is close to the shore and many rooms offer great views over the Mediterranean. This hotel is a solid pick and one of our favorites for couples.

Park Lane Boutique Aparthotel

Another superb hotel in Bugibba is the Park Lane Boutique Aparthotel. As the name suggests this hotel offers rooms that are like mini apartments. We love this place as it feels like you have your own little spot inside a busy town.

It is a great choice for those who are not too keen on the usual hotel atmosphere. These apartments offer a homely atmosphere.

Gillieru Harbour Hotel

Finally, we have the Gillieru Harbour Hotel. It’s a seaside hotel and it’s a great middle-ground for all kinds of travelers. There is not a lot special about this hotel but it gets the job done. And it gets the job done well.

Look, some hotels in Malta feel a bit like a scam. So when a great hotel, with good service, and an all-around solid experience exists on the waterfront then we think it’s a place where you should spend your money and time.

Gillieru Harbour Hotel is nice, it has a pool, it has good rooms, and it’s an overall satisfying place to spend a week.

Bugibba, Malta – FAQ

What is Bugibba, Malta like?

Bugibba is a tourist town with a lot of hotels and restaurants. It has a nice atmosphere, but it may not be the best place to get to know the local culture. However, it is easily accessible due to its great location and bus station.

Is Bugibba, Malta suitable for a day trip or a longer stay?

We recommend a longer stay in Bugibba. It is a good choice to use as a base for exploring other towns while having all the necessary services and amenities nearby. On the other hand, a day trip to Bugibba may not be necessary, as it doesn’t offer many unique attractions.

What are some things to do in Bugibba, Malta?

Bugibba offers attractions, like visiting the local beaches, the Vintage Car Museum, and the Aquarium. However, the town has mostly rocky beaches, which may not be ideal for families. Visitors can also explore other towns nearby with more beautiful beaches by using the local public transport system.

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