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Best Cala Blanca Restaurants in Menorca

The town of Cala Blanca is a beach resort in Menorca. You’ve decided to choose this amazing spot for your next vacation. That’s awesome! But, now you are wondering, where should you eat. Join us to find the best Cala Blanca restaurants.

When you take your holiday in Cala Blanca, you know you are in the right spot. It’s a new resort town, with many modern and exquisite hotels. It’s very close to the former capital of Menorca, Ciutadella. A nice location to rent a car and explore the whole island.

However, right now we are all about food. Let’s see where to eat in Cala Blanca.

Best Cala Blanca Restaurants

When you plan to visit a restaurant in Cala Blanca, you have many options. You can go for local cuisine or check out some international restaurants. Let us suggest you the best places to eat.

1. Cas Safra Gastrobar

You can find the Cas Safra Gastrobar on the main street of Cala Blanca. Come to this restaurant to get some of the best tapas in Menorca. We love a great night full of tapas and tasty wine.

Tapas is great if you want to eat the whole menu! Due to the serving sizes, you can try out different items. Let us tell you: the food is amazing here. Order a glass of wine and think about the selection of tapas you will have. It will be an amazing night.

In Cas Safra Gastrobar you will mostly get sea-food and local cuisine.

Cas Safra Menorca
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2. Blat i Raïm

We are still on the main street and Blat i Raïm is a dedicated tapas bar. It has a great selection available on the menu. The food is spectacular, the chef definitely knows what he is doing!

The owners of the place are really nice people. Due to this, Blat i Raïm has a very friendly and familiar atmosphere. When you are in the area, definitely visit this great restaurant in Cala Blanca.

3. The Blarney Stone

Now, we have moved all the way to the shore. The Blarney Stone can be found with a terrace overlooking the seashore. This place is not just a restaurant, but an Irish pub too.

You can enjoy great beers while looking onto the Mediterranean sea. The menu is international here. You will enjoy some hamburgers, fries and all kinds of meat.

Keep in mind some people seems to report that this place is not very child friendly.

Blarney Stone
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4. Restaurante Grill Es Caliu

Okay, we admit it’s a little bit out from Cala Blanca. If you rent a car it’s accessible within minutes. You can try walking, but you have to pass along a bigger road.

The Restaurante Grill es Caliu is the perfect place for meat lovers. Come here to get steaks prepared over the grill. Here, steak is the main attraction, but you can get other grilled meats too.

Grill es Caliu
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These Were The Top Cala Blanca Restaurants

Now you know where you should eat when you vacation in Cala Blanca. Of course, there are other restaurants in the town. While there is no particular one to avoid, these ones are better than the others. Eat at these Cala Blanca restaurants to have the best experience.

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