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We have made this free Caminito del Rey audio guide for those who want to visit the historic trail on a self-guided experience. All you need to enjoy this guide is your phone and a set of earphones in order to listen to each audio file.

This audio guide is delivered in sections. Each section is kept as short as possible so it does not overwhelm the experience. Our main goal with this free guide is to provide additional information in order to enhance your visit.

We hope you will enjoy this free guide and you will have a great time in Caminito del Rey.

Caminito del Rey Bridge

About this Free Caminito del Rey Audio Guide

This is a very basic audio guide that will accompany you on your journey through Caminito del Rey. Please note that this guide is not in any way a comparable experience to official guided tours. If you want to learn the full story and you like guided tours then we do recommend that you take a real guided tour.

This is simply a free audio guide to enhance your Caminito del Rey visit. If you were to do a self-paced visit anyway then this guide can provide some nice extra information during your trip through the landscape.

This is an English audio guide to the Caminito del Rey.

Disclaimer: We are a small organization. This guide is generated with ‘AI Voice’ software. We are using a service to generate a lifelike voice but we felt important to disclose this fact.

Free Caminito del Rey Audio Guide

Now as you arrive at the entry point of the Caminito del Rey you will get your helmets and they will give you a quick safety demonstration. Make sure that you listen to the demonstration. As you leave the entrance area and walk past the dam you may start the first recording.

1. Welcome to Caminito del Rey

A quick introduction to Caminito del Rey. You may start the next part right after you listen to this.

2. The new and old path

Some information about the new path and the old one.

Keep traveling the hanging trail and once you reach the stairs start the next recording.

3. Water Canal

Information about the water canal that runs along the trail.

4. King’s Bridge

Start this recording once you reach the bridge.

You may start the next recording after you walk past the King’s Bridge.

5. The Dirtbox

Kings Bridge
Kings Bridge with the dirtbox gutter

If you wish you may jump directly to number 8 of the audio guide and take in the scenery of the middle section of our audio guide. Or if you want to learn more continue with the two audio files below.

6. Who used Caminito del Rey?

Some information about the uses and history of Caminito del Rey.

7. Where are the houses on Caminito del Rey?

You may notice that there are no houses next to the trail. Here’s why:

8. The final gorge

Play this recording as you enter the final part of Caminito del Rey through the stairs into the gorge.

Play the Outro recording once you’ve passed the modern suspended bridge. Remember to be careful with the wind and hold onto anything that might fly.

9. Outro

Remember you can reuse your bus tickets so if you already have one you don’t need to purchase them again.


The following sources were used in order to have accurate information in this Caminito del Rey Audio Guide

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