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Campomarino, Puglia – Coastal town in Salento – Visitor’s Guide

Campomarino, Puglia is a very popular beach resort. It’s no surprise as there are sandy beaches as long as your eye can see on both sides of the town. Learn everything that you need to know about Campomarino in Puglia.

Campomarino is known as a beach resort for travelers around the world. It’s located in one of the most beautiful parts of the Salento peninsula with amazing beaches. The main attraction is, of course, the dunes of Campomarino.

The dunes of Campomarino are a natural wonderland. It’s a stretch of sandy hills with the typical regional vegetation. When you visit this protected area you will get a chance to enjoy some light hiking and relax on the beach afterward.

Campomarino Overview

Let’s start with an overview of Campomarino, Puglia. It’s important to remember that we are looking at Campomarino town in the Salento peninsula. There are multiple Campomarinos in the world and in Italy alone. So let’s try not to confuse them!

Where is Campomarino, Puglia?

The town of Campomarino is located on the Salento peninsula. It’s on the west coast of the region south of Taranto. If you continue further south from Campomarino you will arrive in Gallipoli after some time.

It’s around 40 kilometers from Taranto and another 65 kilometers from Gallipoli. This stretch of the coast is one of the most famous in Puglia for its great beaches and superb beach locations. You have famous places like Punta Prosciutto and Porto Cesareo lining up after each other. Of course, the list of famous places also contains Campomarino as it’s a great beach resort town.

How to get to Campomarino?

Getting to Campomarino is very easy. If you have a car. Getting there by public transport is almost impossible and definitely not an experience we recommend.

On the other hand, if you rent a car for your vacation you will have absolutely no issue getting to this town. It’s just a short 40 minutes drive from Taranto or a 1-hour drive from Gallipoli. Coming from the other coast seems to be no problem either. From Brindisi, it’s once again just one hour away by car.

Weather in Campomarino, Puglia

Check out this widget for the latest weather in Campomarino, Puglia:


On a general note, the weather in Campomarino is very pleasant all year round. It’s a beach resort after all so you should expect nice weather.

During the summer it gets very hot. Almost all days above 30 celsius with little to no rain in sight. This weather is absolutely wonderful for spending time on the beach but might be a little too much if you plan to do anything else.

During winter the average temperature is around 10 celsius. This is super nice for sightseeing and traveling the countryside in Puglia. It’s however a bit too low for swimming.

Generally speaking, the sea only gets cold around November. Many people still enjoy a quiet holiday in October although you can get unlucky with some rainy days.

Attractions in Campomarino

Campomarino in Puglia
Saggittarius A, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Campomarino, Puglia is a small town. It was originally an even smaller fishing village but the beautiful coast has attracted many tourists. This has turned the town into a resort town whilst maintaining some of the old-world charms.

One thing you must know about this place is that, apart from the beach, there aren’t that many attractions here. It’s a relaxed place where people come to spend time on the beach and recharge after stressful hours at work. That being said let’s see what is there in terms of attractions.

Port of Campomarino

The port is a pleasant place for walking around especially during sunset. It is filled with tiny fishing boats that go out to the sea each morning to fill the restaurants and shops with fish.

Molo di Campomarino is part of the port. You can walk all the way to the end of the ‘molo’. It’s a nice walk as you feel the breeze from the sea on your face. There are some painted murals to discover along the way which poses good photo opportunities.

At the end of the ‘molo’ there really is just a modern lighthouse. If we may call it a lighthouse. It’s basically a pole sticking out of the ground with a flashing light at the top.

Torre Delle Moline

Molini Tower
Emma Romanazzi Dazzi, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Torre Delle Moline is one of the many towers on the Salento coastline. It stands in the middle of Campomarino, Puglia. It’s an old watchtower to defend against sea threats in medieval times.

Nowadays it serves both a useful and decorative purpose. It’s renovated nicely to stand as a reminder of the past and history of the area. During summer there is a small tourist information site open inside where you can get pamphlets about everything you can visit in the area.

Small Amusement Park

During summer there is a small amusement park near the beach. It’s perfect entertainment for children. You get mostly basic amusement park games. It’s nothing to call home about but we found that kids love the place. That being said, a traveling amusement park in the US beats miles on quality and available attractions.

Minigolf La Buca

Another family attraction is the local minigolf course. It’s exactly what you would expect from a small minigolf course in a fishing town. Some basic holes, a kiosk that sells snacks and drinks, and a kid’s entertainment section. It’s perfect for a few hours of family fun.

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Campomarino Beaches

Now let’s get into the main attraction. The beaches of Campomarino, Puglia. This is why people come to the town and we are sure this is what you are most interested in.

Spiaggia di Campomarino di Maruggio

Campomarino Dunes
Marek93 at Italian Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The local beach. It starts right where the port ends. It’s a big sandy beach that is loved by the locals and tourists alike. It’s one of the most accessible as you won’t have to walk a lot to reach this place.

Since the city is nearby you get everything you might need. Shops, restaurants, and bars are all available literally minutes from the beach. The water is nice and warm and it’s very shallow near the coast.

We do recommend bringing your own sun umbrella and something that you can lay down on the ground. There are sun loungers to rent but not a lot of them are available.

Spiaggia presso le dune di Campomarino

The dunes of Campomarino
Emma Romanazzi Dazzi, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The famous dune beach of Campmarino in Puglia. It’s a great sight and one of the better-secluded beaches around. Since you get the dunes between the shore and the road it almost feels like you are very far from the city.

As always expect wonderful colors from the sea and a shallow coast. Great place for swimming if you are looking for a beach that’s less crowded. You should bring your own food and equipment as this one has no vendors.

Spiaggia Giannarelli

Giannarelli Beach
Umbria ws, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Going further south you will come across Spiaggia Giannarelli. It’s in a place where the landscape is already getting a bit rocky. It’s still mostly a sandy beach but there are some impressive rock formations around.

Once again it’s a less crowded beach with little infrastructure. Bring your own things and enjoy a great time with the warm sea and shining sun.

Spiaggia ad Ovest del Porto

The first beach towards the north is Spiaggia ad Ovest del Porto. It’s pretty much your run-of-the-mill Puglia beach. Tourists love it, the water is great, and it’s covered in nice sand. There are some vendors around and it’s a lively place to swim.

Spiaggia d’Ayala

Further up north is Spiaggia d’Ayala the last beach we will take a look at. It has one of the finest sand in the area which makes this beach an excellent choice. There are some rocky parts but generally speaking, this is a beautiful sand beach.

It’s a bit of a walk from town but we think it’s absolutely worth it. There are some bars nearby if you need drinks for food.

Where to eat in Campomarino, Puglia?

Eating in small resort towns can be a bit of a hassle. We’ve found that the quality of meals is not always as great as in bigger places. We can only guess it is due to the lower competition in restaurants. Let us give you some recommendations where you can eat in Campomarino.

  • Stile Primitivo
    • Central location
    • Upscale styling
    • Great food
  • La Barchetta Fish Bar
    • Close to the port
    • Amazing fish based food
    • Street food style
  • Pizzeria Longo
    • Cheap
    • Central location
    • Long Pizza
    • Popular

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