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Do you need a car on your Naxos holiday?

Naxos is a hidden gem among Greek islands. Certainly not as popular as some places like Santorini or Zakynthos. However, due to this, it possesses a local charm other places have lost due to tourism. 

You can fly to Naxos and have a perfectly fine holiday without renting a car. If you stay in the city, it’s easy to find a good hotel with beach access. If you want to explore you can always find some tour providers who can help with that. That being said, you will surely miss some freedom as there aren’t an awful lot of taxis or public transport available.

On the other hand, as an island, Naxos is also the perfect place to explore on your own. When you find a cheap car rental on Naxos, you will have extreme liberty to go wherever you want. Even if you rent a cheap car on Naxos you will be fine to wander off the main tourist attractions. In fact, it’s a small island with small and twisty roads. You might be better off with your mini rental than with a huge sedan. Due to these reasons we highly recommend that you rent a car on Naxos Island.

There is just one thing you have to make sure of when you are renting a car on Naxos Island. It’s got to have an AC unit. If you make the mistake to rent a car without an AC, or you want to save a few bucks on air conditioning, you will find out soon enough just how hot the weather can get around here. So remember this: when you are searching for a car to rent in Naxos, it’s got to have AC. If it doesn’t have AC then it’s a no-go.

Is it hard to get to Naxos downtown from Naxos Airport?

The airport is situated 2.5 miles southwest of the city area of Naxos. For the most part, flights from Athens International Airport use this airport. Visitors won’t spend much time in the Arrivals Hall, because the rental car offices are in plain sight. If you want to come in the summer, try reserving your vehicle well in advance due of the strong demand.

Is it hard to get around Naxos Island?

If you don’t have a GPS, navigation in Naxos is simple, but some of the roads have many curves lacking safety barriers. While the speed limits are modest, there are seldom any hazardous driving conditions on the island. People there are generally courteous and calm behind the wheel. Pay attention to one-way streets in the town you are visiting.

Where to park your rental car on Naxos Island?

Within the villages and Chora’s ancient town, cars are not allowed. Almost every little town (Halki, Filoti, Apiranthos) has public parking areas where you may keep your vehicle for free while you’re there. There are two more points to keep in mind: First, unless you are staying in Chora, most hotels will have their own parking lot. You should double-check your hotel reservation once you’ve booked it. Storing your vehicle at the beach will not be a problem. These locations where you may leave your car are conveniently located near to the beach, making them good options for those who have no place to park their vehicles.

How to find a gas station on Naxos Island?

To make sure the vehicle is filled with Diesel or Petrol, look in the tank when you get it. You will be requested to fill the tank before returning the vehicle. Gas stations are spread out all across the island (Shell, Avin, Eko, Aegean, and other companies). While many are found in Chora, others are situated elsewhere, like the rest of the city (Halki, Sangri, Filoti, and more).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you offer cars with unlimited mileage?

Yes, most of our partners offer cars with unlimited mileage for your rental duration. Usually, they only ask, that you return the car with a full tank. To do this, we recommend finding the closest petrol station to the car rental place.

In any case, after you have used our search, look out for the ‘Unlimited Mileage’ marker on the results to find the deals where you don’t have to worry about mileage on your Naxos car rental.

Can I rent an automatic car on Naxos?

Absolutely! Almost all of our partners have automatic cars in their fleet. However, in Europe, manual gearing is still dominant. This means, that you might be expected to pay a little extra for an automatic car. Just keep this one in mind.

Can I rent a car at Naxos Airport?

Yes, in fact, most of the car rental companies only keep an office at the airport. This is the most convenient and easiest location to sort out your car rental needs on Naxos.

What kind of car should I rent on Naxos?

Whenever booking a car rental on small Greek islands, try to get a smaller car. If you don’t need the extra seats and space a sedan can offer, then you will have an easier time with a small car. 

What is the most popular car to rent on Naxos?

The most popular are the Small Economy class. Most people either rent a Fiat Panda or Renault Twingo.

What is the speed limit in Greece?

50 km/h (31 mph) is the general speed limit in metropolitan areas, although it may be reduced in particular locations. In such case, signs will be placed to let people know. Speed limits vary between 80 and 90 km/h (50-56 mph) in-between cities, and around 100 and 120 km/h (62-75 mph) on open highways. There is a restriction to the speed at which freeways may operate, with a maximum of 120 km/h (75 mph).

What’s the busiest time to rent a car on Naxos?

Without question, summer is the busiest season in Naxos. Within summer, from mid-July to the end of August, you will need to book in advance. If you expect to find a car available during these periods without booking in advance, you might be met with disappointment.