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Castellaneta Marina, Puglia – Full Visitor’s Guide

The west coasts of Apulia are filled with awesome beaches and relaxing beach towns. It’s a stark contrast to the rugged and rocky shore on the east. Those who are looking for a more traditional beach holiday should consider this area. The town of Castellaneta Marina in Puglia is a perfect example of a relaxing seaside town.

You can have miles upon miles of sandy beach, a laid-back atmosphere, great food, and you are still close to the main attractions in Puglia. Of course, this is a little different from the traditional Puglian holiday experience but it’s a great opportunity to see a different face of the region.

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Where Is Castellaneta Marina?

Castellaneta is a city in Southern Italy, located 40km away from Taranto. Castellaneta Marina is a sandy beach along the coastline of Taranto. It is surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub on one side and a thick forest on the other.

In reality, Castellaneta Marina feels like a traditional holiday town where people have weekend homes. The town is especially popular with locals due to the easy access from Taranto. We think that a lot of the charm in Castellaneta Marina comes from this atmosphere.

How To Reach Castellaneta Marina?

There are a few options to consider when you are looking at the best ways to get to Castellaneta Marina. Multiple public transports is available or you can drive on your own.

By Bus – There is a direct bus from Castellaneta to Castellaneta Marina 3 times a day (Monday – Saturday). It will take you approximately 45 minutes to reach. Of course, you need to travel to Castellaneta first which is done easiest from Taranto.

By Train – The train is the most economical option. Two trains a day from Taranto and it costs just $3 for a trip. Usually, the Bari to Taranto line will cost $10 so the full trip from Bari airport is just under $15 for one way. That’s cheap! As always you can check with our partner ItaliaRail for tickets.

By Car – You can choose to drive a rental or take a taxi. It will take you approximately 26 minutes. Taking a taxi can cost you almost 10 times the cost of driving on your own. If you take a rental, you can drive around the area and explore more.

If you are coming from another city and entering Castellaneta by air, there are 5 airports around Castellaneta Marina you can land in. Your options, along with the distance from the Marina and the time it will take to reach the Marina from the airport, are:

  • Bari (75.2 km) – 2 hours and 45 minutes 
  • Brindisi (87.1km) – 3 hours
  • Lamezia Terme (183.3km) – 4 hours and 16 minutes
  • Naples – 6 hours and 5 minutes
  • Tirana – 15 hours and 26 minutes

For even more info out our full guide on airports in Puglia!

The Beaches Of Castellaneta Marina

  • Spiaggia Termitosa – Spiaggia Termitosa is a great beach if you want to get away from other tourists. It’s near the Train Station for the town but it’s mostly void of amenities. No bars and no sun loungers to rent. What you get however is a huge stretch of beautiful beach with plenty of space for the few people who walk all the way here.
  • Lido Sporting – Has 30 different restaurants within a 3-mile radius. It has 13 different attractions you can visit within a 6-mile radius. The beach is not very crowded, and the staff is very cordial and friendly. Do try their food if you are visiting.
  • Lido ll Panda – Surrounded by many restaurants within a 3-mile radius. Has many attractions around, including clubs, pubs, and museums. Sitting on the beach under umbrellas can be a good experience for beach lovers.

Other Attractions In Castellaneta Marina

  • Torremattoni Adventure Park – Perfect for a day filled with adventure for the old and the young in the family. You can experience the adventure park where all equipment will be provided; Horseback riding and Orienteering. Everything can be enjoyed as a group or by yourself too.
  • Temple Of Hera/Palantine Tables – For the architecture lovers, this historic Greek temple built for the goddess Hera near the Bradano river can be quite a sight and can keep you occupied for a while.

Day Trips From Castellaneta Marina

You can visit these places from the Marina for a day trip. Be it a solo trip or a trip with the family; you have many places to visit around Castellaneta Marina:

  1. Ponte Girevole – It can be a beautiful and calming sight just to slow down and watch the deck revolve to let the boats pass by between the new and the old peninsulas.
  2. Cathedral Of San Cataldo – If you are interested in history and relics, you can spend some time admiring the art and relics of a saint from the 17th century.
  3. Aragonese Castle – Visit this strong and impressive castle of Taranto to be fascinated by the beauty of ancient architecture.
  4. Trullo Sovarno – Want to see something unique? Then visit a house from the 18th century that stands out from its limestone house counterparts.
  5. Castellaneta – Don’t forget to set aside a day to visit the town of Castellaneta. Just walk around, explore, enjoy some good food and get back in a great mood!
  6. Matera – Another city you must not miss. Situated on a rocky outcrop, this place blends the old and the new.
  7. Sassi and Rupestrian Church Parks – A blend of the old and the new. Visit the parks of the church to learn a little about the history of Matera and enjoy the modern spas for a luxurious day. Step out and devour some yummy cheese from the local shops. 
  8. Viewpoint Of Matera And Sassi – If you just want some romantic time, this spot, with its breathtaking views with a glimpse into the history of Matera and Sassi, is just the place to go to.

Best Restaurants In Castellaneta Marina

  • Terrazza Margherita Beach – Highly rated cocktail bar in Castellaneta. Enjoy the evening breeze while watching the sunset and the waves crash against the shore—the perfect romantic setup where you get good value for money and tasty food.
  • Ristorante il Kale – Do try their fried fish when you visit them. They are delicious and the perfect food for the summer evening by the sea.
  • Sablee Ristorante – Dine-in and takeaway options available. The food is full of flavor; the staff is well prepared and courteous. Good food and good service by the sea! Do try their lobster sauce; it is DELICIOUS!
  • Pizzeria Luna Rossa – A well-crowded place with good food. No table service is available. Service is quick, and you need not waste time waiting.
  • La Vela Club – Self-service restaurant with very friendly staff. Beautiful sea view for a calm and relaxed evening or a romantic date. Clean, tidy, and well maintained.

Best Hotels In Castellaneta Marina

  • Ticho’s Hotel – Located right opposite the Castellaneta Marina, this hotel gives you a good view of the Mediterranean Sea. It is just 7km from the Castellaneta Marina train station. It is easily accessible by different modes of transport.
  • Blank Hotel – Right next to the beach and just 6 minutes away from the numerous bars and clubs on the Marina. If you are looking for a good view and accessible nightlife, this hotel offers more. You will not be disappointed by the quality of your stay and service in this hotel. A very good option when you are traveling with kids.
  • Ad Astra Residence – Has a 4.7 rating on Google. Beautiful set up to reflect the quaint houses in Italy. It has free Wi-Fi, but the signal is not great. The place is very comfortable, well maintained, clean, and well-staffed with courteous people. It has many rooms, with separate entrances, giving you the feel of luxury and privacy. 

The Perfect Seaside Vacation

As you can see Puglia has many different landscapes to offer. If you want to experience the region but are afraid of the rugged coastline on the east then Castellaneta Marina might just be perfect for you.

The sandy beach and the relaxing atmosphere guarantee that you will have an awesome time and that you will be able to recharge after the everyday stress back at home. Do note that we mostly recommend this town if you plan to rent a car.

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