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The Closest Airport to Arlington, TX – Where to fly?

If you’re planning a trip to Arlington, Texas, you may be wondering which airport to choose. There are a few things to consider when making your decision, such as flight availability, convenience, and cost. We’ll help you pick the closest airport to Arlington, TX, and even give you some alternatives.

The closest airport to Arlington is Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. It’s only around 15 miles away from downtown Arlington so it’s the obvious choice here. It’s also a huge international airport that is very well connected to the rest of the nation. However, what if ticket prices are a bit too high? Let’s see some more options!

Ultimately, the best airport for you will depend on your specific travel plans and preferences. Consider all of your options and make the decision. If your destination is the Six Flags Over Texas then you’ll surely find this travel article useful.

The List of Airports near Arlington, TX

If you don’t want to read any of the details we’ll simply give you the list of airports near Arlington, Texas. The list is ordered by road distance from the downtown area of Arlington. You can quickly see all the best options from this list.

Airport NameIATARoad Distance
Dallas Fort Worth International AirportDFW15 miles
Dallas Love Field AirportDAL24 miles
The full list of airports close to Arlington

The Closest Airport to Arlington: Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

Arlington has two main airports, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) and Dallas Love Field (DAL). DFW is the larger of the two airports and offers more flights and destinations. It is also located closer to downtown Arlington.

This airport offers a variety of amenities and services that make it the perfect choice for travelers. From its convenient location to its modern facilities, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is the ideal airport for those looking for a hassle-free travel experience.

You can easily get to the city center from this airport, making it a convenient option for travelers. Plus, there are plenty of flight options available in Dallas Fort Worth, so you can find a flight that fits your schedule and budget.

In the pre-covid era, Dallas Forth Worth handled more than 50 million passengers each year. That is a staggering number of people that flow through the area so you can expect this airport to be busy no matter the time of your travel.

You’ll be happy to learn that almost every airline has a flight to DFW and if you are an international traveler then this airport should be the one you choose.

Takeoff at DFW
Takeoff at DFW Airport

Other Airports near Arlington, TX

Apart from the main airport in Arlington, Texas, there is one more great pick. Yes, unfortunately only one more. Usually, we can give you more, but in the case of Arlington, anything else is just too far away to make sense as far as recommendations go.

Dallas Love Field Airport

Dallas Love Field Airport is a good alternative in Arlington, Texas because it is close to many attractions in the area. It is also a large airport, so there are usually plenty of flights available.

In reality, it is a hub for Southwest Airlines, so it has many domestic flights. Love Field is a convenient airport if you are flying to or from Dallas, but it may not have as many flights as D/FW. The airport is also serviced by a variety of airlines, including American, Delta, and United.

When you search for flights to DAL you’ll see different pricing than what you see for DFW. This means you might catch some great deals or simply get a better price. Since both airports are relatively close to Arlington you can pick any of these for a good overall experience.

With only around 10-15 million travelers visiting each year DAL airport is definitely the less busy pick. That’s not to say it’s a calm airport. 10 million is still a huge amount of traffic for most US airports.

No other valid options

Usually, we can list at least 3 or 4 great alternatives when it comes to nearby airports. However, in the case of Arlington, TX it does not make any sense. The third closest airport is Waco, but that has a single regular flight and it’s to DFW. And that’s already 100 miles away.

Anything else we don’t consider good picks. DFW and DAL are both pretty busy airports and handle a large number of travelers each year. You will almost always find great deals at either of these airports.

Closest airport to Arlington, TX – FAQ

What is the closest airport to Arlington?

It’s Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. It is only 15 miles away!

How long does it take to get from DFW to Arlington?

Considering the distance is a mere 15 miles it should take anywhere between 15 to 25 minutes. Only if the traffic is really bad will it take more.

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