Closest Airport to Lecce Italy
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Closest Airport to Lecce Italy

Lecce is a city that is located in Apulia in Italy. It’s one of the bigger cities in Southern Italy. It is a place known as the baroque’s pearl, and it is not a very crowded tourist site. Do you want to know how to get to Lecce? What is the closest airport to Lecce Italy? You are in the right place.

Lecce is a place that Baroque lovers will love because almost all the buildings’ facades are from the 16th and 12th century. They have decorations with animals, dragons, shells, and many cherubs of different shapes.

Lecce is also known as the South’s Florence because it has many impressive and important monuments. It is located in the Salento region. This city has a Duomo cathedral with a 900-year-old mosaic and a beautiful marble altar inlaid with lapis lazuli. Below you can find all the information you need on this topic.

Lecce Sights

How to get to Lecce, Italy?

When to travel to Lecce?

The month of December is one of the cheapest to book in Lecce, in August, flying to Lecce will be more expensive. Many factors can influence the ticket price, such as airline, airport, and season type.

Lecce is not a recognized tourist destination, so you can find affordable prices for food and accommodation in any season. But the high season of this city in July and August for this hidden gem in southern Italy. Keep in mind, that many people avoid these months because they are very hot and prefer to go to Lecce in September. April and May are also very good months to go to Lecce because you will see many flowers in the spring.

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What is the Closest Airport to Lecce Italy?

The closest airport to Lecce Italy is in Brindisi and is only 39.1 km away. It’s called Salento Airport. To get from Lecce to Brindisi Airport, you will need to expect around 35 minutes with a car. If you are travelling in rush our add at least another 30 minutes to this. You can also transfer to the airport by train, which is around a one hour journey. Additionally, a bus from Lecce airport runs every 3 hours, and prices range from $ 3 to $ 8.

The other major airport in the area is in Bari. Trenitalia has a train service from Bari Centrale to Lecce every hour, and tickets can cost between 12 and 25 dollars, and the trip lasts around two hours.

Rent a car in Lecce

When you are travelling into this Italian city we recommend renting a car. If you are not afraid of driving in Italy, it will make your life easier. The most convenient way to rent is to do it straight at the airport. If you do this you won’t have to worry about airport transfer, and will be free to move instantly.

Another, more budget option is to rent directly in Lecce. If you choose to do this, you can rent for a shorter period. You can easily spend a couple of days of sightseeing only in Lecce. This means the car would just sit around all day anyway, so you can skip renting for such days.

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Lecce: The Gem of Southern Italy

This city is known for its characteristic baroque style. It has many monuments such as palaces, a cathedral, a Roman amphitheatre, an awesome main square, and impressive and wonderful alleys. The settlement is located half an hour from the Adriatic and Ionian seas at the very heel of Italy’s boot. It has 95,000 inhabitants and 40 churches.

It has a walled old town that you can walk quietly because it is not a place with many tourists. The city of Lecce is surrounded by charming seaside towns that will make your vacation extraordinary.

When travelling, remember that to get to the city, the closest airport to Lecce Italy in Brindisi. In 40 minutes you can get from the airport to Lecce without a problem. On the other hand, it might be harder to find flights to this airport in the offseason. For such cases, Bari airport is still a good choice due to the train connection.

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