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Driving in Rhodes Cover Photo

Tips for Driving in Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes, a temperate Greek island, attracts millions of tourists each year. The island’s breathtaking beaches, mountainous countryside, and medieval old town are timeless attractions. Exploring the island might mean renting a car for your stay. So, we are ready to give you some tips for driving in Rhodes. We weren’t sure what to expect from…

Driving in Astypalaia Featured

Everything you need to know about renting a car and driving in Astypalaia

The Greek island of Astypalaia is known for its unique butterfly shape and its amazing beaches. Many people visit the island to enjoy a great relaxing time on one of the many sunbeds waiting for you. If you are heading to Astypalaia as well you might be wondering about one thing: what’s driving in Astypalaia…

Astypalaia Mills

Best Things to do in Astypalaia: Ultimate Astypalaia Travel Guide

Astypalaia is a small island in Greece. It’s a little bit of a hidden gem among the high-profile tourist destinations that Greece has. It’s not so easy to get to this island this is why it doesn’t see the usual tourist crowds that other Greek destinations can see. Join us to explore the top things…

Best Beaches Corfu

20 Best Beaches in Corfu

Are you dreaming of a holiday in Corfu but can’t stop wondering what beaches to visit? Well, it is time to literally stop wondering, sit back, relax as you read on to discover the very best of Corfu beaches! Each summer, Corfu Island gets flooded by visitors coming from far and wide. It’s amongst the…

Kaiser Observatory

Pelekas Village in Corfu: A charming mountain village with a nice beach

Located at a central location in Corfu, Pelekas Village is a perfect mountain town to include in your vacation itinerary. In fact, due to the location, you might even choose it as a base to explore the wonderful island of Corfu. Driving around Corfu is a ton of fun and you can see the whole…

Corfu Road

Why visit Sokraki in Corfu?

Do you want to visit a village that looks like a historical site? When you travel to Sokraki in Corfu you can do just that. However, unlike most historic sites in the world, Sokraki is a full-on living village. Located high in the mountains of Corfu it seems like time has stopped for the residents…

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