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Catania or Taormina Cover Pic

Catania or Taormina for the perfect Sicilian Holiday?

Sicily offers visitors many activities, many of which are on the island’s east side. When visiting this area both Catania and Taormina seem amazing places to stay. Today, we’ll discover if it’s Catania or Taormina that’s better for your style of travel. On the surface, both towns seem quite similar. They are roughly in the…

Is Puglia Safe Cover Photo

Is Puglia safe? – Tips for travelers & crime in Puglia

Puglia is a beautiful part of Italy. Its southern charm and the local’s hospitality are well known around the world. However, it’s still a newcomer to the tourism scene and you might be wondering: is Puglia safe? Let’s answer this question and give you some tips on staying safe on your Puglian travels. Generally speaking,…

Castellaneta Marina

Castellaneta Marina, Puglia – Full Visitor’s Guide

The west coasts of Apulia are filled with awesome beaches and relaxing beach towns. It’s a stark contrast to the rugged and rocky shore on the east. Those who are looking for a more traditional beach holiday should consider this area. The town of Castellaneta Marina in Puglia is a perfect example of a relaxing…

Taranto Italy

The 7 Best Taranto Italy Beaches

Puglia is known for having some of the most stunning beaches in Italy. We’ll go through the top beaches in Taranto in this article. If you’re in Puglia for a vacation, Taranto is a must-see destination. As a beautiful seaside city. It has a lot of historical significance as well as tourism attractions. Taranto’s splendor…

Bovino Puglia

Bovino, Puglia – Magical mountain village in Pugla

Bovino, Puglia is a lovely hilltop village in the province of Foggia. It’s characterized by narrow winding streets and a charming atmosphere. Located in the northern part of the Puglia region it doesn’t always get the love it deserves. Read along to learn more about Bovino, Puglia, and reasons why you should visit it. The…

Campomarino Puglia Featured Image

Campomarino, Puglia – Coastal town in Salento – Visitor’s Guide

Campomarino, Puglia is a very popular beach resort. It’s no surprise as there are sandy beaches as long as your eye can see on both sides of the town. Learn everything that you need to know about Campomarino in Puglia. Campomarino is known as a beach resort for travelers around the world. It’s located in…

Nearest Airport to Bari

Nearest Airport to Matera, Basilicata – How to Visit?

The whitewashed hilltop town of Mater is world-famous for its charming atmosphere and inviting narrow streets. However, before your first visit, it’s not easy to know the nearest airport to Matera. The nearest airport to Matera is Bari. It’s a great pick for visiting Matera as there are a lot of flights to Bari each…

Torre dell Orso

Torre dell’Orso, Puglia – The Magical Beach of Salento

Torre dell’Orso, Puglia, is a resort town and an amazing beach location in the Salento peninsula. It’s filled with tourists each year who want to enjoy the sunshine, feel the sand under their feet, and swim in the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic. You’ll find the seaside town of Torre dell’Orso in the Melendungo…

What is a Masseria? Featured Image

What is a Masseria in Puglia?

Before I first went to Puglia I was researching the region to put together the perfect itinerary. While doing this one thing stood out. The word Masseria was thrown around like it’s common knowledge. Meanwhile, I kept asking myself: ‘What is a Masseria?’ Now that I’m back from Puglia I can tell you what a…

Giovinazzo Beach

Giovinazzo Beach – Where to enjoy the sea in Giovinazzo

How to enjoy Giovinazzo Beach? Visiting Giovinazzo is an amazing memory as it’s a nice historical city in Puglia. It is standing on the jagged shoreline, overlooking the Mediterranean. Let’s see what are the Giovinazzo beaches you can get to whenever you visit this place. As you walk around the port of the city and…

Grotta della Poesia Featured Image

Grotta della Poesia – Poetry Cave – Overview and visitor’s guide

Puglia’s rocky shores are full of striking caves and impressive features. Grotta della Poesia might just be one of the most amazing among them. It’s a natural pool that has been formed inside the rocky shore. Any time someone makes a list of the top natural pools in the world, Grotta della Poesia must be…

Weekend in Ostuni Featured Image

How to spend a weekend in Ostuni – 2 day Ostuni Itinerary

Traveling to Puglia is a unique experience. With many incredible old towns and historical places, you’ll have your hands full of sightseeing. That is if you are not on the beach enjoying the crystal clear waters of Southern Italy. To complete your Puglia visit you must include a weekend in Ostuni. We’ve put together this…

Getting Around Puglia Feature Image

Getting Around Puglia – Everything you need to know

The charming region of Puglia is found in southern Italy. It’s has a hilly landscape with old towns and small villages. You might have some questions about getting around Puglia before your plane lands. Lucky for you, TopFlightsNow is here to answer all your questions. We will help you figure out the nitty-gritty and help…

Trieste Beach
Italy | Tips | Travel

The Trieste Beach Guide

Trieste is one of the most beautiful cities in northern Italy. Better yet, it is located right on the seafront. Built-in such a way, that the sea is within a few minutes of walking distance from almost anywhere. No wonder the people of Trieste absolutely love the beach. In the summer it’s not uncommon to…

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