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Izola From the Distance

10 Top Things to do in Izola

Izola is a small town on the Slovenian coast. Until the 19th century, Izola was an island and hence its name. The locals are very connected to the sea, and fishing is still one of their main activities. Let’s see what are the top things to do in Izola, the lovely seaside town of Slovenia….

Bled Cream Cake

Traditional Slovenian Food: What to expect?

You are planning your next holiday in the charming country of Slovenia. However, this rather small country is still pretty much undiscovered by the majority of tourists. As such, you might be wondering: What is traditional Slovenian food like? Slovenia is a young country. If you consider this, it’s not a surprise that the traditional…

Kranjska Gora in summer
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Kranjska Gora in Summer: Top Things To Do

Kranjska Gora is a popular destination in the winter for skiers. It is located at the feet of the beautiful Julian Alps, which makes it an excellent choice for the winter, and summer too. Despite its popularity during the colder months, it is still relatively undiscovered as a summer holiday destination. So we are here…

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