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Dog-Friendly Beaches on Mallorca

We think every pet owner considers the possibility of taking our favourite four-legged friend on a vacation with them. Dogs love being in nature, so visiting an island such as Palma de Mallorca seems like a good place to bring a pet. You might be wondering, will I be able to take my friend to the beach? The answer is yes. There are dog-friendly beaches on Mallorca that you can enjoy along with your furry companion.

Dogs zipping around the coastline and experiencing saltwater the first time is an amusing experience for them. There are a ton of smells, tastes and sea animals that your dog will only encounter on a beach. This experience can be especially thrilling for city dogs who don’t get as much time in nature as dogs living in the countryside.

For a long time in Mallorca, dogs were not allowed onto any beach. It is only from 2012 that some beaches opened up for dogs. Always keep an eye out for the sign ‘No Perro‘, which means ‘No Dog’. If you see this sign at a beach, do not bring your dog there, or you might be fined up to 3000 euro. Luckily there are already five beaches on Mallorca that are dog-friendly.

Dog on Beach

The Dog-Friendly Beaches of Mallorca

This should go without saying, but when visiting the dog beaches of Mallorca, please make sure you clean up any mess your dog might make. Thank you!

Es Carnatge, the Doggie Beach

Es Carnatge was the first place on the island that opened up its beach for dogs. To be honest, it’s the perfect spot to start experimenting. This piece of beach is directly on the path of aeroplanes to the Mallorca airport. As such it can be quite noisy at times and was never really a popular place for bathing in the sea.

Now although it is not the most beautiful beach in the world, it’s a stepping stone like the first dog beach of Mallorca. Still, your dog won’t mind the lack of beauty as defined by tourists, for the pets it will be a perfect place to run around, and try getting into the water.

Pollença Dog Beach

Located on the north side of the island, the beach at Pollenca has a section dedicated for dogs. Now this one is a proper beach, you imagine for yourself whenever thinking about a vacation. Considering this, here both you and your friend will have a lot of fun.

Cala Blanca, Andratx

Another beach that has a dedicated section just for dogs and their proud owners. Cala Blanca is a beautiful beach towards the west side of the island. The water is beautiful and there are always small boats and ships in the water, enjoying the beach. It can get a little bit crowded at times, only recommended for dogs who are well behaved.

Playa de Alcanada, Alcúdia

This is the latest addition to the dog-friendly beaches on Mallorca. Located at the bay of Alcúdia, the beach section designated for dogs is clearly marked. We believe this is the most beautiful beach on this list, and can have a lot of fun here with your pet.

Dog enjoying Beach

Dog-friendly beaches on Mallorca off-season

Although the rules are very strict during high season, and police will even fine you if you take your dog to a beach where they are not allowed, during the off-season rules are much more relaxed. There are many communes that relax the ban of dogs from beaches from November 31st to March 1st. These relaxed regions are the following: Capdepera, Andratx and Pollença. If you are unsure if you can enter the beach with your dog or not, it’s always best to ask a local.

Dog-friendly beaches Mallorca Map

We have put together a map for you. This will help with the locations of the dog-friendly beaches.

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