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Driving in Naxos: What’s it like?

If you want to get the whole experience, a trip to Naxos should include seeing the stunning scenery and towns that line the area. For this, it’s best to rent a car on Naxos. However, you might be wondering, what’s driving in Naxos feels like.

You might have many questions. Are the roads good quality? Is there a good public bus service? Do I even need to rent a car? Just how big Naxos is? Let’s dive in and find out what you should expect on your holiday when you are driving in Naxos.

Driving in Naxos: The Roads

A vehicle is an excellent option to explore the interior since there’s no great transport service. Once you get out of the town, the roads are sufficient and very calm. You’re not supposed to have an issue.

The roads are small from Naxos Town, while mountain conditions are attained towards the middle of the island. The mountainside winds up the roadways, but speeds are sluggish and traffic is minimal. Just have a look at the towns and beaches and concentrate on having a wonderful day.

Recall that you have to focus on driving while you drive on the Naxos highlands. It’s normal to be astonished by the landscape but allow your passenger to determine when it is time to see the environment. There’s usually a little place to stop the vehicle and see.

Naxos Temple

Should you rent a car in Naxos?

It is virtually impossible to go about Naxos without a vehicle. We highly suggest that you hire a vehicle while traveling to Naxos. It will enable you to explore the island at your own pace and help you go to areas that are not convenient to get to using public transit.

Imagining a hidden beach that you discover. Consider visiting a traditional town on the mainland. Eating at a non-touristy establishment and see places with outstanding views of the island.

The largest island in the Cyclades is Naxos, and it is home to the tallest peak, Zas. The villages, beaches, ancient monuments, churches, and towers all exist all over the island, at large distances from the major touristy zone.

Traffic while Driving in Naxos

Naxos is mainly a tourist island. Many will travel here during the summer to enjoy the beautiful sea and see the wonderful scenery. However, most people spend their time at the beach, in tavernas, or relaxing with a Pina Colada in hand. This means that traffic outside of Naxos town is very limited.

If you travel during the high season you have a better chance to encounter traffic. However, due to the number of tourists here, other cars you see are likely car rentals just like yours. Traffic is really light around the island in the off-season, and you will have a super easy time driving.

Traffic is only ever high in Naxos Town. If you can, you should avoid this area. Driving in Naxos Town is a little bit different as it’s the center of the island. This means that a lot of cars are concentrated in a relatively small space. Just make sure you are careful and there should be no problems.

Villages Worth the Visit while Driving in Naxos

Halki is located in the north of the island, near Tragia, which is known for cultivating olives. Venetian towers and Byzantine churches are a strong indicator of the lengthy history and heritage of the town.

Koronos is a traditional hamlet situated approximately 36km from Naxos Town on the island’s northeast coast. It seems like a deep canyon constructed beside a beautiful grape valley. These are typical Cycladic settlements, where people are kind and their environment is warm and inviting.

The ancient Cycladic community of Filoti, situated on the slopes of a mountain and in a picturesque green valley, has grown in popularity with tourists in recent years. Filoti is one of the most beautiful towns of Naxos, located in a place defined by olive trees and peppered with exquisite Byzantine buildings such as the church of the Virgin Mary.

Located in the beautiful mountain range between two green valleys, Apiranthos is distinct from the rest of the towns of Naxos. The architectural style and lavish homes of marble combine to create a gorgeous setting.

Naxos Hills

Gas Stations in Naxos

Remember this: there are only 20 gas stations on the whole island. Most of them are located around the port are where people drive. There are some that you can find on the mainland, however, always make sure that you don’t run out of gas.

It’s always best to discuss with the company you are renting a car from. They will be more than happy to help you with directions and suggestions. Just keep in mind to check what type of fuel your car needs before you fill it up (Diesel or Petrol)

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