Puglia Christmas Lights

Enjoy a Wonderful Christmas In Puglia

With Christmas adornments in the shops and Puglia lit up with wonderful decorations, the atmosphere of Christmas is now felt in the early November days in Puglia. Learn about spending Christmas in Puglia. As you will see, this amazing Southern region of Italy is a great place to spend the holidays.

Several activities are available in Puglia during the Christmas season, including visiting Christmas markets, viewing a living local scene, and participating in wine and meal tours to sample the traditional Christmas specialties.

Bari, Alberobello, Locorotondo, Brindisi, Ostuni, and Lecce are the greatest destinations in Puglia to enjoy Christmas this year. This post will provide you with important details about Christmas at Puglia, things to carry out during the holidays, and where to enjoy Christmas this year.

Places to spend Christmas this year in Puglia

1. Christmas in Locorotondo

Streets of Locorotondo

At this season’s Christmas, the small town of Locorotondo in the county of Bari will be illuminated with sparkles and colors. You will be able to attend numerous events and the charming Xmas market.

Christmas Locorotondo events this year for you to follow

The Locorotondo decoration is turned on November 13th in 2021. Beautiful celestial skies and decorations will be illuminated at the old venue with the gates to the medieval hamlet. The event begins at 20.00 in Porta Nuova, continues at 20.30 at Piazza, and concludes at Corso Umberto by 21:00

On November 21st in 2021, at time 20.30 p.m., a program of songs with hymns of religion on behalf of Cecilia Santa will be held at Locorotondo’s mother church.

The Odegitria Polyphonic Choir will be performing. Reservations are recommended because access is free or restricted.

On December 8th this year, in Vittorio Piazza Emanuele by 5 pm, there will surely be an exhibition of 13 crafts by different artists in various cities. The journey will finish with a sculpture by a professional and established artist inside the historical cinema. The access is free.

The devotional Lucia mass will hold at the missionary society by 18.30 on December 13th this year.

At 7.30 p.m. on January 5th, 2022, a photographic exhibition will be held by Bazart 165. It’s a personal collection that documents scenes of everyday life in the 1900s in the area. The program is available for everyone without a ticket but you must make a reservation.

Alongside the several Christmas markets, numerous events are included in the lovely town of Locorotondo.

2. Christmas this year in Ostuni

Square Ostuni

This year, even Ostuni will extremely get decked and lighted up for this occasion over the month of December. Many lights may be found in the little, charming streets, as well as markets for Christmas at all main centers. Check out our guide to things to do in Ostuni for the full experience.

Christmas as art is regarded as an exhibition held in Palazzo in Ostuni’s medieval center, at the chapel. This exhibition, now in edition 6, will run through December 16th to 22nd December, with hours ranging from 6 am to 10 pm. The exhibition’s theme is the color of Christmas. The event is free to attend.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, there will surely be no events or programs in place for big crowds or on exposed platforms at the current time, only manual presentations of books and other appointments.

Here are six activities you must do in Puglia during your Christmas vacation this year:

  • Discover Puglia’s most stunning Christmas customs.
  • Puglia’s Christmas markets are a must-see.
  • Visit Puglia’s most beautiful cities.
  • In Puglia, you can see a living nativity scene.
  • Try some of the local cuisine.
  • Check out the beach

3. Christmas at Puglia has its own traditions

Puglia has amazing traditions with each city and village celebrating Christmas according to its particular customs. Many of the most beautiful Christmas customs in Puglia are listed below.

Every year, a lovely and colorful Christmas market is set up in the little hamlet of Delle Acquaviva Fonti, in the area of the province chapel for Bari. The finest part about this Christmas market in Acquaviva is the numerous musical activities that are around it.

Bagpipers are said to perform some shows, with respect to culture. Bagpipers dress and play in traditional Apulian peasant attire according to custom.

These performances take place at the city’s many sanctuaries, culminating in an exhibition in the Holy Mary Sanctuary. In a nutshell, Delle Acquaviva Fonti will show you a Christmas that moves to the beat of bagpipes.

4. Presicce Tambourines

We go from bagpipes to order to enhance the performance in Presicce, a town in the Lecce province. The famous pizzica here and this little instrument, and tambourine, have a long legacy in the Salento.

During the Christmas season, Presicce has a Tambourine Festival. Drummers with dancers will perform a number of times.

5. Markets at Puglia during the Christmas season

As previously said, various Christmas markets are set up in the principal squares of Puglia’s cities. The Christmas markets provide life to the city streets.

Depending upon the city in which you reside, you can buy traditional local products at this year’s Christmas markets. You’ll also find a variety of handcrafted items and accessories to purchase.

One option is to purchase an original present from some of Puglia’s many markets. This year’s local scene of Puglia during the Christmas season will be awesome.

6. The local scenes from Apulia

Local Scenes

In Puglia, nativity scenes are quite popular. We say that, go to the Basilica of Lecce to see one of the most important nativity scenes, where you will also see the Nativity fresco. Living local scenes can be seen too in various cities.

The cities of Puglia are decked out with local paintings throughout the Christmas season. Many cool local unique art exist. Many exquisite local works created by professional artists are on display. Living nativity scenes, on the other hand, can be found in certain cities.

Handmade nativity scenes are available for purchase at several Christmas fairs in Puglia. Every year, a spectacular living nativity scene is built up with Tricase on regions in Lecce. Yearly, a huge count of tourists come and visit.

Christmas decorations are always a priority in Puglia. One of Puglia’s most prominent traditions is the craft of these local scenes. You will see images of Jesus’ birth. Nativity scenes with merchants and meadows portray the entire hamlet.

A stunning local scene may be found in Lecce. Another well-known nativity scene can be found at the chapel of Caterina at Galatina. The one in Galatina is thought to be the most ancient at Puglia. Some other local scenes can be found in Mare Polignano and Franca Martina.

7. The Puglia Christmas Cuisine

Puglia has been well known for its delectable cuisine. You must try the local cuisine during your Christmas vacation in Puglia. The popular pettole fry is cooked throughout the Christmas season.

On celebration Eves, fish is the main course. Cod is especially popular to eat. The traditional Bari focaccia is plentiful on the tables. Vegetables and lamb. Having some lentils on Eve of the new year is said to bring good luck in business.

This is well served with a glass of native wine. Also, lots of goodies as well. In fact, no matter where you choose to enjoy Christmas in Puglia, the exquisite traditional cuisine will be a guarantee.

8. Check out magnificent cities

One of the most magnificent cities to check out on your Christmas visit in Puglia is Lecce. You can’t afford not to check out the Lecce.

Well known for its unique architecture that smears through the old buildings of the city. During Christmas, it gets lighted with beams, along with a huge Christmas tree which is placed in a reserved place.

Every church situated in the Lecce has its own beautiful magnificent papier-mâché local scene. Lecce in turn fascinates you.

One more destination tourists could explore at Christmas time is Alberobello. There you can find so many markets for Christian amongst the trulli. The renowned center is beamed with lights. The lights are wall-shone on the trulli. Believe us, you will definitely want to check out this surrounding and dreamy atmosphere.

9. This year’s Christmas lights in Puglia

Christmas Lights

The lights are another feature of Christmas in Puglia. Lights, colors, and Christmas decorations abound throughout the cities.

The so-called “artist’s lights” are on display at Polignano a Mare, on the famous Lama Monachile beach. These are genuine illuminated pieces of art. It’s like putting together a Christmas village.

During the Christmas season, lights and lovely decorations may be found in all of Puglia’s cities. Even the balconies of the houses are lit up by the owners, creating a magnificent atmosphere in the city.

Where will this year’s Christmas celebrations take place?

This year’s Christmas celebrations in Bari will take place in Piazza del Ferrarese. This year’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony will take place in Piazza del Ferrarese on December 6th.

Throughout the month of December, a stage will be put up to host various events.

In Piazza del Ferrarese, a vast garden will be set up, leading to the large lit tree. A big green arched portal with lights can be found at the square’s entrance.

You can enter the garden from here, which will be lit up with a lot of lights. there will surely be visual projections and sound diffusion in a sort of wood.

The tree will be lit with a spectacle of music and lights every day for eight minutes from December 8 to December 28 this year.

Visit Puglia During Christmas

Schedule your Christmas vacation in Puglia now to learn more about the traditions and local delicacies. You’ll be enchanted by a magnificent Puglia, rich in history and art, and brimming with Christmas spirit. Select your dates, reserve your hotel, and prepare to be enchanted by the magic of Christmas in Puglia.

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