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6 Great Fairhaven, MA Beaches

Fairhaven is full of history and culture. It’s a laid-back shore town to visit in Massachusetts. Those who are visiting during the summer season will love our recommendation for the best Fairhaven, Ma beaches.

There is a small local beach but if you are looking for something more you’ll need to hop into your car and drive. Luckily within 15 minutes, you have multiple options and if you are willing to drive a little further there are even more great beaches that await you.

So without further ado, let’s start exploring our favorite beaches near Fairhaven, MA. As always location and distance information is available.

Fort Phoenix State Reservation

Distance: N/A – in town

The Fort Phoenix State Reservation is a historic attraction first and only a beach second. It’s got tons of historic buildings and even things like cannons on site but there is a small patch of beach that people can use to get closer to the water.

It’s a great place as it’s not a mainstream beach. This means only a few people go swimming here and they do have lifeguards during the main tourism season.

While it’s true that this is not a classic beach it’s one of the closest beaches in Fairhaven, MA that you can visit. So don’t hesitate to check this place out on a hot summer day.

West Island Town Beach

Distance: 15 mins

West Island Town Beach is a cool little beach without crowds. There’s a catch though: it’s a resident-only beach with a twist. During summer non-residents can attend the beach after 5 PM. This should be fine for most summer days as the sun will still be high and strong.

In the off-season you can generally go to this beach even if you are not a resident but when it’s summer pay attention to the time.

The actual beach is quite rural and it’s a mix of sand, rocks, and pebbles. We love that there are no crowds here especially after 5 PM when it becomes open.

East Beach

Distance: 12 mins

East Beach is one of the best classic beach options near Fairhaven, MA. It’s just a hop across Buzzards Bay to New Bedford. It’s an extremely popular beach among both locals and tourists as well.

Do note that if you have no resident sticker you are expected to pay to park. It is $5 per hour so keep this into account when you plan to visit this place.

It’s a nice sandy beach with shallow water and gentle waves. Families especially love to come here as it’s easy to keep track of the kids. As expected it gets crowded during hot days but it’s not as bad as something you would see in Florida. We are up North after all.

Overall, we highly recommend New Bedford’s East Beach as one of the prime destinations among the Fairhaven beaches. It’s easy to visit, spacious, and nice. The only downside is paid parking.

Jones Park & Beach

Distance: 15 mins

Jones Park and Beach is a nice place to swim and enjoy a day out. There is a $10 cost for parking but if you are spending a day it’s not too bad.

The beach is a small sandy beach that is popular among locals and not well known by tourists. This creates a nice and intimate atmosphere as there are no crowds.

Families are especially fond of this beach as there is even a playground here. It’s a good choice to relax, swim in the water, and let the kids play around in the sand. We do have to mention though that this beach is not as picturesque as the other options but the experience is worthwhile.

Horseneck Beach

Distance: 30 mins

Horseneck Beach is inside a reservation area and it’s our favorite rustic beach near Fairhaven, MA. It’s a huge patch of sandy shore with amazing fine yellow sand and beautiful ocean waves. You will need to pay for parking here but the parking lot is big and the beach can accommodate a lot of people.

We’ve found that the sandy beach sections are sometimes mixed with stones and pebbles but if you walk around you should be able to find a part where it’s only sand. We loved the picturesque scenery on this beach.

The water is usually nice and clean but it is facing the ocean and the waves can be harsh at times so always take caution.

One thing to note: we’ve linked you to the correct location of the beach. If you don’t come to this parking lot you may get a ticket. So pay attention.

South Shore Beach

Distance: 40 mins

Finally, we have South Shore Beach. A rural pebbly beach that’s open to the public with a paid parking lot.

During the season there are lifeguards and bathrooms installed which makes this beach a good choice even though it’s away from nearby residential areas.

We liked it for the scenery and the fact that this is a pebbly beach. We always find that sandy beaches are much more popular by default so we like to come here and enjoy some quiet time away from the crowds.

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