Flights Cashback: Possibly the best way to save on travel!

Are you a frequent flyer? Looking to get more money back on your travels? Maybe you just want to make your next vacation a little less expensive? We can help you with that! Today we’ll bring you a review of the latest flights cashback program called WayAway Plus. Find out how you can save more when you travel more.

Why is flights cashback one of the best ways to save? Because you get no credit card tied to this cashback program. In reality, this means you can get your cashback on your travel and still get cashback/miles for your card. Let us expand on this in the review!

That is right, one of the most important aspects of WayAway Plus is the fact that they don’t tie your rewards to any credit card. When you are using the program you get your cashback in dollars which you can then withdraw to your credit card or even PayPal.

Oh, and did I mention there’s more? You get cashback for hotels, car rentals, and even transfers. Let’s dive into the details of WayAway.

Flying Illustration

How do flights cashback work?

The flights cashback program at WayAway works simply by giving you some dollars back on your flight bookings. You can get up to 5% on your tickets. This means $5 for you for each $100 spent. Great isn’t it?

Generally speaking, it’s not always 5%. It totally depends on the airline which you are using for the booking. Some will offer greater cashback than others.

The good thing is that you will see all the potential rewards beforehand. When you search for flights on WayAway, you get a notification about the cashback you will get from the booking.

Do you get all this for free?

No, it’s not entirely free, but let’s just say that a subscription pays for itself if you travel multiple times a year.

The initial cost is $100 per year but you can join today at half price for $50 a year. Even better? We’ve got you a promo code that’ll get you another 10% off.

Use the promo code TOPFLIGHTSCASH to get your discounted yearly price.

Let’s look at some real-world flights cashback examples! is not just a simple cashback site but it has an integrated flight search as well. Finding flights with WayAway is easy as one two three.

As a first example let’s think about a situation where you have to travel monthly between Miami and New York.

Flights Cashback Example
Screenshot from flight search

As you can see this ticket includes an $8 cashback. Sometimes it’s more sometimes it’s less, but it’s generally around this amount.

If you really do have to make the trip each month then you’ll get around $8 x 12 = $96 for a full year. Deduct the yearly fee of $45 with our promocode (TOPFLIGHTSCASH) and you’ve earned $51 without doing anything.

Throw in one or two vacations where you book hotels and car rental as well and you are looking at another $100 in cash.

It’s so simple yet effective. All this without a credit card. Withdraw straight to any card or PayPal. Since you pay with your own card you get any already existing cashback offer and can usually even earn airline miles.

Remember, smart travelers can save a LOT. This is how people earn on flight booking cashback and travel more each year. Just think of all the Instagram stories you can make for your friends to make your friends envious!

Another flight booking cashback example

Now that we’ve looked at a hypothetical scenario let’s see a real-life example of our WayAway Plus review.

Barcelona Flight Cashback
Flight Cashback From My Barcelona Trip

I am traveling to Barcelona and hopefully, I can get some nice flights cashback on my way over there. I booked a direct flight from Washington to Barcelona. It’s $1200 with United and I get a $18 cashback as a reward.

I could have actually chosen a flight with a layover for around $800 and a $12 flight cashback but I wanted to avoid layovers.

I’ve booked a very nice beachfront hotel for $996 for the week. It’s going to be a great stay and it comes with a free airport transfer! The cashback from this one is $99,6 which is excellent.

I rented a small car for two days to explore Girona and the Costa Brava which costs $200. I get another $10 from this.

I’ve also booked a Barcelona sightseeing tour via GetYourGuide for $32 and I get $2,5 back from that.

In total, I’ve spent $2428. Costly but a fun trip regardless. Now thanks to the flights cashback program I get $130 back from this trip. Keep in mind this trip didn’t cost anything extra. I would have paid the same if I didn’t get cashback. Definitely worth it!

Also, I got a 1% cashback on my actual credit card so I can add another $24,28 to the money saved. Cheap flights with cashback are always the best.

Flight Cashback Rates for Users

Find all the cashback rates in the below table. Not just for flights but hotels, car rentals, and more!

FlightsUp to 5%
HotelsUp to 10%
TransfersUp to 10%
Tours and ActivitiesUp to 8%
Car RentalUp to 7%
Flights Cashback from WayAway Plus

Combine flights cashback with other rewards

The best thing I love about the flights cashback options at WayAway Plus is the fact that it’s actual dollars. No branded credit card or other requirements that limit my travel options. I get a set amount back from whatever I spend on my travels.

This also means one thing: you can combine this flight cashback with other rewards and discounts. Yep, that’s right!

Let’s say you have another cashback program for your credit card. You will still get the same cashback you would normally get on your card as well.

Want airline miles? No problem, most of the time you will get an option to connect your airline miles card. This way you can get flight cashback and airline miles at the same time!

You can even activate genius benefits. That’s an additional 10% off your trip.

At the Airport

Other Benefits

Flights cashback is not the only benefit of joining WayAway Plus. When you join this program you gain access to local guides who know their cities in and out.

You can get insider tips and recommendations on where to go in order to enhance your travel experience.

You also gain access to premium chat support that is ready to answer any question you want. When I was traveling to Barcelona I was at a loss for restaurants one night and I used the chat to figure out where to go.

I ended up getting a nice recommendation and had excellent seafood pasta that night. They can do even more than just recommendations, like help you rebook, book, or change your details.

Flights Cashback vs Airline Miles

Flight CashbackAirline Miles
✔️ No Credit Card❌ Dedicated Credit Card
✔️ Travel With Any Airline❌ Limited to Airline and Alliance
✔️ Save On All Kinds of Bookings ❌ Limited Options for Miles
✔️ Dollar Cashback✔️ Miles Cashback
✔️ Redeem to Credit Card or PayPal ❌ Limited Options To Use
❌ No Other Benefits ✔️ Free Luggage and Other Flight Benefits
❌ Yearly Fee❌ Yearly Fee
Flights Cashback vs Airline Miles

The best way to save on your travel

If you travel more than once a year then this cashback program should definitely be on your radar. You’ll earn back the yearly fee in no time and then you can enjoy carfree travel, knowing that you get more money in your own pocket.

The only reason not to enjoy this flight cashback is if you don’t fly often enough. If you do then there is no reason not to sign up.

I need to stress this: there are no extra fees. You would pay exactly the same as you pay with cashback. Why not save some dollars then?


Who should use this flight cashback program?

  • Frequent Flyers
  • Two or more vacations a year
  • One expensive vacation a year
  • Family Vacationers
  • If you don’t travel enough to make back the yearly cost
  • You mostly travel by car and don’t use booking sites for hotels
  • You don’t like search aggregators