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What is the name of Astypalaia Airport?

The official English name of the airport for Astypalaia island is Astypalaia Island National Airport. The IATA code is JTY. The locals also call this place the “Panaghia” Airport. Whenever you are on the market for some cheap flights to Astypalaia, you will be landing at this airport.

It’s a pretty small airport that sees mostly turboprop plane traffic. This also means that if you are trying to fly to Astypalaia you will be flying some unusual planes. Not the regular jets that you are used to.

Direct Flights to Astypalaia Airport

Flying directly to Astypalaia is possible. You must know that when you are booking a direct flight to Astypalaia there are only two options. One is to book a flight directly from Athens and the other is a direct flight from Leros. These two routes are the only two routes that operate a direct flight to Astypalaia. This means that you will need to take a domestic flight within Greece to reach the island. Luckily Athens is a huge international airport and you will be able to book a crazy cheap flight most of the year to Athens.

Which airline flies to Astypalaia?

The two direct flights to Astypalaia are operated by the airline Sky Express. Sky Express is a small Greek airline. It is mostly flying domestic routes, however, it has some international flights as well. Book a flight to Astypalaia and you will end up sitting on a Sky Express plane. You will most likely fly an ATR aircraft. They are powerful turboprop aircrafts.

How long is the flight to Astypalaia?

Flight RouteTravel Time and Distance
Flight from Athens to AstypalaiaFlight Time: 1 hour. Distance: 262 Kilometers
Flight from Leros to AstypalaiaFlight Time: 25 minutes. Distance: 76 Kilometers
Flight Times and Distances to Astypalaia

What is the direct flight schedule from Athens to Astypalaia?

During the summer months, Sky Express flies every day between Athens and Astypalaia. It’s a fairly popular direct flight to Astypalaia which means it’s worth flying every day. After summer ends and the off-season beings Sky Express reduces the number of weekly flights to just three. You can book a flight on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday.

What is the direct flight schedule from Leros to Astypalaia?

During the summer months, there are a total of 3 scheduled flights from Leros to Astypalaia weekly. You can search for flights on Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday. In the off-season, the Sunday flight is taken off the schedule. This means that only two flights remain one on Tuesday and one on Thursday.

How to get around from the airport in Astypalaia?

During the summer there is a scheduled bus service that runs from the airport to Astypalaia town. You can take this as a form of cheap transportation. Another option is taking a taxi or renting a car.

Why visit Astypalaia?

Without question, the main attraction on Astypalaia island is the beaches. You may visit one, three, or even more of the various beaches on Astypalea every day since there are so many to choose from. Most of them can be accessed by automobile, although a few may also be accessed by water. On the other hand, you may either take a self-guided tour or book a trip through one of the island’s tourism offices. If you like a great beach vacation do not hesitate to book a cheap flight to Astypalaia.

Hiking is also a very nice activity to do on the island. It has managed to keep its old-world charm. In fact, it’s one of the few Greek places that you can choose if you want to avoid hordes of tourists. It’s off the grid and hard to get to. After all, there are just two cities with direct flights to Astypalaia. This means most tourists will not bother. So it’s your time to shine and find some cheap airline tickets.

The best time for a cheap flight to Astypalaia?

Due to the many beaches on the island, the best time to catch a flight to Astypalaia is the summer. Try to conclude your holiday in July or August. The sun will be really nice and the weather will be awesome. The crystal clear waters and amazing beaches will leave you speechless. We promise that you’ll have awesome photographs to take home from this wonderful island.

Can I rent a car in Astypalaia?

Almost all airports around the world are well equipped with car rental. If you wish to rent a car in Astypalaia upon landing, you must go to our car rentals page and search for a cheap car rental. In the case of Astypalaia, there are actually no car rental agencies at the airport. You are best to arrange the rental beforehand, as most of the companies do offer airport pickup. It’s just they don’t maintain an office right at the airport.

Do you need a car after booking a flight to Astypalaia?

Renting a car is the best way to get around the island. However, do keep in mind that Astypalaia has a lot of dirt roads. When you rent here make sure that your rental company allows off-road driving.

A viable option instead of renting a car is a taxi. There are taxis in the main town of the island. They will get you around quickly and effectively.

Can you help me find a hotel in Astypalaia?

Absolutely! Once you have found your cheap flight ticket to Astypalaia you can head over to our hotels page and search for a cheap hotel in Astypalaia. Whenever you are searching for a cheap flight to Astypalaia we will also open a new window of for your convenience.