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Closest Airport to Agartala

The city of Agartala in India has its own airport. The closest airport to Agartala is called Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport (IXA). It’s considered a rather small domestic airport.

Regardless, it’s still the second-biggest commercial airport in the North India region. Currently, IXA Airport is the 29th busiest in the country.

How to get to Agartala city from IXA Airport?

You can rent a car at the airport. If you do this you should have no problem in reaching the city. Agartala city is only 12 kilometers from the airport. It’s a small distance when you drive.

Another good option is to catch a taxi at the airport. There are many taxis waiting for you at Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport to take you to the city.

Public transportation is available. You can hop on a bus at IXA and arrive at the center of Agartala after a while.

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Flights to Agartala

Currently the most frequent flight route to Agartala is from Kolkata (CCU). In second place for the most frequent flight connection with Agartala (IXA) is New Delhi Airport (DEL). These routes together account for more than 50% of the traffic at Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport (IXA).

The shortest route operated into Agartala is a flight from Aizawl to Agartala. It takes only 45 minutes for the airline to complete this route.

If you are interested in the longest flight connection to Agartala, you need to learn that it is a flight from Bengaluru to Agartala. It takes 3 hours and 5 minutes on average to fly this route.

International flights to Agartala

Agartala(IXA) is a domestic airport. As such, there are no airlines that operate international flights to Agartala. If you travel internationally, you need to include a stopover. The easiest way to do this is to fly to New Delhi(DEL) or Bengaluru(BLR). Then you can change to a domestic airline to land at Maharaja Bir Bikram Airport(IXA).

Domestic flights to Agartala

Agartala in India is a popular domestic destination. Many tourists come here for vacation. There are six airports that offer a direct flight to Agartala.

Flights from Kolkata(CCU) to Agartala(IXA)

You can book a flight from Kolkata to Agartala easily. It’s the most frequent route to the city. There are a total of two operators who fly the route. Your Kolkata to Agartala flight can be booked through Air India or IndiGo Airlines.

Usually, you can find at least one scheduled flight every day between the two cities. You will be able to fly both business class and economy class to Agartala.

The two cities are 317 kilometers or 197 miles away.

The average Kolkata to Agartala flight fare is around ₹3000. It can be a little bit lower or as high as ₹14000.

Flights from New Delhi(DEL) to Agartala(IXA)

You can fly the second most popular route to Agartala from New Delhi Airport. As with the Kolkata connection, there are two airlines that operate this route. New Delhi to Agartala flight can be booked through IndiGO or Air India.

Every week there are around two flights from New Delhi to Agartala. Both economy and business class are available for booking.

Usually the flight takes around 2 hours and 35 minutes.

The two cities are 1502 kilometers or 933 miles apart.

Your usual price for the New Delhi to Agartala flight will be around ₹5000. It can go as low as ₹3000 at times or as high as ₹12000.

Flights from Guwahati(GAU) to Agartala(IXA)

There is a flight route operated from Guwahati to Agartala Airport. Currently, only one airline operates this flight. If you wish to fly between the two cities you need to book with IndiGO to Agartala Airport.

The only option for this route is economy. There is no business class on the Guwahati to Agartala flight route.

On average it takes around 55 minutes to complete this flight.

The distance between the two cities is 249 kilometers or 155 miles.

When you book the Guwahati to Agartala flight fare you should expect around ₹3500 on average. This can go as low as ₹2000 at times for a really cheap flight from Guwahati to Agartala.

Flights from Bengaluru(BLR) to Agartala(IXA)

As of today, there is one airline that operates a direct flight from Bengaluru to Agartala. It is the IndiGo airline, you will need to book your flight with them if you wish to complete a Bengaluru(BLR) to Agartala(IXA) flight.

Currently, you can only book an economy flight to Agartala from this destination. You need to plan in advance, as there is only one weekly flight between BLR and IXA.

Usually the route is completed in 2 hours and 50 minutes.

The distance between the two cities is 1855 kilometers or 1153 miles.

When you book a Bangalore to Agartala flight you can expect prices around ₹5000. Of course, the Bangalore to Agartala flight fare will move a little bit up or down depending on demand, but generally, it will stay within a few hundred Rs.

Flights from Imphal(IMF) to Agartala(IXA)

There is just one airline that operates a direct flight from Imphal to Agartala. You should be prepared to book with IndiGO as they are the only carriers that fly the Agartala Imphal direct flight route.

There is only economy seating available for this flight. Usually, there is only one flight per week from Imphal to Agartala.

It’s quite a short route. You should expect 1-hour duration for your flight to Agartala.

The distance is 286 kilometers or 178 miles.

As for your Imphal to Agartala flight price, you can expect around ₹3500. The season and demand will affect the price, but this is the average airfare.

Flights from Aizawl(AJL) to Agartala(IXA)

The least frequent direct flight to Agartala is from Aizawl. There is one airline that operates this route, IndiGo. Currently, only one flight is available each week from Aizawl to Agartala. Only economy class available.

It’s the shortest direct flight to Agartala, and only takes 45 minutes on average.

The two cities are 140 kilometers or 87 miles apart.

This route is of Aizawl to Agartala has the cheapest flight fare for any direct flight. You can expect to pay around ₹2250 on average. Prices will fluctuate throughout the season but it’s a generally cheap direct flight to Agartala.

All airlines that fly to Agartala(IXA)

Today, there are only two airlines that fly to Agartala. These airlines are IndiGo Airlines and Air India. The airport IXA is a domestic destination, that’s why there are no international airlines flying to Agartala.

Business Class Flights to IXA

Out of the two, only Air India operates business class seating on their routes. Due you can only fly business class to Agartala from Kolkata and New Delhi.

The Most Popular Routes to Agartala

Out of the six airports that offer a direct flight to Agartala we consider two to be the most popular. When you fly from Kolkata to Agartala you have many options and daily connections. This is the most popular flight to Agartala.

The second most popular route is New Delhi. You can easily book a flight from New Delhi to Agartala, as there are many options available due to the popularity.

At the Airport

Hotels in Agartala

If you are looking to book a hotel in Agartala, we highly suggest that you head over to our hotel page. Just like cheap flights to Agartala, we will compare the best offers from hotels to find you a cheap hotel in Agartala.

If you are looking for something more classy, you can use our hotel search to define the search criteria. This way you can filter out the types of hotels you want to see and choose the right one for you.

Business Hotel in Agartala

If you are looking for the top accommodation in Agartala there are some options you should consider. One of them is the five-star hotel in Agartala called Hotel Polo Towers Agartala. It’s one of the top-rated hotels in the city where you can have an enjoyable stay.

Another good option for a business stay is Ginger Agartala. This hotel is prepared for business travelers. They have conference rooms and many amenities.

Cheap Hotel in Agartala

There are also many cheap options when you book a flight to Agartala. You can choose a budget hotel and enjoy a worry-free vacation in this beautiful city. A great place to stay is Hotel Palace Inn in Agartala. They have affordable prices and favorable reviews.

Car Rental in Agartala

You can arrange a car rental in Agartala ahead of your arrival. The best option is to book a car with a driver. The driver will know the streets very well and will take you around the city quickly. This will save you the hassle of driving yourself in a new environment.

If you wish, you don’t need to rent a car at all. Agartala is a perfectly good city if you want to get around by taxi. There are many taxis and cabs waiting to pick you up and take you to your destination.

Rickshaws in Agartala

As with many Indian cities, Rickshaws are abundant in Agartala. It’s without question the cheapest way to get around the city. You can rent a paddle rickshaw for as cheap as ₹5, but even the more expensive ones won’t go above ₹25.

Please note that for getting around in Agartala you should always keep small coins in your pocket. It will be required for you to pay for the rickshaw or motor rickshaw services.

Bus in Agartala

The local government in Agartala has established some public bus lines recently. You can travel the city on these buses. However, if you are in a hurry, you might want to look at the rickshaw in Agartala. The typical Agartala bus is slow and there are only a few routes. It’s not the best option for getting around in Agartala.

Information About Agartala

As the capital city of Tripura, Agartala is the second biggest city in the north-eastern region of India. It is located very close to the Bangladesh border, the distance is only 2 km.

Agartala is one of the most diverse and culturally rich cities in India. Because it is so close to the border, the city was influenced by all the different cultures through the ages.

It is a popular tourism destination. Many travelers seek to visit Agartala for the beautiful buildings and scenic sights. The city is surrounded by rich nature where you can go hiking and enjoy nature at its best.

Is Agartala a good place for a vacation?

Yes, Agartala is a wonderful place for a vacation. You can enjoy a great time when you choose it as your holiday destination.

Tourist places in Agartala

There are a ton of interesting places and attractions to visit in Agartala. The tourists who come here enjoy days of sightseeing and taking pictures.

Among the places to visit in Agartala, you will find the Neermahal Palace. This royal building is considered the biggest palace you can find in India. The whole palace and the royal gardens around it are awe-inspiring.

Make sure to visit Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary too! As we have already highlighted Agartala is known for the rich natural beauty around it. When you visit this wildlife sanctuary, you will see and meet animals that are typical in the area.

People who come to this place also visit Jagannath Temple in Agartala. This building is one of the most marvelous Indian temples.

Without a question, the main attraction in Agartala is Ujjayanta Palace. Everyone who travels to the city must see this royal palace. The building was in use until recently for official affairs. Luckily nowadays you can visit the building as it has been repurposed for tourism only.

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