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Cheapest times to flight to Bari

Bari is an extremely popular tourist destination during summer. It sees a high number of airplanes landing and taking off each day. If you want to get the best price on your flight to Bari you have to think about the time you fly.

We’ve found that the cheapest times to fly to Bari are in February and March. These months are generally quiet for most travel destinations and airlines want to inspire people to book flights by lowering prices. You can grab deals for as low as $10 during these two months. That’s an incredible price for your Bari flight.

Other cheap times include November when the off-season is already wrapping up. You’ll be able to get similarly cheap tickets to Bari when you book in November. Most tourists are already gone and you can enjoy a nice non-touristy holiday in Puglia.

You might think that December and January are cheap months to book a flight to Bari as well. They are actually not that cheap. Although they are still lower than your high season pricing, they are not as cheap as the months before or the following months. The reason?

It’s simply because of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Italy’s heel extends long into the sea which means long distances if you are driving. Many people like to visit family during the holidays and they will need to pay a premium these months for their airline tickets.

Flights to Bari FAQ

Are there any direct flights to Bari from the UK?

Yes, you can find many direct connections between the United Kingdom and Bari.

What is the cheapest price for an airplane ticket to Bari?

Usually, ultra-budget airlines will go as low as $10 on certain days.

What is the cheapest month to travel to Bari?

The cheapest month to purchase a ticket to Bari is February or March.

How many airports does Bari have?

Bari has one airport. It’s called Bari Karol Wojtyła Airport.

Can I rent a car at Bari airport?

Yes, you can rent a car. Head over to our car rental page to search for the best deals.

Which airlines offer direct flights to Bari?

Ryanair, EasyJet, and Wizz Air fly directly to Bari from many European cities. You’ll also find direct flights by national carriers like British Airways and Lufthansa.

Do I need to rent a car when I visit Bari?

It depends on your itinerary. Learn more from our guide to getting around in Puglia.

How do I get from Bari Airport to Bari city center?

There is a convenient train stop right outside the airport. You can purchase tickets at the station. The train will take you to Bari.