Cheap Flights to Korcula

What is the closest airport to Korcula?

The closest airport to Korcula is SPU, Split Airport. If you are travelling to Korcula Island in Croatia, your destination airport is Split. As this popular Croatian holiday island has no airport of its own, you cannot catch a direct flight. Luckily many cheap airline carriers fly to Split Airport. 

How to get from Split to Korcula?

When looking for your cheap flight to Korcula you need to know how to travel into the island. Once you get off the plane at Split, you need to head over to the city’s port. From here there is a regular ferry service running between Korcula city and Split. If you are looking to rent a car, we recommend doing so directly at the airport. You will be able to take it on the ferry. Although you can definitely spend a full holiday without a car in and around Korcula city, it’s always good to have some flexibility. You should think about the things you are planning to do, and rent a car if you need one.

Cheap Hotels on Korcula, Croatia

Did you know you can also compare and book cheap hotels with our free tool? Just change the tab from Flights to Hotels, and you will be able to book your cheap Korcula hotel, along with your cheap flight to Korcula Island. There are many great destinations on the island. We think the best is to book a hotel or apartment directly around the Old Town part of Korcula City. Another great option is to choose an apartment or villa with a sea view.

Korcula Island Travel Guides

You should know what to see and do on Korcula Island when you plan a holiday in the city. We will help you find the cheapest plane tickets for your cheap holidays in Korcula. Once you have booked the vacation you can check out our travel guides and travel tips. They will give you inspiration and guidance to get the most out of your holiday.


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Cheap Flights to Korcula, Croatia

You can use our free tool to find the cheapest airfare for your holiday in Croatia. Korcula Island is a great holiday destination to visit, and we are sure you will have a great holiday and an amazing time. You will enjoy plenty of cocktails and the beautiful crystal clear water of the Adriatic Sea. The beaches are amazing and the island is full of life.

Which Airlines Fly to SPU, Split Airport?

Split Airport is served by most of the major carriers. You can fly here with airlines like EasyJet, KLM, Vueling, Croatia Airlines, Lufthansa, Alitalia, and SAS. It’s quite easy to get here during the summer with daily flights available from all over Europe.

Dubrovnik to Korcula

If you are looking for another destination for your cheap flight to Korcula you can try DBV, Dubrovnik Airport. It’s also considered a major airport within Croatia. You will be able to rent a car directly at Dubrovnik Airport. Similar to Split, there is a daily ferry connection between the port of Dubrovnik and the port of Korcula City. If you can’t find a flight to Split you should consider checking this airport for more options.