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Elba Island Airport

The Island of Elba has a rather small regional airport. It handles a low amount of passengers each year, but there is an airport. Even better there is regular commercial service available on Elba Island. This means, that apart from GA aircraft, you have passenger planes flying to Elba Island Airport.

The airport on Elba Island is called Marina di Campo Airport. It’s located near the town of Marina di Campo, in a central location. This airport is a great place to start your Elba Island exploration. Due to the regular commercial service, it’s easy to find some cheap flights to Elba Island and have a great vacation. If you manage to catch a great discount, a return ticket to Elba Island can easily be found below $100.

There are two cities that have a regular flight route to Elba Island. These are Florence and Pisa. Apart from these two towns, there are seasonal connections to Lugano, Bologna, Milan, and even La Chaux-de-Fonds (CH).

Flights from Florence to Elba Island

Visiting Elba Island can be done from Florence. Due to the regular schedule from this city, you will be able to find a cheap flight from Florence to Elba Island.

There are a total of 3 flights during a week from Florence to Elba island. These are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

It is a short flight, with a flight time of only 50 minutes.

Flights from Pisa to Elba Island

You can fly from Pisa to Elba Island with a regular schedule. It’s very easy to find a cheap flight from Pisa to Elba Island with TopFlightsNow.

During the week there are 3 flights available. These are on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Flying from Pisa to Elba Island takes around 45 minutes.

Which airline flies to Elba Island?

The airline that flies to Elba Island is called Silver Air. They are the ones that operate the regular flights to Elba Island. They are a small airline with regional routes. Silver Air is mostly known in Italy for their Elba Island scheduled flight.

What kind of airplane fly to Elba Island?

When you decide to visit Elba Island via the regular service you will be flying a Let L-410 Turbolet. It is a twin-engine turboprop plane. Developed in the Czech Republic this plane has been a popular choice for small regional routes. It seats 17 people and has a short take-off and landing requirement. This means that it’s especially liked by airlines who operate on short runways. Worry not! The runway at Elba Island has plenty of space for a completely safe landing.

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