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Find Out What The Top Fun Things to Do In Krakow

A lot of people visit the Polish city of Krakow. It’s an interesting and beautiful city rich in history and life. After checking out the main sights you might be tempted to go looking for some off-the-beaten-path activities. If you follow our fun things to do in the Krakow guide, we will give you some great ideas.

In Krakow, you can get out of the routine sightseeing and do other things than guided walks or go on a cruise. You can take Krakow in Poland and have many fun things to do such as:

Top Fun Things to Do in Krakow

1. Aquapark in Krakow

Not everything is peaceful and serenity in Krakow because you too can have extreme places. You can go to the Aquapark in Krakow. Once here, you can enjoy different slides, diving boards and deep pools. This park has an entrance cost below 18 euros for you to pay now.

Besides the thrills and fun, you will have in the Aquapark, it’s always great to cool down during the summer. All the sightseeing and walking around the city can make you feel tired and hot. If this happens, you can come to the aquapark and jump in a pool to cool down. The perfect way to end the day!

Aqua Park Krakow
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Bayer Park

Looking for the ultimate off-the-beaten-path fun thing to do in Krakow? Try Bayer Park. Although it’s officially out of the city limits, you will be able to grab a taxi and come here.

It’s a lake outside of the city, where you can swim during the summer. Bayer Park and the lakes are a true local attraction. You won’t see that many tourists around.

2. Go to the shooting area

In Krakow, you can go to the shooting area to show off your long gun skills and quench all that adrenaline. You can feel like a military man in the middle of a war shooting an AK-47 for as long as you want. With this sport, you can release tension and without a doubt forget about the routine in your life.

You can use this service at two locations in Krakow. One of them is Grotgun. Their selection is modern. If you are looking to try out firearms you would see in movies and videogames you can come here.

Another place you can go to is Topgun. Here they have a bigger selection you can choose from. They have classics and vintage guns from World Wars and the Wild West.

3. Go for a Quad run

You can go to Kryspinow lake in Krakow and go for a run with a Quad around all its paths. When you use the quad bikes, you can get down and dirty for amazing fun. You will use the 4×4 vehicle for as long as you want. You will have an instructor on your side if you do not know how to drive. Regardless, you will become an expert in a short time, and nobody will stop you.

You can search for any tour operator on your own, or follow our recommendation. We recommend the ‘Extreme Quad Bike Tour‘ package. They will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the quads personally. The activity takes around 4 hours, filled with fun and adrenaline.

Extreme Fun ATV Riding Krakow

4. Bubble Football activities

If you want to play a soccer game peculiarly, you must go to Krakow and play Bubble Football. You will get into a big plastic bubble, and with it, you will play soccer. Since the bubble is so big, bumps and falls are expected even if you won’t be hurt by it.

Bubble football is an activity you can best enjoy with your friends. Assemble your group and bump into each other. It will be a ton of fun. You can head over to this page for the booking details.

5. Play with Pub Crawl

If you are looking for nightlife in Krakow, you must go on a Pub Crawl to drink a lot of alcohol in no time. You will not have to queue at this bar. As a rule of the house, you have more than 1 hour of free drinks. You can participate in various drinking games to make you go crazy and party all night.

Pub crawl gives you a reason to visit Krakow, where unlimited and safe fun is promised. When you finish the activity, the bar managers will take you to your hotel.

One of the tours we recommend is a three hour guided pub crawl. It’s quite affordable and you will be able to enjoy drinking and having fun without worrying about where to go next.

Pub Crawl

6. Jumping arena, jump without stopping

It is fun to jump on a trampoline, but it is more interesting than you do it in a complete park. You can go to the jumping area in Krakow, where you won’t stop jumping over obstacles. This park is very good for you to go with your children or friends and have a different day.

We guarantee that your children will fall in love with this activity. You won’t have any problem getting them to fall asleep in the night. They will sleep sound as night as soon as they close their eyes. GoJump is the place you want to go for this activity.

7. Go rafting in violent waters

You don’t need to go to a mountain to go rafting because it is available in the city of Krakow. You will be able to ride with your friends a kayak in an Olympic pool where there are waves and artificial obstacles. Book your tickets to the artificial rafting pools over here.

8. Pinball Museum of Krakow

The Pinball Museum in Krakow is a truly off-the-beaten-path activity. You can come to this special museum to check out pinball machines from different eras. The machines are amazing and come from different eras.

But there is more! It’s not just watching. You can also play most of these machines. The perfect activity to try out old-school entertainment.

Krakow Pinball Museum
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9. Get Locked Inside and Escape Room

One of our favourite entry on our list of fun things to do in Krakow. This one requires you to use your head. You have to be quick and think on your feet. In the escape room, you will only have around one hour to escape. If you can’t solve the riddles and puzzles leading you to the exit, you will fail.

Check out the LockedUp Website for information about their variety of escape rooms.

10. Extreme Paintball

Finally, you have to go to Krakow to demonstrate your Paintball skills together with your friends. You can enter the arena as a soldier with your gun with paint bullets and face the rival. This field is extensive and consists of several obstacles to protect yourself and do not get eliminated. Book here.

Paintball Krakow
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In Krakow, you can do fun things to put aside the relaxed walks and boost your adrenaline. You will have to invest some money in these types of games, but it will be worth it for the level of fun.

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