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Hidden Gems and Fun Things to Do in Menorca

When you travel to Menorca, you will find a small but lively island. Some parts still untouched by tourists it’s a great place to experience the local lifestyle. To make the most out of your Menorca vacation learn about hidden gems and fun things to do on Menorca.

Along your travels on the island, you will visit many well-known attractions. We suggest, that you round out your vacation with some lesser-known and fun things you can find in Menorca. This way, you can see all the famous tourist places and get some unique experiences as well.

Fun Things to Do in Menorca

Let’s start with some fun things to do. You can go to these attractions and activities when you are looking for something unique to do. Usually, when people are on holiday, they will just go from landmark to landmark. It’s time to switch this up, and have some fun.

1. Go-Karts in Menorca

Speed junkies rejoice! You can practice your driving skills on the island of Menorca when you experience go-karting. This fun attraction is for the brave-hearted only. We know that a lot of people are afraid of high-speeds. If you are not one of them, then check out the go-kart opportunity.

There are a total of 3 go-kart places on Menorca. If we were to suggest you one, it’s Karting Mahón. As the name suggests, you can visit Karting Mahón near the city of Mahón itself. It’s the best track on the island where you can have fun.

Go Kart Menorca
Image courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/Karting-Mah%C3%B3n-216127038736870/

2. Menorca Cave Bar

Drinking cocktails as the sun goes down is always our favorite activity on vacation. Here in Menorca, you can do it in a cave bar. This unique place is called Cova d’en Xoroi .You will need to seek out the town of Cala en Porter if you wish to visit.

When we say cave bar, we don’t mean a dark, moist, underground pub. We mean one that’s built into the cliff wall of Menorca. That’s right, the bar is located amongst the huge cliffs, with openings and overlooks of the Mediterranean.

We absolutely adored this place. It’s among the most memorable bars you can visit on your vacation. Even today it’s a fond memory.

Menorca Cave Bar
Image courtesy of https://www.covadenxoroi.com

3. Go Sailing

Mahon and Ciutadella are located on opposite sides of the island. However, they have one thing in common: you can find sailboats with captains to rent in both ports.

When you rent a sailboat with a captain, you can create a great vacation memory for yourself. Sail out of the port into the open sea to enjoy the sunshine and uninterrupted waters.

However, be prepared to do some work. The captain will be happy to teach you some of the basics of sailing. If you are up for it, you can help out with keeping the ship in the right direction.

4. Go on a Boat Tour

If sailing’s not for you, then consider a proper guided boat tour. They range from half-day to full-day tours. Usually, you will be taken around the area, while the tour guide will tell you all about the history and interesting facts.

Many tours incorporate stops where you can visit hard-to-reach museums or places. Some even incorporate time for swimming and visiting a beach.

Perfect example of a boat trip

5. Aqua Center Menorca

When you want a little bit more fun from the water than the sea, you can come to Aqua Center Menorca. It’s the perfect water park for a family outing.

You will have everything you need: big slides, big pools, and good food. The whole venue is extremely family-friendly and centered around fun for the kids. Take at least one day when you visit the Aqua Park in Menorca.

6. Try Diving in Menorca

Seeing underwater life for the first time is a special experience for anyone. When you try diving the first time you will be left without words due to the beauty. It’s an amazing fun thing to do in Menorca.

There are multiple diving centers around the island. Chances are, you will have one that you can reach easily. Many of them offer guidance on your first dive, so you will be in capable hands. We recommend starting with Diving Menorca.

7. Sea Kayaking

No matter where you are in the world, sea kayaking is always fun. At Menorca, almost every coastal town will have sea kayak tours available. We highly encourage you to try these out.

Many of these tours include hidden attractions that are hard to reach. Some of them are only accessible from the water.

8. Horse Riding

Menorca is an amazing place for horse riding. Its forgiving terrain and calm hills are easy for horses. When you have your vacation on Menorca, there are many places to go on guided horse rides.

Even if you are a first-time rider you can take part in this activity. They welcome everyone from experienced people to newbies. Seeing the island from the back of a horse is unique and you will remember it for a long time.

Horse Riding Minorca

Menorca Hidden Gems

Now that we know what are the fun things to do in Menorca it’s time to learn about the Menorca hidden gems. It’s always great to discover lesser-known places. Sometimes moving away from the tourist crowds can be a calming experience.

1. The Town of Binibeca

You can already know this place from our guide to Menorca locations. If not it’s a great time to check it out. Binibeca is a beautiful whitewashed village on the shores of the Mediterranean.

When you come here, you can start walking the narrow pathways between the buildings. Soon enough, you will feel as if you were lost in a wonderful labyrinth full of surprises every corner.

Get your camera ready. We guarantee that you will fill up your Instagram feed with pictures of Binibeca.

2. Cami de Cavalls

You can discover an amazing trail that goes all around the island. Yes, the Cami de Cavalls is a walking or hiking trail that is a round trip around Menorca. However, most people don’t complete it at once.

You can choose to seek out parts of the trail. As it goes around the edge of the island, you will have epic views and amazing cliffsides waiting for you.

3. Cuartel Militar Ferreries

A full-blown abandoned military base, just out of Ferreries. If you want to visit, you have to take the road called Camí a s’Enclusa from the roundabout at Ferreries.

This mountain road will take you all the way to the abandoned American military base. Unfortunately, the main gate is closed. Although it’s not too hard to find a way inside, we discourage anyone. Abandoned places can be dangerous at times.

4. Museo Binissues

An old manor outside of Ferreries. The perfect place to experience how the people of Menorca lived in the past. You will be able to join your hosts in learning about the life of peasants and landlords on the island.

Needless to mention the manor itself is a beautiful buildings. It’s worth the visit alone.

Image courtesy of https://binissues.com/

5. Es Grau

The small village of Es Grau is located in the middle of the nature preserve. It’s the perfect charming fishing town to start exploring the area.

You can venture into the Parc Natural de s’Albufera des Grau and use Es Grau as your starting point. Inside the national park, you will be able to meet some wildlife and enjoy centuries-old nature.

Es Grau also offers some fun activities in Menorca. You can rent a sea kayak here to get some time on the water.


As you can see there are a ton of fun things to do in Menorca. If you wish to go off-the-beaten-path you can check out some of the hidden gems we have found for you.

In all honesty, Menorca is a pretty small island. This means that it’s pretty hard to find true hidden gems. Tourists have discovered almost everything that’s worth seeing already. If you are looking for a visit with less tourism we recommend the off-season months like October.

If you need some more travel inspiration head over to our Spain travel guides.

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