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G Adventures vs Contiki: Which is a better pick for you?

Are you a young adult who is looking to explore the world? The group tours aimed at your age group might be something you enjoy. When it comes to G Adventures vs Contiki, both of these companies offer tours like that. However, they are a bit different so let’s take a look at what you can expect when picking these.

In short: if you want to experience real party travel and meet tons of new people then Contiki should be your pick. If you want more sightseeing, a more relaxed pace, and getting to know the places you travel to better then G Adventures should be the one you choose.

Of course, there’s more to choosing between these companies than just the style of travel. So let’s do some comparisons to help you decide.

G Adventures vs Contiki: Age Groups

As the first difference let’s take a look at the age requirements for both of these group travel companies.

Contiki makes it very clear that they offer tours for young adults. To attach a number to this phrase, they have an age requirement of 18 to 35 years old. In reality, this means that most people who choose Contiki are around 20-28.

If you are 30+ you might feel a bit out of place on some of the tours but it all depends on your mentality. If you feel that you can easily mingle with 20-25 years olds then you can safely book this tour.

G Adventures on the other hand offers a wider spectrum when it comes to touring. They do have a lower age limit which is 6 years old but on most tours, they don’t have an upper limit. The usual audience for these tours is a few years older than Contiki but it’s still a tour operator that’s popular with young adults.

G Adventures do have an 18 to thirtysomething tour category which is limited to age groups 18 to 39.

So to sum it up: Contiki has a strict limit for young adults while G Adventures only have a limit on some tours.

Group of Friends
Group travel is a great way to make new friends

Travel Style: Contiki vs G Adventures

Travel style is probably one of the biggest differences between the two tour providers. It is here that you must make a real decision. Do you want to party your way through a destination or do you want to focus on sightseeing?

Contiki Travel Style

Let’s start with Contiki. This tour company has a reputation for offering parties and travel at the same time. It is true, they take you out during the evening and recommend some nightclubs where the group can go. Even the tour guides are usually happy to join the clubbing.

Probably because of the reputation but generally speaking, your travel partners will be also happy to join you for a drink or two. That being said, nothing is mandatory when it comes to activities after sightseeing. No one will bat an eye if you skip the club and go to bed instead.

The nightly activities of talking over a drink or two are also great opportunities for getting to know your travel partners. Contiki has a sociable style where you can very easily meet other people.

Now, beyond the partying, they actually make sure that you see everything you need to see. Sights are never missed and the transportation is always punctual. So if you worry about sightseeing, there is no reason. You will get proper sightseeing done with Contiki.

What we do have to say about them is that their sightseeing style is a little ‘strict’ so to speak. You will feel a bit hurried everywhere as the tour guides are already thinking of getting to your next destination. Also, generally speaking, you spend very little time in each country.

Apart from normal tours, Contiki offers more active tours like skiing or camping.

Sightseeing is important for both companies

G Adventures Travel Style

G Adventures focuses more on sightseeing. It has a slower pace than Contiki. You have more times throughout the day when it’s ‘free activity’ time.

They also have tours that are ‘National Geographic’ styled. These are amazing for immersing yourself in the local culture and for getting to know a travel destination to the fullest.

G Adventures also have multiple offers that are geared toward the family travel market so people with kids can also enjoy a guided experience with them.

For those who would still like to party it’s an option too. First, they have the 18-39 group trips where the audience is similar to Contiki and they’ve just added their latest offering which is Roamies by Hostelworld.

As the name suggests on a Roamies trip you’ll go on an epic exploration journey where you stay in hostels. Hostels have always been great places to meet new people and socialize after the sun goes down. These Roamies tours are especially geared towards young adults and can go up to one month in length.

Just like Contiki, G Adventures also has some active tours.

Group size difference

Contiki usually has larger groups than G Adventures. The Contiki group size can be as must as 30 or 50 people depending on the tour you are looking at.

These many people are great if you are looking to make some new friends. What’s great about this group size is that you generally don’t get bored of each other. There are enough people so that you can keep your connections fresh and mingle with different travelers each day.

Meanwhile, G Adventures usually operate with a maximum of 15 people in a group. Their average size is around 10. So that means you’ll get to know your travel partners quickly and it’s a more personal experience.

Also, note that the Roamies tours are conducted with bigger groups usually around 16-20 people.

Simple Hotel Room
Apart from specific trips, travelers are usually staying in simple hotel rooms

Accommodation Options

Both G Adventures and Contiki offer very similar accommodation options. Usually, the type of accommodation you can expect is mentioned in the tour description. If it’s a camping tour then you obviously won’t be staying in hotels.

The standard option for the classic tours on both G Adventures or Contiki is a simple double room. This means that solo travelers will be matched with other solo travelers of the same gender.

When it comes to single supplement in the question of G Adventures vs Contiki, only G Adventures might require you to pay extra if you are a solo traveler. On some rare occasions you will be put in a single room and if that’s the case you’ll need to pay a single supplement.

Transport Differences

When it comes to transportation between hotels and tourist attractions there is very little difference between Contiki and G Adventures. Both companies usually use ground transportation and this is best done via a charter bus. You’ll see what kind of transport you can expect from the tour description.

Possible price differences

When it comes to price you once again have very little difference between G Adventures and Contiki. In fact, one might offer a better price for a particular trip while the other offers one for another trip.

It all depends on what kind of hotels, transport, and the program they can arrange. In the past, Contiki was cheaper by a little bit but with the addition of Roamies to G Adventures, this is no longer the case.

Nowadays, both companies offer very similar pricing.

Verdict: G Adventures vs Contiki

There is no clear winner in this question. Both G Adventures and Contiki are reputable companies and they both have amazing tours.

Their style is a little bit different so it is up to you to choose. Whatever you feel suits you better is the right pick for you. We hope that the information we gave you is enough to make a smart decision. If you do decide to book a group tour with any of the operators then we wish you a pleasant trip and we wish that you’ll create memories that will stay with you forever.


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