Giovinazzo Beach

Giovinazzo Beach – Where to enjoy the sea in Giovinazzo

How to enjoy Giovinazzo Beach? Visiting Giovinazzo is an amazing memory as it’s a nice historical city in Puglia. It is standing on the jagged shoreline, overlooking the Mediterranean. Let’s see what are the Giovinazzo beaches you can get to whenever you visit this place.

As you walk around the port of the city and the promenade you will be amazed by the impressive rocks that stand between the city and the sea. You will wonder where do people go if they want to enjoy the beach in Giovinazzo?

Luckily, there are a few options to discover. You know, you can always trust to follow the locals whenever you are next to the water. They will always find a way to enjoy the sea in seaside villages and towns. So let’s see where the locals and tourists go to enjoy a great swim or some sunbathing in Giovinazzo.

Lido Trincea and Lido Azzurro

The two beaches called Lido Trincea and Lido Azzurro are essentially next to each other. They are north of Giovinazzo and they are one of the main beaches that locals and tourists both use.

As the main Giovinazzo beaches, they are well equipped. There are restaurants, sunbeds, and small kiosks selling the usual food and snack selection.

Just like the shore in the region, this beach is a rocky beach as well. There is no sand and not even pebbles. The jagged shoreline creates an impressive view and you can even find some spots to jump from the rocks.

Vitolo Beach

This one is the local Giovinazzo beach. You will find it shout of the city. It’s just as rocky as the other beaches we have mentioned but it sees less tourism.

There are fewer amenities around this beach but you will get restaurants nearby if you ever get too hungry while swimming in the sea.

Vitolo beach is also an excellent place for sunset watching. Keep this in mind if you are looking for a romantic place nearby.

Giovinazzo Port

People enjoying the beach at the Port
People visit Giovinazzo beach in the Apulia region of Italy

There is an interesting part of the Giovinazzo port that’s covered in sand. It’s actually the only opportunity around to experience a proper sand beach! How crazy is that?

Locals love to camp down on the beach joined by tourists and enjoy some sea and sunshine. This is a great pick if you don’t want to walk a lot towards the beaches on the outskirt of town.

The ultimate Giovinazzo beach experience

The above mentioned are the two best picks if you want to experience a Giovinazzo beach. Regardless we must mention another spectacle that you will come across on your vacation.

There is kind of a city wall from the street level to the sea level around most of the central parts. This means it’s not really suitable for beaching as you only get a rather narrow rocky part where you could put your things and sit.

Don’t let this fool you. You will see that the locals will descent down to sea level and use the small ledges created by the rocks to enjoy the water. If you are the adventuring type, you can try this method as well!

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