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Best Guided Tours on Malta

Malta is one of the most unique holiday destinations you can find. Exploring alone, you can discover a great blend of cultures and styles. However, sometimes, it’s worth taking on a guided tour. Guided tours on Malta are great to learn more about the island and its history.

Whenever you decide to take on a Malta guided tour, you will also have an opportunity, to see the island from a different perspective. Be it a walking tour in Valetta or a jeep ride along the shores, you will see and learn more than what you can do on your own.

With this travel guide, we will help you find the best bang for your buck when traveling to Malta. We have selected our favorite guided tours on the island, you just have to pick the one you like and enjoy a great vacation.

Valetta Streets

Valetta Walking Tour on Malta

The city of Valetta is the capital of Malta. It has an incredibly rich history and awesome buildings to explore. If you feel like taking to the streets, this walking tour is made for you.

Enjoy sightseeing in the capital of Malta and learn about all the historic sites you pass. With a professional tour guide, you won’t be overwhelmed by the attractions and the small streets of the old town.

This Malta guided tour usually takes place around 10 AM the morning. With 3 hours of duration, you should expect to finish around lunch. A great way to start your day and your Malta vacation.

We recommend this tour to anyone who likes to explore on foot and would like to have a streamlined experience.

You can book a free spot with the below link:

Vintage Bus Tour Malta

Are you looking for something more special than walking? How about a vintage bus tour of Malta’s three beautiful villages. A two-hour excursion to Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua, with a bus straight out of an early Hollywood movie.

Enjoy traveling in this timeless machine, while the English-speaking tour guide will invite you to learn about ‘the three cities’. It’s an extremely unique way to explore, highly suitable for families. Kids will be in love with the cute little bus. It will be a memory for the full family. Also, the buses look very cool and are highly Instagrammable.

Those who are looking for something special will enjoy this guided tour in Malta. It’s both a perfect Malta family tour or a romantic activity.

Use the below link to check for free spaces with our partner. In case they don’t have the activity available you can also book the Vintage Bus Tour here.

Explore Gozo on a guided Malta quad tour

Are you ready to take control? Do you want a day filled with adrenaline and beautiful scenery? Then this guided quad tour in Malta is just made for you. Explore Malta’s sister island, Gozo, on this four-wheel vehicle. Feel the sea breeze on your face as you hop from village to village, while your tour guides will take you to the most beautiful places.

Malta Quad Tour

This is a full-day guided tour from Malta, that starts with a boat ride. You will be taken to Gozo to meet your tour guide and enjoy a wonderful day. During one day you will be able to fully cover Gozo and experience what this small island has to offer. This guided tour includes also lunch and food tasting of local produce.

We highly recommend this activity as a great way to explore Gozo. If you feel confident, that you will enjoy driving a quad, then look no further. Although quads are not the easiest to drive, your tour guides will help you, in the beginning, to make sure everything goes fine.

You can book with the below link:

Gozo Snorkeling Tour

Make a snorkeling excursion to Gozo and discover the island from a fresh and unusual perspective: below! Both beginning and expert snorkelers will be able to discover the aquatic scenery on the island with this tour.

Your experienced guide will show you amazing places like hidden coves, picturesque beaches, and other secret snorkeling locations on Gozo. Gozo is full of incredible marine life and wonderful natural beauty, and you will appreciate it!

The tour takes around 2 hours and you will be provided all the required equipment. The tour guide will also bring along an underwater action camera to take amazing pictures. The best thing? You will get all the photos taken during your tour, free of charge. When you choose this activity, you will go home with some epic experiences and unique pictures.

Use the below link to book this Malta guided tour:

Activities for everyone

As you can see, the guided tours Malta are suitable for all kinds of travelers. They offer a unique way to explore this little nation on the sea. These tours can enhance your holiday in a great way to get the most out of a Malta vacation. After you return to your hotel, make sure to check out some boat rentals without a license to continue your Malta adventures.

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