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How many days to spend in Granada, Spain?

Granada is one of the premier cities to visit when you are traveling to the Andalusian region of Spain. However, most travelers land either in Seville or Malaga. So you’ll need to travel a bit to facilitate a visit. But this bears the question in mind: just how many days to spend in Granada?

Everyone says 2 days is the minimum and we agree. Two days in Granada are required but you will still feel like you’ve rushed through the city. There is so much history and so many sights to unpack that 2 days will fly by without you even noticing.

If you want to know what you can do in two days and what is the optimal time to spend in Granada then read on. We’ll give you some pointers and some things to consider when you plan your Granada holiday.

Granada Cityscape

2 days in Granada – The Bare Minimum

The bare minimum number of days to spend in Granada is two days. You’ll have to dedicate a full day to the Alhambra and another one sightseeing in Granada’s old town and historic district.

These two days will be pretty busy and you’ll be on your feet for the better part of the day. You can see almost all in these two days but it’s a tight schedule and if you like to take it slow you might feel like missing out.

If you arrive by car then two days are good because you will be saving on parking. There are almost no free parking spots near the center of the city and most hotels only offer discounted parking in already existing garages.

It’s usually 15 euros per day so if you decide to spend only two days in Granada you can save a couple of euros on parking.

We recommend two days if you spend around a week in Andalusia. This way you can experience Granada and still have time for other parts of the region. Alternatively, a weekend visit is perfect if you want to explore Granada only.

For a two-day stay, we highly recommend Hotel Granada Centro. It has a central location (no surprise considering the name) and it’s very affordable. They have a deal with a nearby parking lot where you can keep your car for 15 EUR a day.

3 days in Granada – An Ideal Visit

We feel that 3 days in Granada is an ideal visit. 3 days give you plenty of time to take it slow and really appreciate the city.

You will fill your days with fun and adventure yet if you wish to sit down for some tapas and wine you have the time.

When spend 3 days in Granada you have 1 day for the Alhambra and two for the actual city. It will allow you to fully explore this historical town and reach spots you would skip due to time limitations if you only spent two days.

We recommend 3 days in Granada if you are spending more than a week in Andalusia as otherwise you are taking quite a few days of your schedule for just one city.

For three days we recommend Hotel MaciĆ” Granada Five Senses. It’s an excellent pick right in the center of town. Very comfy beds and a nice breakfast is available. It’s a good way to start your day. Their parking is 21 EUR per day.

4+ days in Granada – See it all

If you want it all and more then you should be thinking about 4 or 4+ days in Granada. Of course, in this case, Granada will also act as kind of a base for exploring this part of Andalucia.

4 days are plenty of time to explore the town and even see some attractions nearby. Whether it’s the Sierra Nevada mountains you want to visit or you are driving to the sea for some beach time, when you spend 4 days in Granada you will have the time.

For a longer stay, we recommend a hotel that’s not in the city center. This way you can probably find cheap or even free parking nearby if you want to rent a car. Just easier than paying 15 euros a day for parking.

Consider 4+ days in Granada if you are about to explore this part of Andalusia. It can be a great base for some exploration but keep in mind that Granada is a little far from the beaches.

For four days one of the best hotels you can do is the Alhambra Palace. It’s a five-star hotel with everything you may need for a relaxing day. Super comfy rooms, breakfast, picturesque views, and the Alhambra itself is just a few steps outside of the hotel. It’s the ultimate Granada experience, but it does come with a price tag to match it.

1 day in Granada – The Quick Visit

Okay. Do you have no time in your itinerary for more than a day in Granada? First of all, think twice about visiting. You may feel that the Alhambra is unskippable but if it’s really hard to fit into your itinerary then maybe just skip it.

However, if you are committed and you feel that you MUST see the Alhambra then do the following:

Book your Nasrid palace slot to around 14:00. Arrive early in Granada, ideally, by 9 you are at the entrance. Check out all parts of the Alhambra leaving Nasrid palace as the last at 14:00. Then check out the historic center of Granada. You’ll not see it all but it is the most you can get out of one day.

Once again, we think it’s not enough, but if you must do it, we think you should do it like above.

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