How to get to Puglia from NYC

How to get to Puglia from NYC?

Are you planning a vacation to southern Italy? Finding out how to get to Puglia from NYC can be a daunting task. There are tons of options to take into account. Let us help you with the decision as we’ve already made the trip.

Getting to Puglia from NYC is best done via airplane. You can’t do this trip without a layover and we recommend FCO (Rome Fiumicino) airport as your stop. It’s the perfect place to do the layover. Let’s find out why.

You might also consider a layover in some other European cities. We’ll highlight why that’s not the best idea when you are traveling to Puglia from NYC. We will also cover when you should consider another layover than FCO.

Why stop at Rome Fiumicino airport on the way to Puglia?

FCO Airport
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It’s simple. There are no direct flights to Puglia from NYC. Such is the reality of the situation. Puglia is a small region of Italy that’s loved by European and domestic Italian tourists. It’s a wonderful place but you can consider it a hidden gem.

There are multiple options where you can do the layover as you fly into Europe, but Rome’s FCO airport is the clear winner here. It’s located already in Italy and Italians have a robust domestic flight network. It will be very easy to find a connecting flight any time of the year.

It’s also a surprisingly compact airport. Now, it’s not small by any measure but considering that it’s the main airport in Rome we were surprised on our first visit. However, for you, this means that you can get around the airport and find your next flight easily. You might even have time to grab something to eat.

You can even see Rome

All this without mentioning the possibility to do a short visit to Rome. FCO is conveniently located. You can get into the main train station building of Rome with a short journey. If you have a longer layover, something like 8 to 10 hours, then you can get into Rome and do a little sightseeing.+

You can continue on the ground as well

Another great reason for flying into Rome when you are looking at the best way to get to Puglia from NYC is the other modes of transport. If you want, you can change here to something else. Who said you need to be on a plane all the way?

You may start by renting a car and driving from Rome to Puglia. Just keep in mind the trip can take up to 6 hours. This is something you want to think about. Some people may feel exhausted after such a long flight. If you are easily fatigued on intercontinental flights then this might not be such a good idea.

Rather think about taking the train. Yes, there is high-speed rail between Rome and Puglia. Rome to Bari takes only four hours and the tickets are usually below $50 or near that price point. You can book at the ItaliaRail website.

Definitely consider this option as it can save you some money on a connecting flight. It might even be quicker. Although the flight time is short, the check-in and luggage claim procedures can take ages.

Can I do a layover at other airports when traveling to Puglia from NYC?

Yes, you can. It’s very possible to find a connecting flight cheaper with a layover in other cities. This is true especially towards summer when European airlines fly to Puglia more frequently.

You will however lose the opportunity to choose other forms of travel. When you land outside of Italy, the only way you can continue towards Puglia is by another flight.

If something happens to your connecting flight you’ll also have fewer options. We think that if you are traveling to Puglia from NYC and you find an awesome deal then go for it. Otherwise, try to stick to FCO.

Think about airport location

When you think about the best way to get to Puglia from New York City, then you must consider the airport location. Rome’s FCO airport is conveniently located and your connecting flight will most likely leave from this airport too.

The only other airports in the area are used by Ryanair and other European budget airlines. So unless you are choosing to travel the second leg of your NYC to Puglia trip, then you won’t need to change airports.

This is simply not the case for London. The main airport, Heathrow is a very busy airport. Many airlines use the other airports near London to fly between Puglia and the UK.

Traveling between the airports in London can be a troubling experience. The traffic is always horrible and they are very far away from each other. There are shuttle services between London’s airports but traffic is always a question. We wouldn’t leave it up for chance if we were you.

Should you fly an European budget airline like Ryanair or EasyJet?

Ryanair Plane
Ryanair plane on the ground

You might be very tempted to select a budget carrier for the last leg of your trip. They are flying frequently within Europe and a simple FCO to Bari ticket can get as low as $15.

Sounds like a good deal right? Well, when you are coming from overseas it might not be. That simple $15 ticket will not cover anything. You won’t even be able to select your seat for that price. Everything is extra.

The worst thing? Ryanair and the other ultra-budget airlines only allow one backpack size luggage that you can fit under the seat in front of you. This is the only free baggage you can take on board. If you want anything else you must pay.

When you are coming from overseas you will be treated with nice luggage allowances that you will get on your connecting flight as well. Adding all your extra baggage to your Ryanair flight might run you more dollars than flying a proper airline.

We are not saying don’t choose Ryanair. We are saying that you need to do a calculation if it’s actually worth the hassle. You’ll have to change airports and purchase extras from Ryanair.

Which airport to choose when flying to Puglia from NYC?

Honestly, it depends on where you are headed. There are three airports one on the north, one in the middle, and one towards the south. If in doubt always check our guide to Puglia airports.

Now we’ll give you now tip: Bari might be the best airport when you are looking for how to get to Puglia from NYC. It’s the central airport of the region and it has the most traffic.

You’ll get more chances and more flights if you fly into Bari. Foggia is up north but there are not a lot of flights going to Foggia so we don’t recommend this airport.

Brindisi can be an okay pick but it’s mostly used by budget airlines. You might find it hard to fly to Brindisi with a proper airline.

How to get to Puglia from NYC FAQ

Is it possible to fly to Puglia from NYC?

Yes, although you will have to do a layover in Europe. We recommend Rome’s FCO airport for this.

Is there a direct flight between NYC and Puglia?

No, there are no direct flights.

How long is the trip from NYC to Puglia?

It’s usually around 13 hours with a 2-hour layover at FCO.

Resources for your Puglia trip

As you can see an NYC to Puglia trip is totally doable. It’s not even that bad if you can book the flight with a two-hour layover. There are longer non-stop flights around the world than this two-leg route.

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