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How to spend a weekend in Ostuni – 2 day Ostuni Itinerary

Traveling to Puglia is a unique experience. With many incredible old towns and historical places, you’ll have your hands full of sightseeing. That is if you are not on the beach enjoying the crystal clear waters of Southern Italy. To complete your Puglia visit you must include a weekend in Ostuni.

We’ve put together this nice 2-day Ostuni itinerary for you. Follow along and you will have an awesome weekend getaway in this magical town. We are sure that the white buildings and charming atmosphere will steal your heart. This itinerary can be completed without renting a car.

We think that this wonderful getaway is especially suited to couples. Ostuni is a very romantic place, especially when the sun goes down. If you are looking for romantic getaways in Puglia, definitely consider this 2-day trip to Ostuni.

Day 1 of your weekend in Ostuni

1. Getting to Ostuni

The first order of business is getting to town. It’s located centrally within the Puglia region of Italy. This means super easy access via car. Even better, the main road called SS16 goes right through the city. If you come by car it’s hard to miss.

Via Antonio Specchia has plenty of free parking, with paid parking close to the center. Watch out for blue-painted parking spots. In Italy, this means that you need to pay for parking. Usually, white lines mean free parking. You’ll reach the center within 10 minutes if you choose the further free parking.

You can also choose to travel by train. This is a super cheap option as tickets cost less than $10 from both Bari and Brindisi. Usually, it’s even faster than driving due to traffic. From Brindisi, it’s only around 20 minutes while the train ride from Bari takes around 45 minutes. Train schedules and tickets are available through the ItaliaRail website.

Once you are at the train station you’ll need to take a local bus. The Ostuni train station is pretty far out of the city and we don’t recommend walking at all. There is a small café at the train station where you can purchase your bus tickets. You may check the current bus schedule here. Get off the bus at Piazza della Libertà. It’s the main square with the Town Hall. You can’t miss it.

2. Piazza della Libertà

Ostuni Town Hall
The Main Square

You’ve just arrived at the main square of Ostuni. You will immediately notice that some part of the square is not paved. Walk up to the barriers and you will be met with ‘ancient Ostuni’. Remains of the old city were uncovered here and preserved as a reminder of your past.

The town hall is standing proud over the plaza. It was once a church that was expanded into the town hall later. You can check out the impressive building from the outside.

Next to the town hall is Chiesa di San Francesco d’Assisi. It’s an incredible little church with a very picturesque facade. Stand in front of the door and the perfect Ostuni travel pic is ready. Although the interior is not as impressive as the exterior we suggest you go inside if there is no service currently.

Opposite the Town Hall, you will find Colonna di Sant’Oronzo. A monument dedicated to the local saint called Orontius of Lecce. It was built in 1771 and has been an important landmark in Ostuni ever since.

3. Grab a bite or two

Now that you have arrived in Ostuni, taken in the main square, and checked out an awesome church, you might start to feel hungry. You are at the heart of the city so you’ll get many restaurants nearby. Most opens around 11 AM.

If you are only looking for a quick bite, then seek out a pastry shop. The closest one is Bar Pasticceria da Pasquale just around the corner from the town hall. It’s a great place to get pastries and coffee. Another great pick is Ristobar New Life which is next to the Monument.

4. Head Towards the Old Town

Ostuni Narrow Street
Many Awesome Streets to Discover

We recommend that you take the stairs just north of the huge Monument. This will take you down a nice path where you will even find a great ice cream stall. At the bottom of the steps take a left then a right and continue towards Viale O. Quaranta.

This street will take you to the Porta San Demetrio which is the old town gate. Step through this gate and get taken back in time a few hundred years as the streets become small and the buildings old.

On the path to the old town, you will also have some awesome views of the surrounding area towards the sea.

5. Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption

Ostuni Cathedral
The Cathedral Facade

It’s time to venture into the heart of the historic center. The main attraction is the Cathedral and the square in front of it. You will find yourself returning here to marvel at this architectural wonder throughout your weekend in Ostuni.

Make sure that you keep your eyes open as you head to the Cathedral. The old town is full of awesome little streets and buildings. You will be tempted to take a photo at every corner.

The huge interior is just as great as the exterior. The best thing about this whole part of town is the fact that it looked pretty much the same for the past few hundred years. It’s living breathing history.

6. Check-in and Eat

Now it’s about time that you can check into your hotel. If you only had some small breakfast you will also start feeling hungry once more. Luckily the local cuisine is awesome and you will have a full belly in no time.

If you are looking for some hotel recommendations for a one-night stay, check out Casa dei Levantini. We absolutely love this one and it’s especially great if you are on a romantic getaway. The terrace on the top has spectacular views. You can even see the sea from here. Just wow.

Another lovely pick is the Radici Ostuni. It’s once again great for couples with views that will ignite your romantic spirit.

For eating, we recommend Spessite, an awesome local place in the historic center. It’s only open until 2:30 PM though before reopening at 7:30 PM, so if take note of the time before you visit.

7. La casa con la porta blu

Take some awesome photos at La casa con la porta blu or as known in English, the house with the blue door. It’s a local attraction and literally, just a door painted blue. However, it’s among the top photographed spots in the city. It’s also a great backdrop for a romantic couple’s photo.

8. Wander the alleyways of the old town

The historic center is awesome. Walking around hand-in-hand is a very romantic experience. Explore the small sidestreets and charming buildings. Take in the old-world atmosphere the whole town has.

Don’t forget to do some window shopping as well. There are many local craftsmen that sell their products in the city. You’ll most definitely find some awesome souvenirs to take home from these shops along with the opportunity to try some local cheese and wines.

Once the sun goes down the town transforms into its true romantic nature. The small alleys and the white buildings have an atmosphere only a few places in Italy reproduce. If you don’t take a walk after sunset, then you are missing out!

9. Sample the local cuisine for dinner

We recommend Trattoria Sapere E Sapori for dinner. It has a central location so you’ll find it very easily. It’s also a restaurant where you can try all the best food that Puglia has to offer. From pasta to seafood you won’t be disappointed here.

Day 2 of your weekend in Ostuni

Spending a weekend in Ostuni means taking it slow. Even if it’s not the weekend you should not worry about running from one place to another. As you already saw Ostuni is a small town with extreme character.

Don’t worry about waking up early it’s time to sleep in. The only thing you should pay attention to is your check-out time from your room. Other than that we recommend not setting any alarm too early.

1. Breakfast in the historic center

Time to continue your slow journey. The second day is about saying goodby to town. It’s about taking in the scenery once more to always remember your awesome weekend in Ostuni.

Open from 8 AM La Gilda espresso bar is the perfect place to start your day. If you took our advice and booked one of our recommended hotels this also means you’ll walk through the old town on your way there.

2. The Local Woodworker

L’Ulivo che Canta is the place to check out next. Located on the west side of the old town it’s a woodworker’s shop. Opening at 9:30 AM you will arrive just in time to check out the amazing wooden items on sale.

If you are still missing some souvenirs this is also a great time to shop for them. You’ll see everyday items to use as well as decorations made from wood.

3. Leave the old town through the new gate

Once you are ready to leave the historic center you will use Porta Nova e bastione, also known as the new gate of Ostuni. It’s on the opposite side of the gate you used to come into the old town so you can say you have completely traveled Ostuni in just a weekend.

4. Take the most awesome pictures of Ostuni

The City of Ostuni
You can take the most awesome pics from the square

There is one more place you need to visit before you leave. It’s called Piazzetta Martiri delle Foibe and it’s essentially a very small square. Small in size however doesn’t mean small in views. It’s the ultimate place to be if you want to take photos of the Ostuni whitewashed old town. You will have an unrivaled view of the city from here. The perfect place to say goodbye.

5. End of your trip

Whether you come by car or train it’s time to go home. You should return the same way as you entered the city. You can get a pizza at Operaprima before you leave to complete your Italian vacation experience.

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Closing words

Whether you have included Ostuni as a stop in your Puglia exploration or decided to do a quick romantic weekend in Ostuni we hope you will find this itinerary useful. We have collected everything that you need to know for a two-day visit to the town. It’s now up to you to complete this trip and enjoy your time in Italy. In case you don’t know where to fly don’t forget to check out our article about the closest airport to Ostuni.

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