Ibiza Boat Rental no license

How to Rent a Boat in Ibiza without a License

Boat renting in Ibiza is one of the most fun things to do on holiday while exploring the island. Wander the magnificent coast, especially around San Antony de Portmany, with all amenities on board. Rent a boat in Ibiza without a license to enjoy exclusively by visiting the local beaches and cloves and adventure at sea, safely giving your senses a real treat.

The island has numerous places that will undoubtedly have you coming back for more. Ibiza has a natural way of making you feel at home, and each time you will find something new and exciting to explore.

Ibiza boat rental no license has numerous pros compared to the usual way.  The ease of handling the boat in the sea will surprise you, and you can be a skipper a day.

Apart from having fun, boat renting gives you a view of the town from a different angle while giving you a sense of being wild and free. If you need privacy and time on your own Ibiza boat rental, no license is for you. Even though you will be your captain for the day, there are basic instructions you should heed to be on the safe side.

What is a boat license?

It is a document or card that authorizes an individual to pilot water body vessels. Marine craft can either be professional or recreational. A recreational craft is not used for commercial purposes and must be between 2.5 and 24 meters long with a crew of 12 people at most.

It has been possible to pilot boats without a license since 2014. One can rent low-performance vessels without a license to have fun for a day.

Things you need to know before Ibiza boat rental no license

Even though piloting a boat without consent is easy, there are a few factors you have to check to ensure you do not go against the law of the area.

The capacity of the boat

Rental boats come in various sizes, from small ones to big ones. Small boats may carry a capacity of two to four, while the big boats have a capacity of 6-12 people. If the group of people you are on is enormous (more than 12), more than one boat is recommended. The primary reason for a small number of people on board is to align with the laws and prevent loss of lives due to an accident.

Additionally, since your no license Ibiza boat rental will be a low-performance boat, it wouldn’t be very functional to fit more than 12 people onto the ship. The extra weight would make the vehicle too slow and unresponsive.

TopFlightsNow Tip: If you are looking to have a boating experience with a big group of people, consider renting a boat tour or guided experience. You can find some huge yachts, perfect for Instagram photos. They will come with a captain who will keep you safe, while you all can enjoy jumping into the sea from the boat.

What you can take on the boat

Some boats are fitted with refrigerators for storing food during the mini-vacation. The most preferred items onboard are foods, snacks, drinks, and ice for events like picnics. A portable inflatable mattress would be ideal to come on board with, especially if you like basking and resting in comfort.

If you are a fan of snorkeling, do not hesitate to go with your equipment. Apart from that, the essentials are sunscreen and towels. You can afford to pass basking in the sun with the fresh breeze from the sea.

One of the most important is headwear. You must protect your head from the sun in order to keep fresh and avoid any problems.

beers on ice
Make sure you keep your drinks cold

Speed of the boats

Ibiza boat rental no license boats are not usually fast or even powerful. The speed of the ship depends on how many people are on board. Again the slower pace is for safety, especially with a captain with no experience and license. The great thing is that you will be surprised with how much you will cover and see in just three hours. The average speed of the boats is 15km/h and an engine of 15 HP.

Whether you can lock the boat or not

Locking a boat is crucial when it is to be left unattended. Before renting the boat, please make a point to ask whether it is lockable to prevent the boat from drifting away. Luckily, you will find that most boats come with some kind of anchor, so you can all anchor down and jump into the sea if you wish.

Equipment found on the boat

Most boats have a standard list of equipment found on them which include:

  • Place to lay down for sunbathing
  • Seating
  • A roof for shade under the sun
  • A refrigerator for cooling foods and drinks
  • Bathing ladder
  • Canopy

Places you can go on the boat without a license

With the Ibiza boat rental with no license, you can go to the west coast, which offers many sceneries and adventures. On the west coast, you will find beautiful beaches, coves, and caves.

For snorkeling fans, Punta Galera is a must-visit. Here you will discover underwater caves, rock formations, and underwater meadows.  Going west, you will visit Cala Basa, Cola Conta, and  Port des Torrent. In the north, you will reach Saladeta, Punta Galera, and Cala Gracio. Without forgetting the great and beautiful Island of Conjera, which is a delight to visit.

Ibiza boat rental no license is suitable for use by everyone. However, pregnant women are not recommended to come on board. Children, on the other hand, have to be accompanied by adults. Piloting is to be done by a person above the age of 18 who is capable of navigation.

Before hiring or renting a boat, it is essential to ask for availability on the chosen dates. Also, choose a boat that fits your group. If the boat is too small for the group, make it a point to rent extra for safety on the sea.

Ibiza boat rental no license has a scheduled number of hours, either half or the whole day. The best thing is to adhere to the basic instructions given before you leave the port. However, if anything happens, there is no reason to fret as a rescue team will be ready at all times.

Ibiza Sunset from Rental Boat
You can chase the sunset in your boat rental!

Boat Excursions and Renting with a Captain in Ibiza

Sometimes it’s easier and more convenient to rent a boat with a captain or simply sign up for a boat excursion. Although you won’t get to be the captain this way, the boat choices are much greater and can accommodate more people.

Renting a boat with a captain or signing up for an excursion in Ibiza is especially great for big groups. Consider this activity, if you are coming to Ibiza to enjoy a hen party.

Ibiza Jet Boat Ride

A truly thrilling experience. Buckle your seatbelts, because you are about to go real fast. The Ibiza Jet Boat ride excursion is less about sightseeing and more about having tons of fun. It’s like going on a rollercoaster, except you are not leaving the water.

It’s a 30-minute experience. Pure adrenaline for the duration of 30 minutes. The prices start at $60, but sometimes you can catch discounts.

Book the Ibiza Jet Boat Ride

Catamaran Sunset Tour in Ibiza

Just the perfect activity for a group of friends. Gather up in the port and catch the last rays of the sun, before it turns into night. A beautiful experience, accompanied by an expert captain to transport you around.

Not only you will enjoy the picturesque sunset, but the Catamaran trip also offers a BBQ dinner and a DJ on board. After all, would it be Ibiza without bringing a DJ along for the ride?

Book the Catamaran Sunset Tour in Ibiza

What are the companies where you can rent a boat without a license in Ibiza?

  • LizardBoats offer rentals without a license. Their boats are usually found at San Antonio
    • Very Good Google Rating
    • You can contact via email
    • Affordable Prices
  • DayDreamBoats Ibiza is another great option to rent boats on Ibiza without a license.
    • They have tons of boats
    • Great Location
  • Open-Boats is another good option for renting in Ibiza.
    • Favorable Google Rating
    • Great Pricing
    • Two Designs Available

Just Remember: Have Fun!

Renting a boat in Ibiza with no license is one of the best things that happened for recreation. With Ibiza boat rental no license, you can have private fun with your loved ones with no interruptions. It is ideal for birthday parties, romantic couple’s getaways, and even small family events.

Before renting the boat, it is essential to be informed of the following: capacity, speed, items to bring on board, equipment found on the boat, and places to visit. All in all, it is the best experience you wish not to miss.

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