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How to find the cheapest possible international flight ticket?

The first thing you have to keep in mind is connections. If possible try to book a direct international flight. These direct international flights are always the cheapest. When you have a layover the costs can add up.

If you need to change planes for your international travel, then try to include as few stops as possible. Nowadays, almost every big international airport can be reached with a maximum of 1 stop international flight.

If you change flights, you can try booking them individually. In the end, you will usually save money with this method. If you book every flight individually, you will get the cheapest possible airfare on international flights.

Be careful if you book your airline tickets one by one. In this case, your layover is not guaranteed by your booking. If you think the connecting flight will be hard to reach, it is better to book in one. It may end up costing more, but the extra security is worth the price.


How to find your insanely cheap flight ticket?

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Be careful, when you find an insanely cheap air ticket, you have to book it quickly. Other tourists will find the same deals, and if you don’t act quickly, your seat might be taken by someone else. Finding an extremely cheap ticket for your holiday can be awesome. We know the feeling. You save money and travel at the same time. It’s the dream.

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Cheap Flights to Europe

Cheap Flights to Europe

Book your very cheap airfare to Europe today! We have air ticket booking available to every major European city. We even have a ton of travel guides for your European vacation. Europe awaits you. Grab flights 50% off, or on 70% discount when you use the airfare comparison search on TopFlightsNow.

These very cheap tickets are available for you. All you have to do is take action and book your flight. We have flights available from the cheapest airlines. Book your flight on Wizz Air or Ryanair for the ultimate cheap price. Wizz Air and Ryanair offers the cheapest possible airfare you can find in Europe. 

These two discount airlines in Europe fly across all the big cities. Wherever you want to go, you can book a flight with Wizz Air or Ryanair to European destinations. They are the best European airlines for very cheap flight tickets.

Another very good cheap airline is EasyJet. You can book your EasyJet flight here. They have super cheap flight deals ready for your next vacation.

Book Insanely Cheap Domestic Air Tickets

You might be wondering, can you also book domestic tickets on TopFlightsNow? The answer is yes! You are able to book both international and domestic air tickets. We have the best airline ticket deals for hundreds of airports. TopFlightsNow is the home of dirt cheap airline tickets online.

Whether it is an international ticket or domestic air booking, you can know that you have the best deal on TopFlightsNow. We provide you free of charge with the top airfare comparison tool online. Use it to find the best air ticket deal near you.

We really care about you, the customer. This is why we thrive to find all the best travel deals. Our partners will come to you, the highly valued customer, with the top domestic airline offers.

Which Airline has the cheapest tickets?

To answer this question, first, you have to know where you are booking. Generally, discount airlines only cover small areas. This helps them operate with high efficiency and keep the costs down. Each region has its own cheap airlines.

On the American continent, you have different budget airlines than on the rest of the world. Well-known American low-cost carriers are Spirit Airlines and Southwest Airlines. In Canada, you have Air Transat to book your cheap flight. If we travel further down the continent we will find flight booking at Viva Aerobus and Viva Colombia carriers. These are the most notable discount airlines on the American continent.

In Europe, the leading three budget airlines are Ryanair, EasyJet, and Wizz Air. They offer extremely cheap travel within the European continent. At times you will be able to find air booking tickets cheaper than $20. It’s crazy cheap flight tickets. When you book a ticket at Wizz Air, Ryanair, or EasyJet you will be finding the best price in Europe. Although you will have to give up comfort, the flight routes are usually around 2-3 hours. This makes these discount airlines a good choice, as you won’t be spending much time in the air anyway.

In Asia, the major discount airlines are Air Asia, IndiGo, Spicejet, and Jetstar Asia. These very cheap airlines will take you around the Asian continent. Whether you are flying domestically in India, or internationally from China to Japan, you can make good use of these airlines. They operate with very good pricing for you to enjoy a well-deserved holiday.

Is it safe to book insanely cheap air tickets?

Air Travel has long been one of the safest ways to get from one city to another. The aviation industry has incredibly strict rules that apply to everyone. Whenever a company operates an aircraft, they have to adhere to these rules. This is what makes air travel safe. If you are ever concerned about safety, you can always check out airline safety ratings on airlineratings.

Airlineratings will give you an airline safety score based on their past records and incidents. These ratings can give you an idea on just how safe the airline is.

Do I have to book quickly?

When you find an insanely cheap air ticket it is always best to grab the opportunity. If you book immediately you will secure your spot. There is no guarantee on how long these deals stay.

Sometimes you can find a discounted price for weeks, while other times the plane gets full within hours. If you think that you have found a great deal, it’s always best to book immediately.

If you wait for your booking, you might just miss out on your very cheap flight. These ticket prices can be half the normal rate.

The Cheapest Time To Book

Nowadays, last-minute flights are not necessarily the best deal. Airlines will usually offer you the best price tickets if you book way in advance. Sometimes, when you book more than half a year in advance, you can get an insanely cheap air ticket. 

These early tickets can go as low as 70% off the regular price. The discounted ticket price will get more and more expensive each day. One week before the flight it will be already more expensive than months before. Unless you can find a very good last-minute deal, one day before the flight is the most expensive time to book.

Find the cheapest air ticket on TopFlightsNow

  • Enter your origin airport and your destination airport
  • Select the dates you wish to fly
  • Make sure you tick ‘Show Hotels’ to get great hotel deals
  • Wait for the search to finish
  • We will put the cheapest flight deal on top for you
  • If you are not happy, you can change the dates around
  • Use the ‘Calendar’ function to quickly check certain dates

Is it cheaper to book last minute?

For a very long time, travel experts have been telling you: book last minute. You will get all the crazy cheap flight tickets if you book last minute. Is it still true today?

Not quite. Well, you can still get good deals when you book last minute. However, you can also end up paying much, much more. It all depends on how many seats are left on the airplane.

Last-minute deals were especially popular during the early 2000s. During those times, airlines struggled to fill up all the available seats. This has resulted in heavily discounted air tickets for anyone who was willing to book last minute.

Today, many airlines can fill up all the spots, months before the airplane flies. This means that many times last-minute flight deals are no longer available. It’s even possible that the opposite will happen: as you get closer to the date of the flight, tickets will get more expensive.

Today, the cheapest way to travel is to book in advance. If you can manage to plan many months ahead, you can score insanely low air ticket prices.

What is the cheapest day to book?

Here we have another myth. Back in the early days of mainstream flying, airlines only refreshed their available routes once a week. 

This usually meant, that if you could book a ticket instantly, you would get the best price. Many people kept schedules of when certain airlines refresh their deals. It was a great and effective way to get cheap flight tickets.

However, today everything is connected. Airline pricing changes live. It will go up or down depending on available spots within the airplane.

Today there is no certain day to book. Although, myths still exist. We believe these are mere speculations, however, if you want to make sure that you are getting the cheapest possible air ticket, maybe you can listen to them.

For the cheapest flight tickets, you can try booking over the weekend. Some people think that tickets are especially cheaper on a Sunday. Then again, others say the best time to book is Monday or Tuesday.

What do we say? Book in advance. That’s the best way to save money.

Girl at the Airport

What is the lowest airfare in Europe?

In Europe, there are ultra-budget airlines like Wizz Air and Ryanair. They offer some of the cheapest international flights in the world. Sure, Europe is not that big, so it’s easy to offer an international flight. Regardless, if you are looking for an insanely cheap air ticket, consider Ryanair or Wizz Air booking.

Seriously, they can get very very cheap. There are times when the airport transfer costs more than the actual airline ticket. Sometimes prices on these airlines can go sub $15. It’s honestly crazy how cheap these tickets get.

Will Ryanair or Wizz Air fly to good airports?

This is a valid question. Usually, the answer is no. They will use airports that are a long way from your destination. This is one of the ways they keep the price down.

You will usually need to take around one hour of airport transfer if you fly Wizz Air or Ryanair. When booking, make sure that you check out the airport location.

For example, the Wizz Air flight to Stockholm actually lands near Nyköping. You will have to take a long transfer from here into Stockholm city. It might happen that the bus tickets end up costing more than your airfare.

Luckily, some destinations don’t have these kinds of airports. For example, when you fly into Sicily, you will land at one of the major airports of the island. A similar thing can be said about Barcelona. The city only has one big airport, and even the low-cost carriers must use it.

Which are the busiest flight routes in Europe?

One of the tactics you can employ when looking for a crazy cheap flight is choosing a busy route. By doing this, you ensure that there are a lot of flights available. Since these routes are almost all filled up, airlines can keep the price low and affordable.

You might be surprised to learn that the busiest European flight routes are domestic. That’s right! 

The busiest route is between Madrid and Barcelona. In second place we have the Frankfurt to Berlin flight. The third and fourth place is taken by French domestic routes. One is Toulouse to Paris and the other is Nice to Paris.

This list continues with a lot of domestic flights taking the spots as the busiest airline routes in Europe. Why is that you might wonder?

One of the reasons can be traced back to international travel. When someone travels from very far away, they will be forced to make a connection. Many times, to get the cheapest possible air ticket, you will take the domestic connection.

These connecting flights heavily contribute to the busiest routes in Europe. In any case, when you are looking at booking a cheap flight ticket, keep these city connections in mind. They will always have a lot of flights going between them. This makes it easy and cheap to book.

Is it cheaper to fly than to travel in a car?

It might sound crazy, but if you manage to snatch up a good travel deal, you will be better off flying. Petrol cost is always on the rise, and you will save by going by plane.

Not only it is faster, but can be a lot cheaper too. Look for the insanely cheap air tickets and book them. That way, you will save a ton of money by flying, instead of driving. 

You won’t be bored out of your mind, no rest stops required, and above all, you just have to relax. Driving takes effort and concentration. On the airplane, you can just plug your headphones in and sleep to some soothing music.

If you feel like you can’t be without a car, you can always rent a car at the airport. Usually, even with renting, you can end up spending less, than if you were to drive.

Fly during the off-season

One of the best ways to save on your vacation is to fly off-season. During these less busy times, the airlines will offer you a much better deal.

It is understandable, when their airplane would get full anyway during the high tourism season why would they lower the price? 

On the other hand, months like April, May, or October can prove as the perfect vacation months. Sure, don’t plan a beach holiday during these times. However, they would be perfect for a normal sightseeing holiday. 

During these months, the weather is usually very pleasant for walking around and sightseeing. When you plan on having an active holiday consider these months. Not only it’s the ideal temperature for hiking and being active, but you will save on air ticket price. 

Just compare prices from Oct to July and you will see a huge difference. You can get really good deals on airplane tickets. At times, more than 70% off the high season price.

Avoid Hidden Fees

When booking insanely cheap air tickets you have to be careful. Always read and make sure that you understand airline rules. Many of the cheap flight tickets won’t allow for checked-in luggage. Most of the time you will only be allowed a backpack.

Always check the official requirements for cabin luggage and measure at home. If your backpack is bigger, you might be forced to check it in, and pay extra. Don’t let this happen to you.

If you need checked-in bags then make sure that you look at regular airlines too. The discount carriers will lure you in with their extremely cheap air ticket prices, but when you add all the extra services it will not be so cheap. At times, it can even cost more than at a regular airline. A regular airline will have one small checked-in luggage included in the price usually.

TOP TIP: If you take a book onto your vacation, carry it in your hand. Most airlines count it as onboard entertainment and let you carry it in your hand. The small extra space can come especially handy when you are trying to save on air ticket prices.

Always check-in before you arrive at the airport

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not checking-in. Every airline has a different timeframe for online check-in, however, all of them offer the opportunity. 

You have to take this opportunity if you want to save money. Airport check-in will usually cost a fortune. Airports need to make money too, and they will try to grab some extra bucks from mistakes like this.

Even better, if you check-in online, you can usually avoid some of the queues at the airport. Just bring your boarding pass on your phone and you will be good to pass through all the checkpoints.

If you want to save more money, you should also bring your own food. One of the most expensive items at any airport is food and drinks. They can really add up in cost.

You can make sure to avoid this problem by bringing your own food. Unfortunately, you can’t bring water through security, so that’s something you need to get inside the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ

You might be wondering, if it’s safe to use TopFlightsNow for booking your flight. We can assure you that we provide a 100% safe and free service. When you use our airfare comparison search you will get offers from trusted companies like Kayak. Other times you will get an offer directly from the airline. In any case, TopFlightsNow will find you the cheapest air booking, but you will book on our partner’s website.

When you book with TopFlightsNow, you only search on our website. Once you have selected the best deal, you will be taken to our partner’s page. When you are looking for information on your flight, you have to contact our partner who handled your booking.

When you search for a flight, make sure that you have ‘Show hotels’ selected. This option will open a window for you along with your flight booking. In this new window you can check out and book hotels at your destination.

Although, we have an extensive search, even we don’t include every airport in the world. Small, domestic airports might be missing from our database. In case you encounter such issue, feel free to contact us, and we will see if we can add it.

No! There is no markup. We offer you the air ticket prices as-is. This is to ensure that you always get the best deal. This service is free to use, with no actual cost for the end user.