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Is Norfolk Island Worth Visiting? – 10 Reasons to Visit!

Norfolk Island is a wonderful and tiny island off the coast of Australia. Despite the small size, the island is full of attractions and natural beauty to discover. If you want to answer the question: is Norfolk Island worth visiting, then you are in the right place.

Norfolk Island is most definitely worth visiting. This little Australian island is a piece of paradise right here on earth. Jagged coastlines, pine trees, historical landmarks, and untouched beaches characterize this wonderful place.

Just keep in mind that Norfolk Island is definitely not for everyone. It offers plenty of opportunities for people who like to be active on their vacations but it’s not a so-called tourist hot spot.

You will find beaches with few people and little to no amenities. You will find mostly local restaurants and no big chains.

In turn, you get a beautiful island, that’s very much untouched by humans in most places. If you are looking for such a place, then yes, by all means, Norfolk Island is worth visiting.

10 Great Reasons to Visit Norfolk Island

If our little intro didn’t convince you yet then we’ll list 10 of the most important reasons to visit Norfolk Island. At the end of the article, you will even find some tips on what type of traveler we think might not enjoy visiting the island. But first, let’s see why you should visit Norfolk Island!

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1. Norfolk Island is a Hidden Gem

Norfolk Island Bay

First and foremost Norfolk Island is not suspected of mass tourism. In this day and age, it’s one of the few places that see only a relatively small amount of travelers each year.

If you are like us, you are always on the lookout for new spots and hidden gems. You can get away from all the popular spots and enjoy some quiet time with your loved ones here.

Norfolk Island is worth visiting just for the peaceful atmosphere you can experience here.

Of course, the missing mass tourism also means fewer people on the beaches. Unfortunately, most of the beaches are just for showing off as the weather hardly gets hot enough for swimming.

Regardless you can lie in the sand and enjoy views of what we imagine paradise looking like. No crowds, no loud music, just the waves, the sun, and the spectacular views.

2. The untouched nature on the Island

Norfolk Island Hiking
Steve Daggar, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Although Norfolk Island is tiny it’s full of nature reserves and there is also a big national park to visit. Protected green areas take up almost as much space on the island as inhabited areas.

Norfolk Island is worth visiting for nature lovers as you will be able to wander countless trails and explore beautiful nature.

One of our favorite things about the nature trails in Norfolk Island is that they almost always end up at a lookout point. Whether it’s a lookout over the island scenery or a lookout over the ocean and jagged coastline, you are rewarded with exceptional views.

If you are someone that loves nature then you will enjoy the many trails on the island.

3. Exceptional Museums – Living History

Norfolk Island Museums
Steve Daggar, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

History buffs also love Norfolk Island due to the local museums and history. Though many of the museums are small there is plenty to see and keep you occupied.

The island was originally a British penal colony but luckily the convicts are no longer here. However, what is left is immense history and even a World Heritage Site, the Kingston and Arthurs Vale Historic Area.

Once you feel that you’ve learned enough about colonial history you can jump into some nautical-themed museums and learn about a local shipwreck.

If you want to soak in all of the histories it’s best that you purchase an unlimited museum pass for your visit. This will let you save some money and discover all of the museums for one charge.

4. Norfolk Island has beautiful beaches

Norfolk Island Emily Bay Beach
thinboyfatter, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Although the weather is usually not your typical beach weather we’ve found that Norfolk Island has some of the most beautiful unspoiled beaches in the world.

If it was located further towards the equator to enjoy better weather we are sure that the island would be a beachgoer’s paradise.

As it is however rainy days and the moderate temperature keeps people away from the beaches. Those who decide to spend some time on the beach on Norfolk Island will be rewarded with stunning views and an infinitely relaxing atmosphere.

Listen as the waves slowly wash against the coast and enjoy the beautiful views. If the sun is out then you can try to get some tan on or even go for a little swim.

Emily Bay is the main beach on the island and although it’s amazing we’ve found Anson Bay to be more beautiful. Luckily the island is small so you can check both of them!

5. Active underwater wildlife

Norfolk Island Snorkeling

Now we understand that Norfolk Island might not be your typical beach destination, however, when it comes to snorkeling it’s a different story.

The underwater life near Emily Bay is extremely active. Fish, prawns, and even turtles make an appearance in the shallow and calm waters of the bay.

Don’t forget your snorkeling glasses when you visit the island or you’ll regret it once here.

If you are someone who loves snorkeling then Norfolk Island is definitely worth a visit for you.

6. The local cuisine is mindblowing

We love fresh food but it’s really hard to find a real farm-to-table experience around the states. On Norfolk Island? It’s almost the standard.

Many local restaurants produce vegetables and even meat locally so whatever you eat is almost always seasonal and as fresh as it gets. It’s the standard for restaurants on the island.

Do you like craft beer? If yes, then you’ll be happy to learn that this tiny Australian island has its own brewery with multiple types of beers on tap. Great for sampling beers on a relaxing evening before hitting the bed.

7. Almost no light pollution

Many of us live in big cities with massive amounts of light pollution. Even if you don’t live in a big city chances are there is considerable light pollution nearby.

In turn, Norfolk Island is located miles away from any other inhabited area. The island itself only has around 2000 permanent residents. This means almost zero light pollution coming from the island.

You can look up to one of the most beautiful night skies here. It’s not something that’s really advertised but something everyone will notice on their first night on the island.

8. Everything is local

Whenever we travel we always try to purchase from the locals. Whether it’s restaurants, bars, or even rental cars we try to find businesses that are local, so we can give something back to the community.

We love that on Norfolk Island everything is local. Even car rental companies are local, which was a great surprise.

Local restaurants serve local products. The money you spend will land with the locals so you can do your part in preserving Norfolk Island as an amazing place.

9. You can spot rare birds

Norfolk Island Birds

Grab a local boat tour to Phillip Island and get ready to explore threatened wildlife. Phillip Island is an ideal location for nesting seabirds and offers stunning landscapes.

Come explore Phillip Island’s towering cliffs, sea caves, and stunning panoramic ocean views. You’ll be amazed by the rare flora and fauna that call this place home.

The island host thousands of sea birds during the summer breeding season, providing them with a perfect place to raise their young.

10. Norfolk Island is all about slowing down

Finally, our last point is probably the most important. When you visit Norfolk Island you got to slow down.

There are many things to explore here but remember the island is small. If you approach with the same mindset as you were to visit Paris to see everything you will quickly run out of things to do.

Kick back, relax, and soak in all the views and nature the island has to offer. Walk the trails, sit on the beach, visit the museums, and enjoy slowing down.

What type of traveler will not enjoy Norfolk Island?

Now that we’ve looked at all the great reasons that make Norfolk Island worth visiting, it’s time to look at some opposites.

We would lie if we told you that Norfolk Island is for everyone. It’s quite a hidden gem but it’s not perfect.

1. People who want a bang for their buck

Let’s get one thing straight: Norfolk Island is not cheap. It’s not luxury pricing, but it’s on the expensive side.

You will quickly find your budget running high when visiting Norfolk Island. If you are on a tight budget or want more bang for your buck then you should look elsewhere.

Places like the south island in New Zealand have similar pricing and offer a bit more things to do.

2. Travelers who want to come here instead of the Bahamas

Norfolk Island is not a beach destination. The weather is sometimes good enough for swimming but it’s nothing to write home about.

If you are someone who is planning a great beach vacation with perfect weather then skip this destination. You are better off on a tropical island.

3. If you get bored easily

We’ve already highlighted what Norfolk Island is about so we believe you should have a good picture of what to expect.

If you are someone who always needs something to do, something to see, and quickly checks out attractions then this place might not be for you.

Even though there are many things to explore a tiny island is a tiny island at the end of the day. Quickly checking out everything will leave you without many things to do by the end of your vacation.

Norfolk Island is enjoyed slowly and if you are not ready for such a vacation you should choose a different destination.

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