Is Polignano a Mare worth visiting?

Is Polignano a Mare worth visiting?

Whenever you are visiting Puglia you might have a burning question in mind: is Polignano a Mare worth visiting? What can you get out from a trip to this seaside town? Join us as we tell you all the reasons to visit Polignano a Mare as we’ve been there multiple times already.

In short, yes, Polignano a Mare is worth visiting. It’s an absolutely lovely seaside town with a world-famous beach. The charming city center is perfect if you want to stroll around and take in the atmosphere. However, we don’t always recommend Polignano a Mare to everyone. Let’s see if it’s for you!

Polignano a Mare is located in southern Italy, inside the Puglia region. It’s very close to the bigger town of Monopoli. It’s a famous tourist destination that attracts many people each year. The main sight is the Lama Monachile that’s right near the town’s center.

Tourists love to flood this seaside village, but is Polignano a Mare really worth visiting? Is it just another overhyped place? Let’s see!

Reasons to visit Polignano a Mare

In an attempt to answer the question if Polignano a Mare is worth visiting or not we’ll first take a look at the reasons to visit this town. This will be for those who are on the fence and need a little convincing to see that it’s an amazing place.

1. The Beaches of Polignano a Mare

Polignano a Mare Beach
Dramatic views but gets crowded quickly

If you are visiting Puglia during the summer then you will be looking at some quality beaches in Polignano. As mentioned already, the main beach called Lama Monanchile is one of the most beautiful beaches in Puglia.

It’s also featured on our list of the best beaches near Bari. The dramatic cliffs with the city above you on each side make it a truly unique experience. Keep one thing in mind though. Try to visit early in the day or you might be left without a spot.

2. The cliffs of Polignano a Mare

Cliffs of Polignano a MAre
Look at these dramatic cliffs!

The cliffs of Polignano a Mare is also another attraction that can make the visit worthwhile. The whole town is built upon the rocky shore. Most of it is a steep white cliff wall.

You can catch glimpses of this dramatic cliff wall from multiple opportunities. You might choose one of the cafés that have a terrace overlooking the coastline for a truly spectacular morning brew.

Or you might choose a restaurant with the same view for a great night’s dining. Honestly, it’s very hard to get enough of the dramatic views when you are in Polignano a Mare.

Luckily you don’t actually need to pay a penny to see these awesome rock formations. There are many overview points from the street where you can take the perfect photos.

3. Polignano a Mare city center

Polignano a Mare City Center
Polignano a Mare has a charming city center

Now there are many romantic places in Puglia but the Polignano a Mare city center must be among the best. We absolutely loved just walking around the streets of this seaside town.

You can see the old white stone buildings as they rise above the sea on the cliffs of Polignano a Mare. The blue sea below the white buildings is just beautiful. It’s a spectacle that we think everyone needs to see when they are visiting Puglia.

4. Food in Polignano a Mare

Restaurant in Polignano

Puglia in general is very good for eating authentic Italian. This is the same in Polignano a Mare as well but here you can throw some touristy restaurants in the mix as well.

Some of these places are great while some are not so much. If you find the best restaurants in Polignano a Mare then it’s an awesome place to eat. Fresh seafood and Italian tastes.

There’s also the famous cave restaurant in Polignano a Mare. People consider driving hours just to dine in this cave restaurant. Honestly, it’s not that great and definitely not worth any hassle. If you are in town then maybe try for one night.

5. The locals

Polignano a Mare can be touristy but somehow we feel like the locals are even more welcoming than usual. We don’t know if it’s the sea or the beautiful environment but we’ve met some very friendly people here.

From restaurant staff to asking simple directions everyone has been very nice. Everywhere in Puglia, we’ve seen that Italians are very welcoming but somehow Polignano a Mare takes this to the next level.

6. It’s easy to visit!

We already know that Polignano a Mare is beautiful, the people are nice, and the beaches are cool. However, there is one more thing that makes it worth visiting Polignano a Mare. It’s located conveniently between Bari and Monopoli.

As it’s right next to the railroad you can visit Polignano a Mare on a budget. Go to ItaliaRail to search for tickets. They are as low as $4 from Bari and the trip takes only 30 minutes. That’s a perfect day trip from Bari right there.

Even when visiting with a car the location is extremely approachable. It’s next to the highway with parking near the city center.

Artistic Photo in Polignano a Mare

Reasons against visiting Polignano a Mare

Although, we do believe that a visit to Polignano a Mare is totally worth it, we need to look at the full picture. We simply can’t answer the question of is Polignano a Mare worth visiting without looking at the negatives. Sometimes it’s not the best pick for your itinerary.

1. You are not in Puglia

The number one reason against visiting Polignano a Mare is if you are not actually in Puglia. Puglia is a rather big province and you are looking at a lot of driving just to visit Polignano a Mare.

If you are planning to drive 5+ hours just to visit this single town in Puglia, then maybe you should reconsider. Of course, Polignano is awesome but that much effort is a little bit too much.

2. It’s touristy (in August)

What we and many others love about Puglia is that it’s less touristy than other high-profile parts of Italy. This is true for almost all the region but there are some towns that can feel touristy for certain periods.

Polignano a Mare is definitely one of these towns. During the high season in August, you’ll barely be able to put a rock down on the main beach.

This might discourage some people from visiting. It’s up to you how much you can put up with other tourists. In Fall, Winter, and Spring it’s much better.

3. You don’t have time

If you are only staying a few days in Puglia then Polignano a Mare might not fit into your itinerary. There are so many places to see in Puglia that it’s hard to choose between all of them.

Maybe you are better off seeing the bigger towns when you are staying only a few days. Polignano is great but so are towns like Bari, Lecce, and Ostuni.

How much time to spend in Polignano a Mare?

You’ve got multiple options when you visit Polignano a Mare. We can tell you that even a day trip to Polignano a Mare is worth it, but you might consider more time in town.

Day Trip to Polignano a Mare

Considering how easy it is to reach the town it’s worth doing a day trip to Polignano a Mare. You can see everything there is to see in just one day.

You will even have time to enjoy a nice meal at any of the local restaurants. It’s a great way to spend a few hours in this magical seaside town.

Multiple days in Polignano a Mare

Just as it’s worth visiting Polignano a Mare for a single day it’s worth visiting for multiple days. There are many nice hotels in the town especially if you can book one with a sea view.

The convenient location is not only perfect for a day trip but also makes Polignano a good base for exploring Puglia. Just keep in mind that if you decide to spend multiple days in Polignano then we recommend renting a car.

Conclusion: Is Polignano a Mare worth visiting?

We hope that our article gave you a nice view of all the reasons why it’s worth visiting Polignano a Mare. It’s everything you would want from a beautiful seaside town in Puglia.

Whitewashed houses, narrow streets, and epic cliffs on the coast. The dramatic views will easily capture your imagination and stay with you for a long time even after you’ve gone home.

It’s an amazing place and it’s one of the best towns to visit in Puglia. It’s definitely worth visiting Polignano a Mare and you’ll enjoy your time there.

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