Kapiti Coast Attractions

Kapiti Coast Attractions You Can’t-Miss

Accessible by road or by water, the Kapiti Coast is a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. This beautiful region can be found on the New Zealand North Island shoreline. You must know the best Kapiti Coast attractions to make your holiday awesome.

This region of New Zealand is the perfect place to get lost in nature. Without any big cities and sprawling urban areas, you will feel close to nature. Paraparaumu is the biggest town in these parts. However, this city will feel like a collection of green suburbs rather than a real city. Regardless, apart from all the activities you can pursue in nature, we have included some indoor attractions to check out.

Southward Car Museum

We are going to kick off this list with an indoor attraction. Not only that but a favourite for petrolheads. We think, even if you are not into cars, this place is a must for a tourist.

The Southward Car Museum was established in 1972. It boasts a huge collection of cars: more than 400 vehicles. It has historical cars you must see with your own eyes. Anyone interested in carmaking history will be pleased. The Southward Car Museum will entertain you for a good couple of hours.

Car Museum
Sicnag, CC BY 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Queen Elizabeth Park

Queen Elizabeth Park is a protected nature park. You can visit it, to marvel at the last remaining natural dunes of Kapiti Coast. The walking trails in the nature park are very easy and light. It’s a good Kapiti Coast attraction for strolling around in nature.

It’s also a historical site. During the Second World War, US Marines have been stationed here. Although, today the remains of the camp is gone, at times there were up to 20000 soldiers stationed.

Kapiti Coast Museum

Those who wish to learn about the history of the Kapiti Coast will appreciate this museum. It’s full of relics and vintage items from the history of the area. You will learn about the cultural and natural heritage of the Kapiti Coast when you visit this museum.

Ride a Horse on the Kapiti Coast Shore

The coastline at Kapiti is truly beautiful. It’s also a very easy terrain for horse riding. You can find many companies that offer horse riding experiences, even if you have zero experience.

If you can find a company that offers early morning or late night tours that’s the best. Experiencing the sunset or sunrise while riding on the beach is a unique memory.

Horse Riding

Hemi Matenga Memorial Park

This memorial park offers some of the best hiking within Kapiti Coast Attractions. There are multiple trails you can choose from. You can do easy or medium intensity hikes, while admiring the picturesque views and nature around you.


This hiking area is at times called the New Zealand version of the stairway to heaven. Built right onto the hilly shoreline you will walk a beautiful collection of stairs and bridges. The view will be mesmerising during the whole hiking trip.

Be advised, it takes around 3 hours to complete this hike. There is no shelter from the wind and no handrails. You must bring adequate clothing to complete the Peakakariki Escarpment Track.

The Kapiti Fly By Wire

The Fly By Wire is one of the Kapiti Coast attractions that can’t be found anywhere else on earth. This is as adrenaline junkie’s dream. At fly by wire, you will be strapped into a makeshift plane.

The one-man airplane itself hangs on the wire and has a propeller for the engine. You can control it just like a bicycle. Flying over the beautiful landscape is awesome and filled with adrenaline.

Tuatara Brewery Visit

The local craft beer producer in the area is Tuatara. They have their brewery on Kapiti Coast. You can go on guided tours and experiences. You will learn about beermaking and taste different kind of brews.

Wellington Tramway Museum

You can visit the Wellington Tramway Museum near Queen Elizabeth Park. Here you can observe a showcase of vintage trams and tram station equipment. You also have the opportunity to ride the trams and experience the old ways of travel.

Cantharis Alpacas

For those who love animals, the Cantharis Alpaca farm is a must-visit tourist destination. They offer guided tours to anyone interested in the animals and the work they do.

The tours take around one and a half hour to complete. They include walking and hiking with the alpacas. Once you complete this small hiking activity with your alpaca, you will have the opportunity to meet the other animals. You can feed them, cuddle them, and take awesome pictures for bragging rights.

Kapiti Coast Alpaca

Kapiti Miniature Railway

This is a true family attraction found on Kapiti Coast. The Miniature Railway is enjoyed by tourists from all over. The children and adults can ride the small trains together. One trip on this unique railway takes seven minutes. You will ride the train trough tunnels and viaducts in the beautiful garden setting. A fun family activity!

Take a Trip to Kapiti Island

Kapiti Island is located just off the coast. It’s a great escape if you are looking to change things up. The island offers opportunities to meet and observe wildlife. You can sign up for an organized tour at Kapiti Eco.

Kapiti Island
Avenue, CC BY-SA 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/, via Wikimedia Commons


Another one of Kapiti Coast’s attractions for train lovers. Paekakariki Station is a historical railway station on Kapiti Coast. They provide a unique opportunity to check out vintage railway station equipment. This family museum is loved by children and a great choice for a visit.

Nga Manu Nature Reserve

One of the most famous attractions in the Kapiti area. The Nga Manu Nature Reserve is a bird protection park. You can meet and check out birds such as the famous kiwi. Those who are looking for guided experiences can enjoy bird feeding tours offered by the nature reserve.

Kiwi Bird

Kapiti Coast is an awesome region in New Zealand. It’s full of life and nature.

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