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Top 10 Things to Do on Korcula Island

Korcula is a small island found in Croatia and offers a great variety of entertainment to travellers. Do you want to know about Korcula things to do? You are in the right place, with this guide you will find the best things on this fantastic island.

How to get to Korcula Island?

Although getting to this beautiful island might not be straightforward it’s definitely worth the visit. There is no airport on Korcula, if you are planning to visit by air travel, your best bet is either the airport of Split or Dubrovnik.

Korcula Ferry

During summertime, there is continuous ferry service from both Split and Dubrovnik to Korcula Island. If you are travelling with an airplane we highly recommend renting a car straight at the airport. You will be able to get the airport to the island with the ferry.

From Split the journey is around 3h 30mins and from Dubrovnik it’s around 2h 30mins. If you are travelling off season we recommend flying into Split as it has better ferry service.

Top 10 Korcula Things to Do

Explore the Old Town of Korcula

The city of Korcula shares its name with the island. This beautiful small city has an amazing old town, surrounded by the historical city walls.

Korcula’s old town is rather small, and you can easily see it in half a day or even less. It is a very charming historical place where you will have an incredible time for its beauty. Just like the Old Town of Dubrovnik, cars are not allowed into the small streets of the historical centre.

Once you step through the old city gates you will feel as if you are taken back in time to a different era. You will find picturesque narrow stone alleys with flowers of many colors hanging from the buildings’ sides. There are many shops, restaurants where you can sit down and rest.

Old Town Gate

Visit Marco Polo’s house in the Old Town of Korcula

In our guide of Korcula things to do, we recommend a visit to Marco Polo’s house next. It’s located inside the Old Town of Korcula and said to be the house where the famous explorer was born.

The house entrance fee is 20kn for Adults. Inside you can walk around the old house and go up to the tower for the best photo opportunities and views of the city and sea.

Once you have visited the birthplace of Marco Polo, we suggest heading over to the museum dedicated to his life. Although confined into a small place, the Marco Polo Museum does a great job of telling the story of the famed explorer. When visiting we recommend taking the audio tour for the best experience.

See a Dance of Swords

Just before the Korcula Old Town gates is the Moreska Dance Theatre. This dance group has a great choreography of sword fighting straight out of Game of Thrones.

You can watch the skilled swordsmen performing in the old town. They are presented at the Moreska in Korcula every Thursday in June and September, in July and August, it takes place every Monday and Thursday.


Snorkeling in the waters of Korcula

Once of the best things to do in Croatia and not just Korcula is to enjoy the sea. It seems like that the Adriatic sea always manages to be crystal clear and beautiful.

Being further away from mainland Korcula will provide great opportunities for snorkeling and possibly seeing some underwater wildlife on your travels.

Explore Korcula Island by Bike

Korcula offers you charming and easy routes for biking to visit the city. You will also find some mountainous trails for the tourists who love to challenge themselves during travel. On the other hand, you will always have impressive views and landscapes to see on your biking travels.

Take an excursion to Mljet

Mljet Island is very close to Korcula. It is a beautiful island that you can visit on a day trip from Korcula. Almost half of the island is a national park formed by a dense forest surrounding the blue waters of 2 saltwater lakes.


Try local craft beer

Croatia has a lot of craft beer that you can try when on Korcula’s island. Many local restaurants and bars will allow you to taste craft beers from anywhere in the country.

How about a small brewery on the island that you can visit? You can even visit the only brewery operating on Korcula. Here you will be able to check out how beer is made and taste the diffrent types of beer of the brewery.

Visit the beautiful beaches of Korcula

Korcula Island offers beautiful beaches and amazing water. If you are visiting during the summer we especially recommend spending time on the beach.

Among the best beaches are: Zakerjan beach (rocky, in the town of Korcula), Banje beach (rocky & pebbles, in the city of Korcula), Bilin Zal beach (sand, found in Lumbarda), Vela Przina beach (sand, in Lumbarda)

Watch the sunset

In Korcula, you can take some time to see a sunset. The colours of the sunsets are extremely incredible, and you will be in awe. One of the best places you can watch the sunset from is Maksimilijan Garden.

Emanuele from Roma, CC BY-SA 2.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Have a cocktail

What’s better than just watching the sunset from the island? Grabbing a cocktail and enjoying the sunset at the same time. After a day touring the city, you can relax with a cocktail in one of the city’s bars and watch the beautiful scenes.

Sunset Cocktail

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