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Best Kosice Things to Do in Slovakia

You may be planning to go on vacation to a small but touristic town like Kosice in Slovakia. You need to know about the best Kosice things to do to make sure you get the best out of your trip into Europe. If you want to enjoy the best in tourism, culture, mythological stories, and more, get to know Kosice.

For planning your visit to Kosice to be excellent, you must be prepared and know which attractions to visit in this beautiful city. This holiday destination in Central Europe brings you the best cathedrals, green areas, and architectural works for you to admire.

Kosice Things to Do: The Old Town

You have to start your trip to the Old Town of Kosice. The main square is full of parks and the bordering Hlavna Street will provide amazing old buildings to admire.

This is the historical location of the market square and the centre of Kosice. You can find many attractions, museums and gothic architecture around the area.

Inside the museum, you will be able to admire Slovak works of Art. To make your day perfect, get into one of the amazing little restaurants of the town centre and enjoy a traditional Slovak meal. Many of the restaurants offer great dessert selection to satisfy your children.

Kosice Old Buildings

Climb To the Heights on the Tatra Mountains

If you stick with outdoor activities, you can go to the various mountains that make up Slovakia. You can prioritize the Tatra Mountains to ski, walk, bike, and other activities. This mountain can be visited in any season of the year, and you will always enjoy its incredible view.

You will be very close to Lake Ruzin, which guarantees you a spectacular view of this mountain. It is good to hire a local guide to know the best routes and trails to the lake. This activity is especially enjoyable with children. They will love the beautiful lake and views. Be it winter or summer, there are always hiking routes available. Just make sure you dress accordingly, as winter in the Tatras can get very cold.

Go For a Drink at Golem Pivovar

Beer is a priority in Kosice things to do guide. As such, you should go to Golem Pivovar. This bar is one of the most famous bars where you will enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. You can have a delicious beer that will take away the heat and enhance your city experience.

You can get to the bar almost any time of the day. It’s a hidden treasure of Kosice. Inside you will be able to meet and chat with locals and tourists alike. In addition to the bar, you can also request various lunches or dinners for you to enjoy with your family.

Grab a beer

Go for a Walk in Park Moyzesova

You can find this park near the Old Town. It’s a long stretch of some green area within the city. You can stroll around this area and admire the beautiful buildings along the street. You will also be able to find the beautiful building of Pavol Jozef Safarik University. Although not the oldest in Slovakia, it’s a great attraction.

St. Urban Tower

To have some culture in Slovakia, specifically in Kosice, you must go to the St. Urban Tower. This is a 14th-century structure in which you can admire its classical architecture. You can enter this tower and see the museum’s wonders with wax figures that tell the story of Kosice.

With Kosice things to do, you can take a check out this tower that you can visit on Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays. The tower is located throughout the city centre, very close to the main square for you to visit.

Go To the State Theater

For architectural works in Kosice things to do you can go to the 19th-century state theatre. You will enjoy many Shakespearean plays surrounded by classical architecture in this theatre. To check the current program for the plays, you must consult the State Theater’s official website in Kosice.

Kosice State Theatre

Visit Levoca

If you want to visit a medieval village near Kosice, you must go to Levoca. It’s not far from Kosice. You can reach it easily by car, or railway.

This is cute town is antiquity in every sense. Established in the 14th century where there are altars, Renaissance towers, etc. You can see many beautiful trees, complex buildings, and nearby restaurants around the city.

Levoca will lead you to a different era in which you will feel like a medieval citizen. You can take many photographs to make your visit memorable, and post some popular pictures on Facebook.

Kosice Main Street

If you go on vacation to Kosice, you must go to the main street with modern architecture. You can have coffee in different restaurants around you and meet many tourists. This street has a phenomenal view with many colours and a warm atmosphere.

There is no perfect place or time to hit the main street in Kosice when you are sightseeing in the city. You will admire many street works, musicians, plays and other fun things.

Town Centre

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