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Find Out About Krakow Eating Out Prices

If you want to visit Poland for your next vacation and you have planned to visit specifically Krakow city, you must have information of interest. You should know about Krakow eating out prices and thus have on average what you can spend on your vacation. If you learn enough about this tourist area, you may save some money when trying to eat.

Going to Krakow is a great adventure that you will be able to totally enjoy together with your family. You should be prepared to know how much you will spend on food if your hotel does not offer free dining options. There are countless amazing restaurants in Krakow. You can find small family places or big luxurious establishments. Also, there is a great selection of both national and international cuisine.

All the Polish food that you will have in the city can be cheap and very abundant with prices flexible to your wallet. You should now know what the prices are to eat out in Krakow and thus have an approximate budget.

Eating Out Prices in Krakow

Eating Out for Breakfast in Krakow (between $2 to $5 approximately)

In Krakow, many hotels try to make your stay more pleasant as a tourist. As such they offer you free breakfasts. You can enjoy a delicious coffee at no cost and some cookies to serve as a company.

However, if you are looking for an economical price for breakfast in Krakow, you must adjust to:

  • Coffee with some pastries between $3 to $5 approximately
  • Obwarzanek, the Krakow version of the bagel for a price of approximately $5
  • Muesli or Yogurt with fruit for approximately $2.5
  • Salted cottage cheese for approximately $3.5
Krakow Breakfast

We also have some recommendations around Krakow city centre area if you are looking for specific places. We are sure that visiting any of the following breakfast places will leave you satisfied.

  • NapNap Café, where they have the best drinks, brunch, and breakfast
  • Frania Café will enjoy a delicious breakfast, great cappucino, and other pastry items.
  • Nowa Prowincja, where you can enjoy hot chocolate, traditional breakfasts, and even dinners
  • Milkbar Tomasza will have a beautiful space to have breakfast without so many luxuries and very cheap prices.

Lunches (between $3 to $10 approximately)

For eating out prices around lunch in Krakow you can go as low as around $3. You will have a great selection in a restaurant with luxury lunches but at affordable prices. You will also find a great selection of street food vendors and local restaurants offering a daily selection. Among the prices for food that you have in the city, we recommend the following items.

  • Sandwich for only around $3
  • Kebab with french fries for $4
  • Pierogi the local speciality for around $5
  • Burgers for around 7$

For you to enjoy the best prices on lunches while in Krakow, we recommend the following selection of restaurants and street food places.

  • M22 Beef and Chips where you can eat French fries and hamburgers.
  • Burgers GoGo, where you will have the best selection of hamburgers
  • Vegab restaurant where you will have the best vegan dishes
  • Bar Grodzki for you to have lunch the best Polish food without so many luxuries
  • Pierogarnia Krakowiacy for you to enjoy excellent perogies

Dinners (between $15 to $40 approximately)

If you want to spend a night in Krakow and enjoy the best dinner, you will have several restaurants. These dishes are characterized by being very abundant and reasonably priced so that you can enjoy them with your family. Some prices that you will have among the most popular dishes in the Polish city are the following.

  • You expect to pay $25 to $30 to enjoy an excellent 3-course dinner in the elegant restaurants of Krakow.
  • For a three-course dinner at one of the cheaper restaurants you can expect around $18, along with wine.
  • If you go to the less touristy areas of Krakow, you can have dinner for about $5 to $15.
Krakow Eating Out Dinner

Now that you know Krakow eating out prices for dinner, we’ll give you some recommendations on restaurants to visit.

  • Mleczarnia, where you will enjoy traditional Polish food with a very pleasant atmosphere.
  • Polakowski will have the best selection of homemade food at affordable prices.
  • Kuchnia u Dorothy, where large portions of food are a priority.

Do You Need to Tip in Krakow?

Now that you know Krakow eating out prices, there is just one question left. Is tipping expected in Krakow and Poland?

Yes, tipping in restaurants is generally expected after a meal in Poland, which includes Krakow. Tipping is especially expected in touristy areas and restaurants. You can usually tip 10% of the meal price, or 15% if you are very satisfied. We recommend tipping in cash, as tipping with a credit card might go to the owner and not the waiters.

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