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6 Amazing Lakes near Albemarle, NC

Looking to visit one of the nice lakes near Albemarle? Look no further! We’ve collected some of the best lakes in the area. Whether you want fishing or boating these places will be right up your alley.

Albemarle is surrounded by some amazing lakes. Ranging from small to huge you’ve got tons of choices. We’ve carefully selected 6 of the best lakes so all you have to do is visit them and enjoy the perfect day out.

We’ve also tried to keep driving as low as possible. The most you’ll need to do is around 45 to 50 minutes. Not too shabby if you consider that you can spend quality time in nature and with your family or friends. We think it’s worth it.

1. Long Lake – City Lake Park

Distance: N/A – In Town

The obvious choice for a lake day is the city’s very own Long Lake. No surprises here, the local government already realized the beauty of the area so you’ve got City Lake Park as your starting point.

It’s got everything you want from a day on the lake. Ample parking, picnic tables, shelters from the rain, grills, and opportunity to fish or hike.

There is even a playground for the children and many paved paths to stroll around and take in the scenery. It’s a beautiful area and it’s pretty popular with the locals. There’s even a nice disc golf course here if you want to play.

Sometimes you may even find events happening here. There is a small amphitheater area which is perfect for small concerts and other events.

Of course, we can highly recommend this place. It’s almost perfect and it’s definitely the closest lake to Albemarle, NC.

2. Badin Lake

Distance: 20 miles – 30 mins

Badin Lake NC
James Willamor, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Badin Lake is north of Albemarle and it’s a big area with many activities that you can do both on the lake and on the woods near the lake.

It’s definitely a popular spot for fishing with multiple places where you can access the lake and fish in beautiful scenery. Boating is another popular activity on the lake.

This is one of the few lakes in the area that also has a proper beach. There is an area marked for swimming and if you are looking for a beach day this might just be your spot.

You may also find some nice camping locations if you plan to stay overnight and the surrounding woods is a popular spot for hunters as well. It’s close, it’s beautiful, and it’s waiting for you.

3. Lake Tillery

Distance: 15 miles – 20 mins

Lake Tillery is another huge lake near Albemarle. It’s mainly known for its fishing opportunities and the countless campgrounds that surround the park.

This is a perfect location for families. You can explore the lake, do some hiking, and teach the children how to fish from an early age.

There are also multiple boat launches so if you want to do a kayak tour this is another great spot. In reality, Lake Tillery and Badin Lake are very similar and offer more of the same. That being said, both locations are amazing and we highly recommend a visit.

After all, both are relatively close, so why not visit one of the lakes one day and the other lake the next day?

4. High Rock Lake

Distance: 35 miles – 45 mins

High Rock Lake is one of the biggest and probably one of the most popular lakes in the area. The sheer size makes this place very diverse and inviting to people who love the outdoors.

High Rock Lake is another favorite for families. The calm waters and many access points provide the perfect opportunity for fishing and boat fishing as well. Take the family to the water and you can easily catch dinner if you fancy some fishing.

There are also some opportunities for swimming although most of the places have no marked swim areas. Regardless the water is usually pretty clean and very inviting during summer. Just be careful as there are no lifeguards.

Once again you also have plenty of campgrounds to choose from. To explore the lake fully we do recommend spending at least one night or maybe more in the local campgrounds.

5. Nello Teer Lake

Distance: 45 miles – 55 mins

Nello Teer Lake is an excellent fishing lake. It’s not the closest to town but it’s a small lake with many hungry fish. This area is also a popular area for scout camps thanks to Camp Durant being nearby.

If you are looking to get your child into scouting then Camp Durant and Nello Teer Lake is definitely a great option. They will surely have an amazing time.

Overall it’s a nice lake and it’s especially great as it’s a part of Camp Durant and a good opportunity for kids to learn kayaking and fishing.

6. Roy J. Maness Nature Preserve

Distance: 23 miles – 35 mins

Finally, we have Roy J. Maness Nature Preserve with a small but amazing lake. This is a nice recreation area that allows excellent hiking and has beautiful scenery.

There is a kayak launch so you can easily get on the water and explore the wildlife and plantlife that this Nature Preserve has to offer.

You will find picnic areas and ample parking as well. Although it’s kind of off-the-beaten-path the whole area is very well maintained. You can also do fishing and explore the place on foot. It’s a great place to spend the day.

Although the lake is pretty small it doesn’t feel like that once you settle into the beautiful scenery.

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