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Livorno to Pisa Train – How to travel

Let’s take a look at the Livorno to Pisa train line. If you have questions about this train connection you are at the right place. We will cover everything you need to know about traveling from Livorno to Pisa by train.

Pisa is a great town for a day trip. Considering that Livorno is only a stone’s throw away you will be tempted to make this day trip and check out the Leaning Tower of Pisa for yourself.

Why take the Livorno to Pisa train?

It is the best way to travel between Livorno to Pisa. They are extremely close to each other and almost all trains that lave to the north from Livorno stop at Pisa. This means that you can find multiple trains each hour.

It’s extremely easy and convenient to get from Livorno to Pisa by train. Conducting a day trip this way is not only easy but will save you money. The tickets are super cheap. It’s definitely better than renting a car for such a short trip.

How to book the Livorno to Pisa train?

The best place to purchase a ticket to the Livorno to Pisa train is on ItaliaRail. They have all the trains that leave from Livorno from Pisa.

First, go to their website. On their website input Livorno Centrale as your starting location. If you want to end up as close as possible to the leaning tower, then enter Pisa San Rossore as your destination. Make sure you tick ‘Direct’ from the filters to get all the direct trains.

How the booking screen looks
A sample of available trains to Pisa San Rossore

Now, as you can see there are only a couple of trains each day that directly stop at San Rossore station in Pisa. On the way back there is at least one train towards the evening, so you can definitely make this station work. It’s right next to the leaning tower so you must consider it.

However, if you are spending a full day in Pisa anyway the central station might be a better choice. Input Pisa Centrale as your destination to reach this station. Tickets will cost $4 just like to the other station, but you will have so much more choice.

Trains to Pisa Centrale from Livorno
Look at all the choices!

Make sure you book the $4 train. There is almost no time difference on the quick train due to the short distance. As such, we see very little reason to pay the extra.

This is the easiest and most convenient way that you can purchase your Livorno to Pisa train tickets. A perfect day trip and an easy train ride.

Which station will you use in Livorno?

The station you are looking for in Livorno is called Livorno Centrale. You will find it on Piazza Dante, on the town’s far eastern border. It is placed on the Pisa–Livorno–Rome railway and serves roughly 5,300,000 passengers yearly.

There are some coffee shops at the station so if you are were in a hurry to get to the station you can get breakfast and your morning coffee here.

Which station will you use in Pisa?

There are really two options in Pisa. It depends on how flexible you want your visit and how far away from the leaning tower you want to arrive when visiting the city.

The first option is Pisa San Rossore. Choose this station if you want to be as close to the leaning tower as possible. This train station is located right next to the famous Torre di Pisa which is the main attraction of the city.

Do note that if you choose Pisa San Rossore, then you can expect only a few direct trains available. So, if you want more flexibility you need another station.

This is where Pisa Centrale comes in. It’s the main station of Pisa and almost all trains pass or terminate here. You will get an immense amount of choice so you have ultimate flexibility to plan your visit.

Sure, you have to walk more if you choose this station but when you are doing a day trip it doesn’t really matter at the end of the day.

Keep this all in mind when you are visiting Pisa and plan accordingly.

How to choose the train type?

Whenever you are booking through the ItaliaRail website make sure that you select the direct route for the Livorno to Pisa train. Also, make sure that what you are booking costs exactly $4 (in case there is a price increase then maybe $5 or 6$, but definitely under $10).

You will be offered tickets that cost $10 more, but for this short trip simply skip them. It’s not worth the ‘upgrade’. You might be saving 2 to 4 minutes on the whole trip. Yes, it might be a quick train, but since you are only getting on for a short period this shouldn’t matter to you.

One more thing to mention: the cheaper regional tickets will be worse trains. They might look less maintained and even a bit neglected, so keep this in mind. We think that for such a short trip it’s not a huge issue. However, the $10+ ticket will definitely provide a better riding experience in general.

Livorno to Pisa train FAQ

How much is a train ticket from Livorno to Pisa?


How long is the train ride from Livorno to Pisa?

15-20 minutes

Which station does the train depart from in Livorno?

Livorno Centrale

Which station will I arrive at in Pisa?

Either Pisa Centrale or Pisa San Rossore.

Are there multiple trains a day from Livorno to Pisa?

Yes, even multiple per hour.

Is the Livorno to Pisa train direct?


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